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John J. Locher
Born December 8, 1877

John J. Locher, a representative of the Monticello bar and in other capacities identified with the best interests, financially and otherwise, of the city, was born in Sandspring, Iowa, December 8, 1877, a son of Anthony S. and Carrie Locher. He was reared at home, while he obtained his first introduction to the world of education in the common schools of his birthplace. Early he evinced a liking for books and study, and the desire to accomplish some achievement through brain work was not silenced through the presence of hardships which would mean that his student life was not to be without its toils and privations. From the age of ten until he had almost reached man's estate he worked upon the farm during the summer months, while in the winter he prosecuted his lessons as best he might. After leaving the common schools he went to Quincy and from there to Chicago, entering finally the law department of Drake University, from which he was graduated with the class of 1904. In the meantime, however, he had had several years' experience in teaching, that he might thereby obtain the funds with which to continue his education.
Having been admitted to the bar of Jones county, immediately after receiving his diploma Mr. Locher established a law office in Monticello. In the five subsequent years he has built up a lucrative practice in his profession, for almost from the first he won the confidence of the men among whom he lives. He is a man who believes in using every opportunity to its fullest extent and accordingly, seeing other business openings, has not hesitated to embark upon them, feeling that beside increasing his income, they would afford him larger experience in the world of affairs, one of the perquisites of a successful lawyer. Therefore he has opened an insurance agency, in which policies against life, fire and accident may be written and which is known as the Locher Insurance Agency, and under the firm title of Lanigan & Locher has engaged in the real-estate business. Another association which evidences the width of his interests and sympathies is that with his brother, F. A. Locher, under the name, Locher Brothers, dealers in musical instruments.
Of all the professions, perhaps no other makes such heavy demands upon the man who would succeed in it as does that of the law. A broad, liberal education is but the foundation; upon it must be built a structure which results from high mental endowments, a ready sympathy with and understanding of human nature, and the power to present facts, truthfully, concisely and persuasively. Endowed with these, and enjoying the confidence of his constituents, there is every reason to believe that a young man, unafraid of hard labor will come out ahead in the battle for success. It is upon such qualities as these that Mr. Locher has relied in his work; and now having on more than one important occasion given proof of the character of the man he is, of his integrity of purpose and of his power, there is every reason to feel confidence in the good fortune which the future holds in store for him.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 230.


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