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George W. Johnson
Born April 13, 1868

George W. Johnson, who owns one of the best farms in Jackson township, is not only a good farmer but also a prominent democrat and party organizer whose influence in local matters is strong although the republicans are in the majority in this locality. Mr. Johnson is a native of Jones county, having been born in Jackson township, April 13, 1868, and he has put forth his best efforts here. He is a son of the Rev. Joseph H. and Katherine E. (Bowlby) Johnson, the former of whom was born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1827, and the latter in the same place in 1829. In 1860 they came to Jones county, Iowa, where both died, the father February 26, 1886, while his wife passed away February 3, 1882. Mr. Johnson was a clergyman of the Christian church, as well as a farmer, and was a most worthy and excellent man who made many friends wherever he went. He and his wife had nine children as follows: Owen, who lives in Farnam, Nebraska; Naomi, who married John Landis; Margaret, who married John McMurrin; Homer B., who lives in Jackson township; Maria, who married Milton Byerly; George W.; James McMurrin of Greenfield township, brother of John McMurrin; Ollie A., who married A. W. Hopkins of Fairview township; and Walter, who lives in Denver, Colorado. Owen and Naomi were twins, and the latter and Margaret are deceased.
After the death of his father George W. Johnson lived with his sister Mrs. Byerly until his marriage. He now owns eighty acres on section 4, Jackson township, and has converted it into one of the finest pieces of farming property in his part of the county. In addition to this farm, Mr. Johnson has owned Colorado lands and is now interested in some silver ore mines in that state. Ever since attaining to man's estate he has been an important factor in the democratic party in Jones county and was defeated in 1896 and 1908 for county clerk. In 1896 he ran ahead of his ticket and in 1908 was only beaten by one hundred and seventy votes. In spite of the fact that his party is in the minority, Mr. Johnson has served as township clerk for six years, owing to his personal popularity. His religious connections are with the United Brethren church and he belongs to that denomination. Fraternally he belongs to the Modern Brotherhood of America and takes an interest in that order.
In 1891, Mr. Johnson was married to Rose V. Hay, who was born in Jackson township, January 12, 1873, a daughter of Orlando W. and Della L. (Dunlap) Hay, the former of whom is deceased and the latter resides at Anamosa. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have one daughter, Belle, who is a student at Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa.
The Johnson family is of English descent although unfortunately the date of settlement in the new world has not been preserved, but Mr. Johnson has inherited many of the English sterling traits of character and has made his own way in life, never shirking a duty or refusing to support a principle he believed was right, and it is such men as he who make up the reliable portion of any community.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 104.


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