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John H. Rohwedder
Born October 2, 1845
John H. Rohwedder, a prominent and prosperous farmer of Madison township, Jones county, was the first German to settle near Wyoming, Iowa. He was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, on the 2d of October, 1845, and came with his parents to America in 1852. After residing in Illinois for three years, his parents took up their abode in Clinton county, Iowa, and resided there until their death.
John H. Rohwedder was but seven years of age when he accompanied his parents to the promising shores of America. He remained under the sheltering roof of his parents, until the year 1871, when be was married to Miss Frederica Guebel. a native of Germany. Upon their marriage, they started out in life on their own account, first renting a tract of land in Missouri, which they farmed for two years. On returning to Iowa, in 1874, Mr. Rohwedder purchased the old Harvey Niles farm of one hundred and sixty acres in Madison township, Jones county, Iowa, on which he located in the spring of 1875 and which remained his place of residence until 1899, when he purchased the old Nathan Shaffer farm of three hundred and twenty acres, also in Madison township, which has continued to be his home and upon which he now resides with his wife and children. His family consists of his faithful wife and companion in life, and seven children, five sons and two daughters, namely: Harro C., at home; Hans H., residing at Hale, who married Frederica Sieveke, March 4, 1908; Ernest F., residing in Madison township, who married Elsie Levsen, December 20, 1906; Toni (Rohwedder) Holst, residing in Scotch Grove township, who married Nicholas Holst, April 29, 1908; Albert G. Minna H., and Otto G., residing at home.
For the past thirty-four years, Mr. Rohwedder has devoted his attention largely to the feeding of cattle and the raising of hogs. He is widely recognized as one of the most extensive stock feeders of the county, feeding from eight to ten carloads of cattle annually. He likewise raises from one hundred and fifty to two hundred head of hogs each year. He is a progressive and a successful farmer.
Mr. Rohwedder is a democrat in politics but is not a bitter partisan. He will often support a candidate of the opposition party if he believes such a course will best conserve the general welfare. Fraternally he is identified with the Wyoming Camp, No. 183, M.W.A. Both he and his wife have now resided in this county for more than a third of a century and have a wide and favorable acquaintance throughout the county. Mr. Rohwedder is a substantial man in every respect. He is not only successful as a farmer, he is a practical and a worthy citizen, a man large of heart, kind by nature, liberal in thought and worthy of trust and confidence.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 150.


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