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William McIntyre
Born 1825
William McIntyre, deceased, who for years was one of the active farmers of this county, was born in Scotland, in 1825. As a young man be came to the United States, settling first in Jo Daviess county, Illinois, where he resided until the rumor of the discovery of gold in California reached that state, and inspired him with the desire to seek a fortune in the western mountains. In 1849 he traveled by stage overland across the country, and after reaching California remained there until 1864, when he turned his face toward the east and retraced his way as far as Iowa. Two years later he married and then located on a farm in this county, on which he lived until 1884. Then he removed to Mount Vernon, Iowa, that his daughter might enjoy greater educational advantages, and there his death occurred March 4, 1889. His remains were brought to Jones countv and interred in Scotch Grove cemetery. For more than three score years he had followed the tortuous road of life, devoting his life to earnest endeavor and finding his greatest satisfaction in the knowledge that his work was well performed, and that he was able to give those whom he held dear many of the comforts and advantages of life. He had experienced many hardships and privations during his years of young manhood, but subjected to severe tests as he had been, he was not found wanting, but surmounted the obstacles he met in his path and by his courage and success inspirited others.
On October 4, 1866, Mr. McIntyre wedded Miss Sarah Ann Overley. She was born in Kentucky, August 1, 1841, and was a daughter of John C. and Lucinda (Arnold) Overley, both natives of the same state. In 1852 they came to Iowa, entering land in Jones county, where they made their home until 1891, when Mr. Overley retired from active life and moved his family to Onslow. That same year Mrs. Overley passed away, but he survived until April 30, 1905, when he too was released from the trial of this life. Seven children were born to them: Henry, who was killed in the Civil war while fighting for the preservation of the Union; Margaret J., deceased; Sarah A., who married Mr. McIntyre of this review; Nancy E., William L. and John A., deceased; and Charles C., who is living in Wyoming, Iowa.
One daughter, Catherine L., was born to Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre, whose birth occurred July 9, 1868. In 1891 she was graduated from Cornell College, Mount Vernon and shortly afterward married H. L. Nash. In the course of a few years her health failed rapidly and she was taken to California, where she died in 1896, leaving a mother, husband and a son, Harold, to mourn her loss.
Mr. McIntyre had for years before his death been a member of the Masonic lodge and was accounted one of the most active in promoting its interests and those of his fraternal brothers, among whom he had made many stanch friends. Mrs. McIntyre is a member of the Daughters of Rebekah. In 1891 she removed to Onslow, where she has since made her home, occupying one of the fine residences of the village. She at one time owned a farm of three hundred and twenty acres, but this she disposed of.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 604.


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