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Martin Heisey
Born February 24, 1817
MARTIN HEISEY, proprietor of stone quarries, Anamosa; is a native of Pennsylvania, and was born February 24, 1817; he grew up to manhood in Union Co., and learned the milling business; he emigrated from Perry Co., Penn., and came to Iowa; arrived in Burlington May 3, 1846, when Iowa was yet a Territory; he was engaged in the milling business for many years. In 1861, he was elected Sheriff of Des Moines Co., and was re-elected in 1863, and held the office until January 1, 1866; he was elected Warden of the State Penitentiary at Port Madison by the General Assembly, and held that office from April 1, 1866, until April 1, 1872; he was elected one of the Commissioners to locate the Additional Penitentiary at Anamosa, and removed here in May, 1872; he afterward received the appointment of warden, and served until April, 1876, since then he has been operating stone quarries. Mr. Heisey has been married three times; his first wife was Elizabeth Jacobs, of Pennsylvania; married in 1837; she died in December, 1854, leaving three children, only two of whom survive—John W. and Mary E. His second wife was Susan Messick, of Ohio; she died January 1, 1866, leaving one son, Martin E. He married his present wife, Anna Hull, a native of England, in 1867; they have two children—Grace Darling and Vallie M.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 559.


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