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W. Howard Norris
Born February 8, 1869
W. Howard Norris, a representative farmer of Scotch Grove township, was born in Maryland, February 8, 1869. His parents were George R. and Eliza (White) Norris, both descendants of families who had for generations been identified with the affairs of that state. It was their birthplace, as well as that of their son, and remained their home until 1822. In March of that year Mr. Norris moved his family to Jones county, Iowa, locating in Scotch Grove township, where he resided, with the exception of two years, until his death. His life was brought to a close in 1892, but Mrs. Norris is still living, making her home with her son Arthur in that township.
W. Howard Norris was reared at home and obtained his education in the district schools. After the death of his father, he and his brother Arthur continued to farm the home place until 1902, when Howard Norris came to live upon the land which is now the scene of his operations. In 1901 he had purchased one hundred and four acres, with the farm buildings thereon, of the old William McIntyre place, and in the winter of that year he bought an additional fifty-six acres, so that he might have a tract of one hundred and sixty acres, to which he removed in the spring of 1902. In 1904 he purchased an adjoining eighty acres, so that he now owns two hundred and forty acres in one body. Although this constitutes his land holdings at the present, in 1899 he bought the Finley Lewis farm, near Onslow, Scotch Grove township, embracing one hundred and twenty acres. He never located on that place, however, but, after renting it for several years, disposed of it in 1904 at a handsome profit. Mr. Norris has devoted himself largely to diversified farming but he has every year engaged more extensively in the stock business. A careful husbandman, industrious and ambitious to obtain the best results possible for his investment of time and labor, he has risen to an enviable position among the agriculturists here. Open, honest and upright, his life has won the respect of all who have come in contact with him.
In May, 1901, Mr. Norris wedded Miss Augusta Scheer, of Wayne township, a daughter of Christ Scheer, one of the leading farmers of that township. Of this marriage have been born three children: Alice Rosa, Edna Margaret and Lucille Esther. Mr. Norris has ever given stanch support to the republican party, as he places the utmost confidence in its platform, but has taken no part in the local public affairs. His wife is a devout member of the Lutheran church, and although he does not give allegiance to any religious body the principles by which he orders his life are those encouraged by all Christian faiths.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 205.


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