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John F. Moore
Born April 14, 1854

John F. Moore, whose well tilled fields are representative of the agricultural prosperity of Richland township, was born in Switzerland, April 14, 1854. His parents, Melchoir and Magdalene (Tules) Moore, were also of Swiss birth and came to the United States in 1868, locating in Jones county, Iowa, where Mr. Moore procured eighty acres of arable land. His wife died ten years after her arrival here, but he lived until 1907, in the enjoyment of the many comforts which had requited his arduous toil. Seven of the fourteen children born to the couple still survive. They are Aldine, the wife of Joseph Kipfer, now residing in Livingston county, Illinois; Adolphine, who is the wife of John Holler, of this county; Alfred and William, both residents of Jones county; Nieman, now living in Leadville, Colorado; Edward, residing in Lyon county, Iowa; and John F., who is the subject of this review.
John F. Moore was about fourteen years of age when his parents emigrated to this country. In the public schools of this county he completed the education which had begun in his native land, while at home he received practical instruction for the responsibilities of life. At the age of twenty-one he left the parental roof, going forth to make his own way in the world. For six years he toiled as a farm hand, and then, having married, he engaged in agricultural pursuits for himself on land he had purchased in Wayne township. After a period of three years' residence there he sold that place and removed to Richland township, buying the farm on which he lives today. It is a tract of two hundred and twenty acres, on which he pursues a diversified farming which renders him a gratifying income for the many hours of hard labor he has expended in the cultivation of the fields. The place is well improved, as the result of his own efforts, presenting an appearance of prosperity that is indicative of the industry and good management of its owner, qualities which have made him one of the substantial men of his township.
In 1881 Mr. Moore was united in marriage to Miss Anna Jacobs, a native of this county and a daughter of John and Matilda Jacobs. Her mother has passed away, but her father is living in California. Eleven children have been born of this union: Matilde, deceased; John L., now living in North Dakota; Matilde, who has remained at home; Anna, who has graduated from the Cedar Rapids Business College and is now in Cedar Rapids; Charles, who is at home; Martha, who is residing in Cedar Rapids; Frederick, who is at home; George, who has passed away; Laura, who is now attending high school in Monticello; Frieda, who is at home; as is George E. the youngest of the family.
Mr. and Mrs. Moore are consistent members of the German Reformed church and are not only regular in their attendance at its services, but endeavor to put to practical application in their daily lives the lessons taught by it. Politically Mr. Moore has ever given his support to the republican candidates as the choice of the party in whose principles he places the greatest confidence. As for himself, however, he has never sought any office within the gift of the people, although he has filled with credit the position of school director, and during his incumbency proved that be was deeply concerned for the advancement of his community.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 231.


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