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Frederick F. Hansen
Born November 3, 1844

The industry and frugality which are strong characteristics of the German race have been the means of Frederick F. Hansen's success as an agriculturist. He came to the United States when a young man, but he was poor and had to prove to himself that America is a land of opportunities. A native of Schleswig Holstein, Germany, he was born November 3, 1844. His parents, Paul and Mary (Patterson) Hansen, were also natives of the same province, which remained their home throughout their lives.
As the father was a teacher, Frederick F. Hansen received a good education, not only in the public schools of a land famous for its educational advantages but also in a home where he had exceptional opportunities for study and advancement. When approaching manhood he engaged in farm work and then in the spring of 1873 came to this country. He landed at New York on the 1st of May and came directly west to Iowa. In Clinton county he found employment as a farm hand and after four years' experience there, came to Jones county in 1877. The following year, however, he went to the western coast, spending one year in California and Oregon, where he sought to find a permanent location, but, as the country was not to his liking, he returned to Jones county in 1879 and in 1880 he embarked in agricultural pursuits for himself. For three years he and his brother Paul farmed in partnership in the vicinity of Olin and then Frederick Hansen married and, having severed his connections with his brother, rented a tract of land south of Olin, on which he worked as a tenant until 1904. During that period, however, in the year 1896, he had taken a lease for eight years on the farm which he now owns and in 1904 purchased it. It embraces two hundred and seventy-seven acres lying on section 2, Madison township. and is one of the finely improved tracts in the locality. Mr. Hansen has erected upon it many modern and substantial buildings, his residence, built in 1907, being furnished with all the conveniences which a householder may enjoy today. He has pursued general farming, which has brought him a pronounced success.
In 1883 Mr. Hansen wedded Miss Wilhelmina Utka, of Madison township. She was, however, of German birth and had come to this country in 1880. Six children have been born of their union: Mary, who was a clerk in Onslow; August, who is living in the state of Washington; and Paul, William, Fritzie and Minnie, who are at home.
After he was admitted to citizenship in this republic Mr. Hansen allied himself with the democratic party and has since been loyal in its support. He has taken little part in public matters, however, although he has been a member of the school board almost continuously since he became a property holder in Madison township for he has the desire to see the educational institutions here attain a high standard. In religious matters he and his wife give their support to the Lutheran church. Gratifying to himself as his success must be, his life and work are an example to others in his vicinity who share in his prosperity and in the reputation for agricultural advancement which the township enjoys.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 472.


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