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J. W. Newman
Born July 16, 1852

J. W. Newman, whose industry and energy in former years now makes it possible for him. to live retired in the enjoyment of well earned rest, was born in Richland county, Ohio, on the Scioto river, within twenty miles of Columbus. his birth occurring July 16, 1852. His father, Emanuel Newman, came to Iowa in May, 1853, settling in Fairview township, Jones county, where he remained for four years, after which he removed to Greenfield township. Upon his arrival here he had not a dollar in his pocket, but with undaunted energy he at once sought employment, which he secured. During the first year, however, he received only two dollars and forty cents in cash, taking the remainder of his wages in clothing and eatables. He was industrious and persevering, however, and as the years passed prosperity came to him and he eventually became the owner of over four hundred acres of land. During the Civil war he was drafted but borrowed the money and hired a substitute. In Richland county, Ohio, he had married Miss Elizabeth Spade and to them were born ten children. She was an earnest and consistent member of the United Brethren church and died in that faith in 1905 at the age of seventy-three years. His death occurred on the 30th of March 1906, when he was seventy-five Years of age.
J. W. Newman was but ten months old when his parents brought him to Greenfield township, and therefore practically his entire life has been spent within its borders. He remained under the parental roof until he attained young manhood, and then started out in the business world on his own account, farming sixteen years and later becoming identified with the lumber interests of Martelle. Throughout the succeeding years he devoted his time and attention to this line of activity and no better evidence of his ability and enterprise is needed than the remarkable success which attended his efforts during that period. He retired from active business in igo5 with a competence that makes it possible for him to enjoy all of the necessities and many of the luxuries of life. The money which he accumulated during his active business career has been wisely invested in real estate, and he now owns three hundred and fifty acres of choice farm land in Greenfield township, eight hundred and forty acres in Minnesota and several business buildings in the town of Martelle, his holdings making him one of the extensive property owners in Greenfield township. He is also well known in the financial circles of Martelle, being one of the organizers of the new Citizens Savings Bank of that town. It was in 1875 that Mr. Newman was united in marriage to Miss Carrie M. Murfield, a daughter of J. S. Murfield, one of the early settlers of Greenfield township, residing here since 1851. Unto this union were born three children, namely: Blanche, the wife of Charles Holcomb; Gertie, who married Earl Boxwell; and Edna, who is still at home. Mr. and Mrs. Newman have three grand­sons and one granddaughter.
The family hold membership in the church of Christ at Martelle and are people of high standing in the community in which they reside. Fraternally Mr. Newman belongs to White Rose Lodge, K. P., of Martelle, while politically he is a very stanch and loyal supporter of the prohibition party, being bitterly opposed to the liquor traffic, deeming it one of the greatest evils against which the country has to contend. He is a member of the town council of Martelle, having held that office since the town was organized, and he has served as tax collector and school director of Greenfield township for two years. Public-spirited in his citizenship, he ever has the best interests of the community at heart and his cooperation is never withheld from any movement which has for its object the material, political, intellectual and moral welfare of Greenfield township. Starting out in life without any favoring advantages, he has worked his way upward in the business world through his own efforts entirely, and today stands among the representative and substantial citizens of his township, well deserving the proud American title of a self-made man. His success, however, has been worthily won, for throughout his entire career there has been not a single esoteric phase, his methods at all times measuring up to a high standard of commercial ethics.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 582.


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