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Sprague Malon Hosford
Born September 10, 1872

Sprague Malon Hosford, son of Orlando Franklin and Alice Mowrey Hosford, was born September 10, 1872, in Castle Grove township, Jones county, Iowa, where he now resides. Orlando Franklin Hosford was born in Johnsonville, Trumbull county, Ohio, and was the son of Daniel S. and Pauline Palmer Hosford, both natives of Connecticut. Alice Mowrey Hosford was born in Gustavus, Trumbull county, Ohio, and was a daughter of Isaac and Betsy Pelton Mowrey, the former a native of Connecticut and the latter a native of Vermont. Orlando Franklin Hosford and Alice Mowrey Hosford came to Iowa in the early '60s, the former in 1861, and the latter a few years later. They were married September 14, 1865, and to them was born one child, the subject of this sketch, who now resides on section 16, Castle Grove township on a farm of two hundred acres, one of the best improved in the township.
S. M. Hosford received his education in the rural schools of Castle Grove township, with the addition of a year and a half spent in the Monticello high school. Though not having the benefit of graduating from the high school, or of attending college, he is one of the brightest and best informed men in the township. He is a keen observer, has a fertile mind and is gifted with liberal ideas.
After leaving school, he assisted his father in the labor of the farm and has always enjoyed outdoor exercises. He has always lived on the same farm, and, upon the retirement of his parents in 1900, his parents moving to Monticello where they now reside, he assumed the management. A glance at the sleek cattle, the well filled barns, the large crops, the use and practice of modern methods of farming and the general air of prosperity surrounding the premises, will speak of the degree of success he has attained as a farmer. His attention was early turned to the breeding of high bred stock, and he is now the owner of the Silver-dale herd of registered short-horns, one of the finest herds of stock to be found ,anywhere and one of which this young farmer, as well as the people of the township, can well feel proud.
Mr. Hosford, with his native ability and successful business methods, easily :attracted the attention of the people of the township, and it was only natural that they should wish the same business principles applied to the public business as this young man applied to his private affairs. For several years he served as secretary of the Downerville Cooperative Creamery. He was township assessor in 1901 and in 1902. He is now serving his fourth term as a member of the township school board. Upon the organization of the Farmers' Mutual Insur ance Association in 1908, he was chosen secretary, and the rapid progress and present business standing of the association, stand as a vindication of the judgment of the members making this selection. With risks amounting in the aggregate to over two hundred and thirty- five thousand dollars, the clerical work connected with the office of secretary, and the clear head required to keep in touch with business and keep things moving smoothly and properly, requires a man of more than ordinary ability. Mr. Hosford, in connection with his other duties, has found time to take an active part in local politics and during the past two campaigns has performed the duties of township member of the county republican central committee with the same fidelity and success as has been noteworthy in his other fields of activity. His broad grasp of affairs, his progressive farming methods, his excellent memory, his intelligent mind and practical wisdom, combined with his natural ability as a writer and a speaker, make him one of the most popular and deserving young men in the township.
S. M. Hosford and Miss Katie Irene Brown were married at Caseate, Minnesota, February 15, 1900. Mrs. Hosford is the daughter of Philander and Emily Petits Brown. Philander Brown was born in Coldwater, Michigan, in 1838. He was a frontiersman of three states, namely: Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota. In the 40s, he resided for a time near Cascade on the Jones county border. He served in the United States army during the Indian uprising in Minnesota, and in the Union army during the war of the Rebellion. Emily Petits Brown was born in Pittsfield, Illinois, in 1844. Philander Brown and Emily Petits Brown were married April 2, 1863. Mr. Brown died at Williston, North Dakota, December 18, 1907. Mrs. Brown is now living at Williston, North Dakota.
Two children have come to bless the home life of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Hosford, a daughter, Gladys Methylene Hosford, born June 24, 1901, and a son, Kenneth Brown Hosford, born August 16, 1909. S. M. Hosford and family now reside on the same farm where Mr. Hosford was born in Castle Grove township. Happiness, contentment and prosperity is theirs to enjoy, and the community is enriched by their having lived in it.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, pp. 26-27.


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