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L. C. Lawrence
Born October 24, 1867
L. C. Lawrence, who about ten years ago joined the agricultural community of Lovell township and is now one of the substantial men of this section of the state, was born in that township, October 24, 1867. His father, Frederick Lawrence, was a native of Prussia, who came to the United States in 1854. For the first three years after his arrival in this country, he worked in the pineries of Wisconsin and then, at the expiration of that period, came to Iowa, finding employment for four years as a farm hand in Dubuque county. In 1860 he took up his residence in Monticello, where he enlisted in the Union army in 1862. As a member of Company H, Thirty-first Iowa Volunteer Infantry, he served until the close of the Civil war, participating in many of the more important engagements and receiving a wound in the siege of, Vicksburg. After the close of the war, in 1866, he married, his bride being Miss Sarah Waterman, a native of Minnesota. Thereupon he settled upon the land he had procured in Jones county, Iowa, which remained his home until twenty years ago, when he removed to Delaware county, Iowa, where he still lives. Forty acres of the tract here he had bought in 1862, but owned ninety acres on his removal to Delaware county. He and his wife are strong in their support of the doctrines of the Methodist Episcopal church and take an active part in its work.
L. C. Lawrence was reared at home, acquiring the practical lessons for life under the wise guidance of his parents and in the public schools, where he was a pupil through the months they were in session. In 1895, he left the parental roof to seek work for himself. He found employment as a farm hand with John Smyth, of Delaware county, and during the four years he spent with him wooed his daughter, who promised to become his wife. In 1899, after his marriage, he bought the tract of land he now occupies. It was formerly known as the William Cline place, embracing three hundred and forty acres of some of the best land in Lovell township, Jones county. Its fertile fields are well cultivated, yielding large harvests. Industrious, progressive and a good manager, Mr. Lawrence has risen in the short period of his residence here to a position of respect among his fellow citizens, who regard his success with good will and no bitterness. Such should be the case, for his fair fortune is the result of his own efforts.
It was in 1899 that Mr. Lawrence married Miss Emeline Smyth and to them were born four children, but none are now living. In his political views, Mr. Lawrence is in sympathy with the principles of the republican party but he has taken no part in local politics. He is a member of the fraternal Order of the Eagles and is active among his brethren of the local lodge. With his wife he belongs to the Methodist Episcopal church, whose teachings he endeavors to put into daily practice, thus ordering his life by a standard higher than the mere accumulation of a fair fortune and evincing a desire to be known as a man of honor and responsibility.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 240.


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