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Alonzo Hosford
Born November 11, 1846

The history of Jones county would be very incomplete without the history of this worthy pioneer and enterprising farmer. His valuable farm, which is situated on section 27, Monticello Township, is a valuable piece of property and one of the best improved located in the county. The owner has been engaged in agricultural pursuits in this vicinity for over thirty years, and has long been recognized as one of the founders of the great prosperity which has become so notable a feature of this beautiful region.
A native of the Buckeye State, the birth of Alonzo Hosford took place in the town of Johnstown, Trumbull county, November 11, 1846. His parents, Daniel S & Paulina [Palmer] Hosford, were both natives of Canon Falls, Conn. The father, who died November 20, 1893, was born September 25, 1816, and was one of the wealthy pioneers of Jones County.
He removed to this community in 1863, buying about one thousand acres of land, to the improvement of which he devoted the remainder of his life. He was of English extraction and a son of Solomon Hosford, a native of New England. The mother of the subject is the daughter of Leman Palmer, a native of Canon Falls, Conn. She was born in 1818 and is still living, making her home in Monticello.
In a family of eight children our subject is the third in order of birth and all but three of the family are still living, their names being as follows: Orlando F, Cecil W, Curtis D, and Florence F, now the wife of C. C. Curtis. One brother Orville, was a member of the Sixth Ohio Cavalry during the late war and met his death while engaged in battle for the defense of his native land. The boyhood of Alonzo Hosford was passed on his father’s farm in Trumbull County. His early educational privileges were as the district schools of the neighborhood afforded and for a short time he attended a select school.
Upon completing his studies he engaged in teaching school for a few terms and in 1863 removed with his father’s family to Jones County. He found ample opportunity to exercise his ability and practical knowledge of farming in the management of the large estate belonging to the senior Mr. Hosford, and to him lent his assistance until his death. When the estate was divided our subject received as his share four hundred and eighteen acres of the homestead. This is situated within a half-mile of the thriving city of Monticello.
The land owned by Mr. Hosford is very arable and especially adapted to the raising of cattle & for dairy purposes. The owner always keeps his place well stocked with cattle and hogs, and every season raises and fattens large members of the latter. From twenty-five to thirty cows are continually kept, the milk being sold to an adjacent creamery. The farm is well equipped with substantial barns and outbuildings in addition to a pleasant farm house and everything is kept in a thrifty manner about the place. In 1885 the valuable barn, 48 x 48 feet in dimension, was burned & in addition to the loss of the building some valuable animals & two hundred tons of hay were also destroyed. The present barn used by the owner 48 by 150 feet in dimensions and is one of the best in this region, affording ample room for the storage of hay & grain, besides giving shelter to a large number of cattle.
In 1876 Mr. Hosford was united in marriage with Olive C., daughter of Michael & Rebecca Hofacre. The parents of Mrs. Hosford were among the early settlers of Jones county, to which they came in 1853 from Ohio. To our worthy subject and his estimable wife have been born three sons & two daughters; Palmer A, Maud E, Orville C, Stephen F, & Hazel P. In his political affiliations Mr. Hosford has been a staunch Republican since becoming a voter & is a man of public spirit who believes in the greatest good for the greatest number.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910.
Submitted by: Robert B. Fish


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