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Charles M. Hubbell
Born 1848

Charles M. Hubbell is a retired farmer of Anamosa, who still derives a gratifying income from his valuable farm property. He was long closely associated with agricultural interests and the enterprise and diligence which he displayed in conducting his business brought him the prosperity which he is now enjoying. He was born at Sabula, Jackson county, Iowa, in 1848, his parents being William and Eliza (Smith) Hubbell, natives of Fairfield, Connecticut, and of New York city. They were married in the metropolis and removed westward in the early '30s. For a time they were residents of New Orleans and finally settled in Jackson county, Iowa. William Hubbell engaged extensively in trading with the Indians and with the whites at an early day when Iowa was a frontier district and the red men were almost as numerous as the white settlers in this part of the country. Later he engaged in the milling business, erecting a large mill, and spent the remainder of his days in Jackson county. His labors were a factor in the industrial and business development of the community and his efforts were equally effective in political circles and in formulating the policy of the state. He was one of the signers of the constitution and was a member of the territorial legislature when Iowa was admitted to the Union. He left the impress of his individuality upon the early history of this section and passed away in 1849 at the age of forty-three years. His widow long survived and for several years prior to her death made her home in Chicago, passing away there in 1894 at the age of eighty. William Hubbell was the eldest of four children, his brothers, George and James, being residents of New York city, while his sister, Harriett is now deceased.
Unto William and Eliza (Smith) Hubbell were born four children: George, who died at the age of fourteen years; Cornelius, who died in infancy; Julian Bertine, who now resides in Washington, D. C., but was formerly engaged as field agent for Miss Clara Barton, the well-known philanthropist and lecturer who was a very intimate friend of the Hubbell family, and Charles M.
Charles M. Hubbell was reared on the frontier of Iowa, spending his youthful days in his native county, where he acquired his education in the public schools. On Christmas day of 1873 he was united in marriage to Miss Docia Augusta Peet, a daughter of J. A. and Ann Hester (Crow) Peet. The latter was a sister of Edmund Crow, who was the first settler of Linn county, Iowa, and another member of the family, Charles Crow, now resides in Anamosa. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Hubbell have been born two children: Lena V., the wife of Park Chamberlain; and Rena D., at home. Mrs. Hubbell passed away August 28, 1904.
As Mr. Hubbell started out in life on his own account he gave his attention to general farming and as the years passed continued to engage in general agricultural pursuits. He won success in his undertakings and as his financial resources increased he made investment in property from time to time until he became the owner of seven hundred acres of fine farming land in Jones and Linn counties, from which he now derives his income. This is valuable property and makes him one of the substantial citizens of Jones county.
Mr. Hubbell gives his political allegiance to the republican party and keeps well informed on the questions and issues of the day, but does not seek nor desire office. He has spent his entire life in this section of the state, is well known as one of its representative citizens and his genuine personal worth has gained for him the warm regard which is uniformly accorded him.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 322.


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