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J. F. Livingston
Born October 23, 1859

J. F. Livingston is one of the well known cattle shippers not only of Madison township, in which his two hundred acre farm lies, but of Jones county as well. He was born on the place where he now resides October 23, 1859, and is the son of John F. and Margaret (Ferguson) Livingston. The parents were both born in Scotland, where they were rear and married and in 1853 came to the United States. The father's brother William had preceded him to this country by about a year and in Madison township had taken up a claim for himself and one for John F. Livingston. Upon the latter's arrival in this country he entered this land, prepared it for farming and resided upon it until his death, which occurred in 1872. His widow survived him more than twenty-one years.
J. F. Livingston, of this review, was reared at home and in the public schools acquired his education. He was but thirteen, however, when his father died and at that tender age was compelled to assume some of the responsibility, in the man-agement of the home farm. He continued to work in partnership with the other members of the family until he became of age, when the estate was settled and he and his brother William bought the place from the remaining heirs. In 1890 Mr. Livingston was able to buy his brother's interest in the land and since that year has been conducting the farm for himself. He also purchased sixty acres in Scotch Grove township. For the past nineteen years he has engaged extensively in the buying and shipping of stock and has found the business very profitable. His animals are of fine grade and every year has seen increase in number and quality, until now he enjoys the reputation of being one of the largest and best known cattle men of this section of the state.
On the 19th of September 83, Mr. Livingston wedded Miss May McNeily, of Jackson township, this county. Of this union there have been born five children: Laura Bell, the eldest, has become the wife of John Alexander and lives in Scotch Grove township. Anna remains at home. Daisy married Arthur Corey and lives in Carsonville, Michigan. Myrtle is attending business college at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Frank E., the youngest, is still at home.
In political matters Mr. Livingston looks for guidance to the Republican Party, and while not active in its ranks has served the township as road supervisor and as school director at different times. He belongs to the Center junction Lodge, No.711, I.0.0.F., and to the camp of the Modern Woodmen of America at the same place, and has made many warm friends among his fra-ternal brothers, in whose welfare he has always been interested. With his wife and daughters he attends the services ' of the Presbyterian church, and like them puts into daily practice the teachings that are impressed upon him on Sundays. Frugal, industrious and guiding his life by high principles, Mr. Livingston enjoys the good will and respect of his fellow citizens he so richly deserves.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 655.


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