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Frank Porter
Born May 8, 1864
Frank Porter, one of the thrifty farmers of Jackson township, who owns one of the finest farms in his part of Jones county, comes of a pioneer family and has experienced many of the hardships and privations connected with the life of the early settlers anywhere. He was born in Jackson township, May 8, 1864, a son of Matthew and Almyra (Arnold) Porter, natives of Licking county, Ohio. They were married there, and about 1850 came to Jones county and settled in Jackson township, buying the present home of their son Frank when he was six years old. This they occupied until 1893, when our subject bought it, and they retired to Anamosa. It was in that city that they both passed away, the father in 1899, when seventy-two years of age, and the mother in 1904 when seventy-seven years old. Matthew Porter had two hundred acres of land which represented his life of hard work. The children born to him and his wife were: Jane, who married C. P. Atwood of Anamosa; Andrew, who lives at Center Junction; John, who died in Cherokee county, Iowa, in 1884 when thirty-three years old; Louis, who lives in Cherokee county, Iowa; Olive, who married David Kramer, sheriff of McHenry county, North Dakota; Frank, who was the sixth in order of birth; and Clara, who married Delbert Meeks, of South Dakota.
Frank Porter has spent his life in Jackson township with the exception of two years, when he lived in Cherokee county, Iowa, before he was married. In 1893 he bought his father's homestead of two hundred acres, and in 1906 he bought one hundred acres adjoining. His farm is a magnificent one with fine buildings and other improvements, all of which have been placed here by Mr. Porter. The farm lies on section 15, Jackson township, with the exception of twenty acres on section 10. He feeds about three carloads of stock annually and carries on general farming. His hogs aggregate about one hundred and twenty-five head annually, and he milks fifteen cows. About eighty-five acres of his farm is devoted to corn.
Mr. Porter is a republican and is at present township trustee, now in his seventh year in that office. On April 3, 1889, he married Lottie James, who was born in Jackson township, February 23, 1869, a daughter of Walter and Mary (Sherman) James, who reside in Wyoming, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Porter have five children: Eugene, Floyd, Lula, Stella and Elda. While eminently successful in his business, Mr. Porter has held progressive views of life and keeps well posted on current events. He takes a deep interest in politics, although in no sense a politician, and can be depended upon to do all in his power to advance the welfare of his community.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 469.


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