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Fritz Guhl
Born September 11, 1851
One of the enterprising farmers of Rome township, who is industriously making a home for his children in this land and a name for himself among the cattle men of Jones county, is Fritz Guhl. German born and reared, he is yet one of Iowa's best citizens, for he has brought the strong characteristics of the sons of the fatherland to swell the racial elements that contribute to her greatness. His parents, Ludwich and Dora (Todts) Guhl, were also of German nativity and never left the land of their birth. They are now deceased.
Fritz Guhl was born September 11, 1851, and received his education in the schools of Germany, in which country he grew to manhood and was married. In 1890, he came to America to make for himself a home upon a farm in Iowa. For eight years after his arrival he rented land, and then, having prospered in his undertakings, he was able to purchase the farm he now occupies in Rome township.
It is a tract of one hundred and sixty acres, good for agricultural purposes, but especially adapted to the feeding of hogs and cattle. To this enterprise accordingly Mr. Guhl has given more and more attention and with increasing success. He ships several carloads of stock every year and is always certain of finding a ready market and good price.
While still living in his native land Mr. Guhl married Miss Dora Todts, who has borne him four children. It was only after these young people were well able to stand an ocean voyage and the trip across this country that Mr. Guhl brought his family to America. They have grown up in America, and some have already started out to make their own way in the world. Charles, the eldest, has married and follows farming in this county. Louis is still at home. Mary has become the wife of Louis Westphal, of Wyoming township. Fred, the youngest, remains at home and assists his father on the farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Guhl were reared in the faith of the Lutheran church and still give to it their allegiance, being members of the congregation at Olin. The children, too, have been brought up in that faith and all have been confirmed. Frugal, industrious and determined to succeed, Mr. Guhl bids fair to become one of the more important farmers of Rome township, and his advance can only be viewed with good-will by his fellows, for they benefit and do not suffer through his efforts.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910.


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