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John F. Russell
Born August 11, 1852
John F. Russell, of Anamosa, was born August 11, 1852, in Highland, Ohio, and is a son of John and Margaret (Feehan) Russell. In the fall of 1852 his parents came to Iowa and after living for twenty years in Jones county, removed to Des Moines in 1872, making that city their home during the term of Mr. Russell, Sr., as Auditor of State.
With the exception of the first few months of his life John F. Russell has been continuously a resident of Iowa and the public schools afforded him his educational privileges, while the spirit of progress which has been the dominant feature in the upbuilding of this section of the state has prompted him to put forth effective and earnest effort for success. In early manhood he engaged in the livery business in Des Moines, but afterward turned his attention to the hardware business. In 1893, however, he returned to the farm in Jones county, whereon he remained for seven years, carefully tilling the soil and gathering rich harvests as the result of his labor and enterprise. In 1906 he again took up the livery business, establishing a stable in Anamosa, where he is now enjoying an extensive patronage. He is recognized as the leading liveryman of the town, having good horses and fine turnouts, while his business has reached out to profitable proportions.
On the 29th of September, 1880, at Des Moines, Mr. Russell was united in marriage to Miss Evelyn M. Chapman, a daughter of Philo Judson and Florence (Taylor) Chapman. Mr. Chapman was a soldier of the Civil war and died in Andersonville prison. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Russell has been blessed with two sons and a daughter. Lester Wright, the eldest, is a veterinary surgeon, engaged in the practice of his profession in Anamosa, where he has a hospital in connection with his father's business. Hoyt Chapman resides at Wilson, Arkansas, where he is employed as manager for the American Cooperage Company. Florence Margaret, the youngest, is at home. Mr. Russell's political allegiance is given to the republican party which he has staunchly supported since age conferred upon him the right of franchise, but he has never sought nor desired public office, preferring to concentrate his energies upon his business affairs which, carefully directed, have brought to him the success which he is now enjoying.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 489.


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