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Charles E. Marvin
Born May 21, 1847
CHARLES E. MARVIN, proprietor of the Crescent Creameries, Monticello; is a native of the State of Oho, and was born in Ashtabula Co., May 21, 1847; his parents came to Iowa and located in Jones County when he was only 8 years of age; he grew up to manhood and received his education here; in February, 1879, Mr. Marvin established the "Crescent Creamery," and, during the season, he has manufactured, on an average, 500 pounds of butter daily; he has just completed an artesian well at his creamery; the creamery is entirely supplied from this well of soft water, thereby greatly improving the quality and flavor of the butter: it is said to be the only creamery in the State supplied with water from an artesian well; Mr. Marvin has enlarged his facilities for manufacturing butter, and, the coming season, will make 1,000 pounds daily; he ships his butter largely to Philadelphia, also to New York and Boston; the butter from the Crescent Creamery has already an established reputation. Mr. Marvin was united in marriage to Miss Cora S. Moody October 17, 1870; she is a daughter of John Moody, Esq., of Monticello; they have three children—Fred, Eva and Mabel.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 676.


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