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Clark Joslin, M.D.
April 2, 1816

DR. CLARK JOSLIN, physician and surgeon, Anamosa; is a native of Bricksville, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, and was born April 2, 1816; his father, John G. Joslin, was a native of New York State, and he served in the war of 1812 under Gen. William H. Harrison, and drew his land warrant for I60 acres of land; after peace was declared, he came to Ohio and located sixteen miles south of Cleveland, at Bricksville, and engaged in farming; in the fall of 1827, he removed to Michigan, and remained in that State until the summer of 1837, when he sold his farm and emigrated to Iowa, and located in Jones Co.; he bought a large quantity of prairie and timber lands; the following year he returned to Michigan, and brought his family by wagon to Iowa; they were about four weeks on the way, and arrived in Jones Co. September 22, 1838; they located permanently about four miles southwest of Anamosa, in Fairview Township; he was one of the first to settle in this township; he and his sons helped to raise the first saw-mill in Jones Co., and he was a member of the first grand jury that sat in Jones Co., and he served as foreman; he died August 25, 1868; his son, Dr. Clark Joslin, received his education in Ohio and Michigan, and when 16 years of age, gave his attention to the study of medicine; he continued the study of medicine for three years under Dr. H. Wright and Dr. Moses Rider, and commenced the practice of medicine in Michigan; he came to Iowa with his father's family, and arrived in Jones Co. September 22, 1838, and engaged in the practice of medicine at Fairview; he was the first regular medical practitioner in Jones Co.; after several years he removed to Anamosa, and has had an office here ever since the town was laid out, and has practiced medicine in this county over forty-one years; his practice used to extend sixty miles, and many times he came near freezing to death. Dr. Joslin was elected the first County Recorder of Jones Co.; he is a member of Jones County Medical Society. Dr. Joslin has been twice married. On the 25th of April, 1837, he married M. L. Wolcott, of Michigan; she died, leaving one daughter—Mary L., who married C. H. Bingham, now living here; on the 20th of January, 1842, Dr. Joslin married Elizabeth Hale, a native of Delaware Co., N.Y.; they had five children; three survive—William C., born December 25, 1842; James (now a practicing physician here), born January 1, 1848; Mary Ann I., July 20, 1845 (now Mrs. David Ellis).

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 560.

Dr. Clark Joslin Was Our First Physician
Dr.Clark Joslin, the first physician and surgeon in this community, came to Jones county, September 22, 1838, practically 100 years ago.
His early education was received in Ohio and Indiana, and, at 16, he began the study of medicine. He worked for three years under Dr. H. Wright and Dr. Moses Rider and then began to practice in Michigan. When he arrived in Iowa in 1838, he began at Fairview as the first medical practioner in Jones county. He moved to Anamosa several years later and maintained an office here as soon as the town was laid out.
Dr. Joslin was a fine physician and his services were always in demand. His practice extended for 60 miles from the town and that great a distance often-times meant many days of hard travel by horse or on foot. There was many a perilous jouney when his life was endangered by terrible cold, but Dr. Joslin never let the weather interfere with what he felt was his duty.
In addition to holding the distinction of having been the first Jones county surgeon, Dr. Joslin was also the first county recorder and he became a member of the Jones County Medical society.
Dr. Joslin was married twice, his first wife being M. L. Wolcott of Michigan and his second, Elizabeth Hale, of Delaware county, N.Y. Of their five children, one, James Joslin, grew up to be a doctor and for a time he practiced in Anamosa.

Source: Anamosa Eureka, Centennial Edition, August 18, 1938, section 8, page 2
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