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George D. McPherson
Thomas J. McPherson

George D. and T. J. McPherson deserve special mention among the agriculturists of Jones county, where they own and cultivate two hundred and sixty-two and a half acres of choice and valuable land in Greenfield township, constituting one of its fine farms. They are sons of John and Martha (Davis) McPherson. The father was born in County Donegal, Ireland, in 1829, and the mother's birth occurred in the same country on the 12th of November, 1835. They crossed the Atlantic on the same ship in 1853 and became residents of Philadelphia. Soon after their arrival in the new world they were married and continued their residence in Philadelphia, for about eight years, or until 1861, when they believed that they would have still better opportunities in the middle west and removed to Jones county, Iowa, where they continued to spend their remaining days. Mr. McPherson secured a tract of land and began farming, being busily occupied in the work of the fields until his life's labors were ended in death in the year 1880. Following the demise of her husband Mrs. McPherson continued to reside upon the old homestead with her six children and reared them there. The farm is located on section 21, Greenfield township, and Mrs. McPherson not only cared for her children but also managed the business consequent upon the development of the farm. Of her children one son died in infancy, while two daughters have married and gone to homes of their own - Mrs. Ruth Berman, who is residing in Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. Anna Nosey, whose home are in Linn counties, Iowa. The other children yet remain on the farm which has been their place of residence through almost their entire lives. Here the mother died January 12, 1908. She was certainly a most devoted mother, counting no personal sacrifice on her part too great if it would enhance the happiness and promote the welfare of her children, who revere her memory and during her lifetime entertained for her the warmest love.
The sons, George D. and T. J. McPherson, with their brothers, J. P. and Samuel, all reside on the old homestead and are busily occupied with the work of the fields, being known as representative farmers of this part of the state. All are pronounced republicans, but are not offensive partisans. They hold firmly to the principles in which they believe but are not abusive to those whose opinion differ from theirs. They have been reared in the atmosphere of Presbyterianism, are considerate of the rights of others and in all business transactions are thoroughly reliable.
George D. and Thomas J. McPherson were educated in the pioneer schools of the early days and were reared amid the environments of frontier life, habits of industry, diligence and perseverance being formed by them as the result of the wise lessons impressed upon them by their mother. The result of their labors is seen in the broad acres of the McPherson farm, comprising two hundred and sixty-two and a half acres of rich and productive land in Greenfield township. They have added many modern improvements, as evidenced in the house and barns, the sheds and machinery, the well kept fences, the carefully cultivated fields and the high grades of stock. All these are an indication of their thrift, energy and perseverance, qualities which are indispensable to success. Moreover, they enjoy the confidence of the general public as business men and the respect of a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 68.


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