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James H. Maple
Born January 4, 1852

James H. Maple, a farmer of Wyoming township, is one of those men, who despite a youth which knew more hardships than comforts and that saw few opportunities for study or advancement, has attained to a position among the agriculturists of his locality which is almost enviable. He was born in Columbiana county, Ohio, January 4, 1852, and is a son of Louis and Rebecca A. (Paul) Maple. The parents were both natives of the Buckeye state but came to Iowa in 1854 and here they secured a claim of government land. After a residence of about three years, they returned to Ohio, where the father died shortly afterward leaving the mother with three young children. Later she returned to Jones county, where she reared her family and where she is still living at the advanced age of seventy-nine years. James H., the subject of this review, is the oldest of the children; Elizabeth is now the wife of R. E. McCain, of Waterloo, Iowa; and Grace has been a teacher in the schools of Onslow for the past nineteen years. She lives in the village and makes a home for her mother.
As the oldest of the fatherless family, James H. Maple early bad to assume a man's responsibilities. Indeed he was but fifteen when he undertook to manage the farm for his mother, tilling the soil faithfully and diligently until he became of age. He had been able to obtain only the most meager education, but through experience, united with a determination to succeed, he has made his way along the highroad of life. Upon attaining his majority he rented the home farm for a few years, and then bought it, adding to it from time to time, as occasion offered until he now owns a tract of two hundred and twenty-four acres. It is well improved and highly cultivated, although Mr. Maple has given his attention especially to the raising and feeding of stock, is now a breeder of pure breed Aberdeen Angus cattle. When he started out in life for himself, the conditions were much more difficult than they would be now for any boy similarly situated, but the courage which inspired his mother to come to a land that was at the time practically in the first state of development was his birthright and supported him in the years of his struggle, which are now little more than memories, though they do afford him a justifiable gratification as glancing from them be views the position he now occupies in the community of Wyoming township.
On the 17th of July, 1884, Mr. Maple wedded Miss Viola K. Thomas, who was born in Clinton county, Iowa, May 16, 1860. Her parents were Benson and Eliza (Hough) Thomas, the former a native of Maine, the latter of Pennsylvania. They came to Iowa, however, when this state was first being sought as the place of residence, owing to government inducements. Mr. Thomas pursued farming until his death, which occurred in Wyoming, but his widow is still living with her children,, of whom there were seven. Mr. and Mrs. Maple have had four children: Florence B., who has had a fine musical education and is now in Colorado teaching that branch of art; Louis T., who is at home; and Paul H., who is in Idaho in the drug business; and Benson, who died when about a year old.
Mr. and Mrs. Maple give their religious support to the Presbyterian church, of which they are both consistent members, and in whose work they take an active interest. Politically, Mr. Maple finds himself more closely in sympathy with the republican party, but he has never aspired to any public office, although the substantial success he has won would naturally suggest him to his fellow citizens as a worthy candidate for their support. He is a member of Keystone Lodge, No. 206 A.F.&A.M., and is frequently seen at its meetings.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 140.


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