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George B. Hall
Born August 10, 1849

For a number of years George B. Hall was one of the leading farmers of Clay township, but he has now given up agricultural pursuits and has retired to the village of Onslow, though he continues to practice, to some extent, his profession as a veterinary surgeon. He was born in New York state, August 10, 1849, and is a son of James L. and Amelia (Cronkheit) Hall, both natives of that state. In 1852 they came to Iowa, taking up a government claim in this county, which remained their home for the rest of their lives. During the progress of the Civil war Mr. Hall enlisted in Company K, Twenty- fourth Iowa Volunteer Infantry. He survived the hardships of the battlefield and was accorded many years of active life after he returned to his farm, but his wife passed away while he was in the army. Four children were born to them: George B.; Charles A., who lives in Onslow; Eva, who is the wife of E. N. Walker, of Jackson county, Iowa; and Lyman C., also a resident of Jackson county.
George B. Hall received a fair education in the public schools of Clay township, and obtained a practical preparation for the problems of life at home through the cultivation of the farm, for being the oldest of the family, when his father left to enter the army he and his younger brothers did the work and assumed the responsibilities of operating the place. Their difficulties were increased with the death of their mother, after which Mr. Hall, who was fourteen years of age at the time, went to live with an uncle. After one year spent in his home, he went to work upon a farm and then two years later bought a team, which he took to the lumber region and used in the hauling of logs. He was only nineteen when he married and engaged in agricultural pursuits for himself. First he rented the old homestead and, then in 1882 bought eighty acres in Clay township, on which he lived for three or four years. That property he traded for eighty acres adjoining his father's place, which two years later he was able to buy. It consisted of one hundred and twenty acres, and remained Mr. Hall's home until 1889, when he sold it to purchase two hundred and seventy-two acres, which was the scene of his labors for about eighteen years. At the end of that period he felt justified in relinquishing the heavier of his cares and retiring to live in comparative ease in the village. He has, however, not wholly given up his practice as a veterinary surgeon, in which he had been very successful while he followed it in connection with his agricultural interests.
In the fall of 1868 Mr. Hall was united in marriage to Miss Jennie J. Hodge, who was one of the seven children born to her parents, Simon and Jane (Dunham) Hodge, both deceased. They were natives of Pennsylvania, which was also the birthplace of Mrs. Hall, who was born in Mercer county in 1847. To Mr. and Mrs. Hall have been born four children: George E., of Onslow; Frank E., who lives in Nebraska; Albert E., of Onslow; and Elta A., who is the wife of William L. Brown, of this county. Albert E. Hall was born December 1, 1875, and after having received a common-school education and worked upon his father's farms for several years, in 1907 came to Onslow where he engaged in the livery business. On the 16th of September, 1908, he wedded Miss Jessie Johnston, who was born in this county in 1888 and is a daughter of Frank and Mary (Hanna) Johnston. Her mother was born in Jones county, while her father was a native of Jackson county. He followed farming for a number of years but has now retired to Onslow where he and his wife are living. Mrs. Albert Hall is one of a family of four children and has become the mother of one son, Herbert Dillon, who was born June 14, 1909. Albert Hall is a republican in his political views but has never sought public office. He is a member of Onslow Lodge, No. 2120, M.W.A., and his wife belongs to the Methodist Episcopal church.
George B. Hall has always given his support to the republican party, finding himself most nearly in sympathy with the principles enunciated in its platform, while he has been interested in public matters generally, he has never sought official preferment, although he has served as a member of the school board for a period of ten years. With his wife he belongs to the Presbyterian church in accordance with those teachings he tries to order his life. A man who with courage and fortitude endured the hardships of his early years and through industry and frugality has acquired a handsome competence, he is well entitled to the rest he enjoys and to the respect which those who know him generously give him.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 398.


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