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Edward McCann
Born June 2, 1859

Edward McCann, a progressive and enterprising farmer of Greenfield township, Jones county, was born at Mount Vernon, Iowa, June 2, 1859, a son of Michael and Johanna (Colbert) McCann, who came to Iowa in the year 1851. He was one of a family of five children born unto this worthy couple, the others being: John, who died in infancy; Margaret, who passed away at the age of fifteen years; Daniel, a twin brother of our subject, residing in Greenfield township; and Michael, living on the old homestead farm.
Edward McCann spent the first two years of his life in the city of his nativity and then accompanied his parents on their removal to Boone county, Iowa, in 1861. In the following year the family returned to Linn county where they remained until 1865, when they came to Greenfield township, locating on what is now known as the McCann homestead, owned by Michael McCann, a brother of our Subject. On this farm Mr. McCann spent the years of his boyhood and youth, attending the district schools in the acquirement of an education, while he devoted the periods of vacation to the work of the fields, early becoming familiar with the tasks that fall to the lot of the country lad. He continued to reside upon the old homestead until 1882, in which year he went to Sac county, Iowa, but after three years returned to the old homestead in Greenfield-county, where be remained until 1887. He then removed to section 20, Greenfield township, where he had purchased the farm which is now his home and upon which he has resided continuously since with the exception of four years spent in Martelle. The farm, which consists of one hundred and sixty acres, is a well kept place, indicating in its appearance the progressive and up to date methods of its owner, who has made a close study of agriculture and knows the cereals best adapted to soil and climate and the proper care of same.
On the 31st Of May, 1888 Mr. McCann was united in marriage to Miss Mary J. Kerwin, a daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Dawling) Kerwin, both natives of Ireland. Mrs. McCann, who was born in 1863, is the eldest in a family of six children, the other members being: John, who resides near the old homestead in Cedar county; Elizabeth, who died at the age of seven years; Annie, who passed away when five years old; Richard, who makes his home with his mother on the old homestead in Cedar county; and Lizzie, also still at home. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kerwin, as also did the parents of Mr. McCann, came to this county empty-handed, but through industry, thrift and perseverance, have secured a substantial home of their own. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. McCann has been blessed with two children: Lucian H., aged eighteen years; and Willard I,., aged thirteen years. Both have attended the public schools of Greenfield township and Martelle, while the elder son has pursued a course in music and voice culture, in which he shows considerable ability and in which he has made rapid progress. The family belong to the Catholic church at Lisbon, Iowa, the teachings of which form the guiding influence of their lives.
The parents are both members of the Mystic Toilers, No. 138, Of Martelle, while Mr. McCann gives his political allegiance to the democratic party. He was trustee of Greenfield township for six years, was treasurer and member of the board for eighteen years, and during his four years' residence in Martelle served as a member of the town council. The success which Mr. McCann today enjoys is not due to his own industry and energy entirely, but also to a great extent to the thrift and careful management of his esteemed wife. They are people of high standing in the community in which they reside, are sociable and hospitable to an eminent degree and by their many excellent traits of character have gained the respect and high regard of an extensive circle of warm friends.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 271.


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