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Peter H. Paulsen
Born September 25, 1868
The tract of one hundred and sixty acres on section 35, Scotch Grove township, which represents the land holdings of Peter H. Paulsen, is one of the most up-to-date farms in the locality, being tilled by the most approved methods and enhanced by buildings of comfort, utility and real beauty. The man who has toiled so diligently that this gratifying state of things has resulted was born in Germany, September 25, 1868, a son of Bahne and Sabina Dorateha (Hansen) Paulsen. The father died in Germany, and the mother, with her three young children, came to the United States in 1870. She made her way to Lyons, Clinton county, Iowa, where she lived, and later in Charlotte, that county, was united in marriage to Nicholas Holst, of whom further mention is made elsewhere in this volume.
As Peter H. Paulsen was but two years old when his mother came to this country, he has virtually passed all of his life in this state. From the common schools of Clinton county he obtained his fundamental training for the practical duties of life, while at home on the farm he became initiated into the work of agriculture. Even after he reached his manhood he remained in the employ of his stepfather and it was not until 1899 that he began his career as a farmer, In that year he bought the place on which he now lives--a fine tract of one hundred and sixty acres. In the intervening years since its purchase and the present Mr. Paulsen has added many improvements which have increased its value manifold. For instance, he has tiled the land and built one of the modern and commodious houses which are owned by the most prosperous farmers of Jones county. Of an age when a man usually comes into the fullest realization of his powers, the success of the past years should be but an indication of what the future has in store for him if he is most progressive in his ideas - a man who does not believe in standing still, rather in doing things and is always looking for some means whereby he may improve his place and increase the productiveness of the soil. Such ideals combined with the large capacity for toil cannot but bring the most gratifying results.
On the 16th of February, 1899, Mr. Paulsen was married at Zion's Evangelical Lutheran church in Wayne township, to Miss Sophia Catharina Bohlken, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerke H. Bohlken, prominent farming people of Scotch Grove township. Mr. and Mrs. Paulsen now have five children. Bernhard Nicholas, Agnes Sabina, George Heinrich, Meinhardt Paul and Amanda Christina.
In his political views Mr. Paulsen has consistently supported the democratic party, feeling more in sympathy with the principles annunciated by it than those of any other political organization, but has taken small part in local affairs. With his wife he is a member of the German Lutheran church and the success of his life has not been gained through any violation of its teachings.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 349.


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