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Paul Paulsen
Born August 17, 1865
One of the prosperous German farmers of Scotch Grove township, whose well tilled fields are representative of the high quality of the agricultural interests of the county, was born in Holstein, Germany, August 17, 1865, his parents being Bahne and Sabina (Hansen) Paulsen. They were also natives of the same province of the fatherland. where the father died during, the childhood of his son. After his demise his widow came to the United States with her three children, locating, in 1870, in Lyons, Clinton county, Iowa. Later she removed to Charlotte, that county, where she married Nicholas Holst, of whom extended mention is made in another part of this work.
Paul Paulsen was about five years of age when the family embarked upon their journey to this country, so that all his training for the responsibilities of life has been obtained in this state, at home and in the common schools where he was a pupil. He worked upon the farm belonging to his stepfather throughout the period of his youth, and when he reached man's estate he was taken into partnership by Mr. Holst. Together they operated the place until February, 1903, when Mr. Paulsen married and started out in life for himself. Then he purchased the southwest quarter of section 24, Scotch Grove township, and has made his home thereon ever since. It was formerly known as the Alex Sutherland farm, and was only partially improved, but since it has come into his possession Mr. Paulsen has carried on the work of development and improvement with a vigor that is characteristic of him until it is now one of the highly cultivated and finely improved tracts. in Jones county. Successful in his undertakings beyond the ordinary, he has risen to a substantial position in the community, a fact which is indicated by the large shares of stock he holds in the Lovell State Bank of Monticello and in the Onslow Savings Bank.
On the 10th of February, 1893, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Paulsen and Miss Mary Eckelberg, of Jackson county, Iowa. Her father is John Eckelberg, who was for many years one of the prominent farmers of that county and is now living in retirement at Spragueville, Jackson county. Six children have been born of this union: Alvina, Paul, Jr., Edward, John, Harry and Emil. They are all at home and are being reared in the faith of the German Lutheran church, that being the creed to which Mr. and Mrs. Paulsen give their religious allegiance. Since he was admitted to the ranks of the citizens of this republic Mr. Paulsen has voted the democratic ticket, finding himself in greater accord with the principles promulgated by that party, He has had no desire to enter the arena of public life, however, although his success, the strong qualities of character upon which it has been reared and the wide influence he has exercised in his community as a result of a good life well lived, would naturally suggest him to his fellows as a man worthy and capable of administering any trust with which the people might care to honor him.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 304.


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