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Nancy Huggins
Born November 14, 1797
MRS. NANCY HUGGINS (whose maiden name was Nancy Brundage), is a native of Saratoga Co., N.Y., and was born only three miles from Saratoga Springs November 14, 1797; she grew up to womanhood in that State, and, in 1830, she was united in marriage to Amasa Harvey, a native of Connecticut; in May, 1847, they started West, coming by wagon, and were about five weeks on the way; one of her daughters was sick, and her child broke its leg on the way, and Mrs. Huggins had her hands full day and night in taking care of them at such a great disadvantage while traveling; they arrived here in June, and went into a log shanty covered with bark, prepared for them by Dr. Matson; when it rained hard, the water came through the roof of their cabin, and they were obliged to hoist their umbrellas until the rain was over; it is most amusing now to hear Mrs. Huggins speak of their early trials than it was then to go through them; they bought land of a squatter, the place where her son Edwin now lives, and began making a farm; when they came West, they could not bring all their things in the wagons, and shipped the best of them, and did not get them for nine months, and had to go with an ox team to Chicago after them. Mr. Harvey was successfully engaged in farming until his death, which occurred March 28, 1865; he left quite a large estate. They had six children, four of whom are living—Sarah Jane (now Mrs. Mead), Lydia P. (now Mrs. Graham), Edwin (living on the home place), Lucetta (now Mrs. Stephens), all living in this county except Mrs. Graham, who lives in Woodbury Co.; their son, Ira E., was in the army, and was killed in the last battle of the war. On the 15th of August, 1876, Mrs. Harvey was united in marriage to her present husband, William Huggins; he was born in Oneida Co., N.Y., October 7, 1790; in the war of 1812, he was drafted, but was away only a short time; was discharged October 30, 1814. On the 10th of March, 1814, he married Miss Alice Stansford, a native of Berkshire Co., Mass.; they came to Iowa in 1864; after living together sixty-one years, his wife died Fcb. 26, 1875, leaving eight children, one living here, two in New York State, and five living in Oregon. There are very few persons of the age of Mr. and Mrs. Huggins who are as active and as well preserved and enjoy life as they are doing. Mrs. Huggins is one of the lawful heirs to the Trinity Church property, New York City.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 559.


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