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Fred Grassmeyer
Born March 21, 1826
FRED GRASSMEYER, dealer in hardware and house-furnishing goods, Monticello; is a native of Mecklenburg, Germany, and was born March 21, 1826; he grew up to manhood there, and came to America in 1850; he came to Davenport, Iowa; in 1854, he came to Canton, Jones Co.; in 1859, he located in Monticello and started a tin-shop, there was only one house completed in the new part of the town at that time; the building he now occupies in carrying on his business was the first building that was finished on First street. Mr. Grassmeyer has been engaged in business as long as any merchant in Monticello, and, from the small beginnings he made when he first began, he has by industry and fair dealing built up a large and successful trade. He holds the office of City Councilman, and has held the office of School Director. He is a member of the Masonic Order, and is connected with Burns Lodge. He married Miss Paulina Lorentzen, a native of Germany, April 6, 1851; they have two daughters—Matilda and Ida; they have lost two sons.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 668.


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