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Robert H. Russell
Born November 15, 1864

Robert H. Russell, one of the well-to-do farmers of Greenfield township, was born in Northampton county, Pennsylvania, November 15, 1864. His parents, J. H. and Sophia (Werner) Russell, were married November 28, 1848, and for almost two decades afterward lived in the east before coming to Iowa to try their fortunes in this comparatively new state. In 1867 they made the journey across the country, settled first at Lisbon, and six months later, removed to Greenfield township and lived on a farm on section 22 for five years. At the end of that time they located on the farm on which they spent the remainder of their lives and which is the home of their son today. Both have passed away, the father in June 1902, at the age of seventy-eight years; the mother, October 4, 1907. They became the parents of ten children: William, who died when very young; Joseph, who died at the age of thirty years; Mrs. Emma Kendall, of Mechanicsville; Amanda, who died at the age of twenty-four; Frances E., who died in early childhood; George, who resides in Independence, Iowa; Richard S., who lives in Greenfield township, about half a mile from his brother Robert H.; Robert H., of this review; Alice, who passed away at the age of sixteen; and Edward, who is a resident of Rome township.
Robert H. Russell was but three years old when his parents came to Iowa, and he grew to manhood on the home farm in Greenfield township, which has been the scene of his endeavors up to the present. It embraces three hundred and three acres of excellent land, on which Mr. Russell has made a number of important improvements since it has come into his hands. The buildings are of modern construction, and the fields are tilled in accordance with the most approved scientific methods. Through a careful study of the soil and of the subject of the rotation of the crops, he has been able to prolong and increase the measure of its fertility.
On the 28th of September 1890, Mr. Russell wedded Miss Minnie F. Miller, a daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Grauel.) Miller. Her father was married twice, and by his first wife, who was Miss Rebecca Grauel, he had ten children, six daughters and four sons. Mrs. Mary K. Sawyer, of Greenfield township;
W. H., also of Greenfield; a son who died in infancy; Mrs. Susannah Manly, who lives in Sac county, Iowa: Mrs. Ella Justice, a resident of Shelby county; Mrs. Addie Kohl, of Greenfield township; Mrs. Minnie F. Russell, the wife of our subject; a son who died in infancy; Jennie May, who died at the age of five years; and a son who did not survive infancy. Mrs. Miller died in 1873, at the age of forty years, and when Mr. Miller married the second time, his wife was Miss Sarah McConaughy, a daughter of John and Jane (Duncan) McConaughy, both natives of the Buckeye state. Of this second union there were six children born: Elizabeth, who died in infancy; Charles Clinton, of Greenfield township; Mrs. Alice Ann Melton, of Cedar county; Clancy, of Marion, Iowa; 1. Clifford, of Morley, Iowa; and Dony Forrest, who died at the age of fourteen. The mother of these children passed away September 16, 1887, at the age of forty-two, but Mr. Miller survived almost ten years, his death having occurred February 27, 1897, when he was in the seventy-third year of his age.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell's union has been blessed with three children: the daughter died in infancy; Harlan R. was born November 5, 1897; and Willard H., was born October 8, 1901. Reared in the faith of the United Brethren church, they have ordered their lives in accordance with its teachings and are educating their children to be good Christian men. In his political views Mr. Russell is a democrat, and while hot an office seeker has served as a member of the school board in which he holds the position of secretary. He has shown further interest in the welfare of the community by assisting as one of the board of directors in guiding the fortunes of the Citizens Savings Bank of Olin in a safe financial channel. He is a member of Patmos Lodge, No. 155, A.F.&A.M., of Mechanicsville, and with Mrs. Russell belongs to No. 98, Modern Brotherhood of America, at Morley.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 614.


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