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John Schladetzky
Born December 20, 1868
In any community where there is a constant growth in population and a consequent demand for new business houses and dwellings all of the building trades with their associated lines of activity flourished and the handling of the commodities connected with building operations is engaging the attention of some of the progressive men of Jones county. One of the successful dealers in lumber, hardware and farm implements is John Schladetzky, of Hale. He is one of the sturdy citizens Germany has given to the United States as he was born in Husum Schleswig-Holstein, December 20, 1868, a son of Peter and Louise (Jensen) Schladetzky, also natives of Germany. The family originated in Russia as the name indicates but its representatives can be traced back four hundred years in Germany. The father was a carpenter by trade. He and his wife had one other child besides our subject, Anneta, of Hamburg, Germany, who was younger than he.
In 1885, Mr. Schladetzky came to Jones county, Iowa, alone and has made this county his home ever since, gradually learning the language and firmly establishing himself in a good business. He had only five dollars when he arrived here among strangers, but this did not dismay him for he had youth, enthusiasm and knew how to work and economize. Soon he obtained employment at farm- work at forty dollars for the first year and he continued to work for others for six years and then rented land for twelve years. After this he had enough money to buy one hundred and sixty acres of land in Hale township and resided upon it for five years, when he sold his property and in the spring of 1909 he bought his present business and now carries a full line of lumber, hardware, coal, cement and farm implements. His establishment is a large one and he has the finest trade of any business man in Hale, although his concern is yet in its infancy. In 1909 Mr. Schladetzky invested in two hundred and forty acres in South Dakota and has great faith in the future of that locality. In 1886, Mr. Schladetzky married Mary Ahrendsen, who was also born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, May 20, 1874, and was brought here with her parents in 1886. She is a daughter of Lorenz and Christine Ahrendsen, the latter of whom is deceased, but the former now resides at Onslow. Mr. and Mrs. Schladetzky have six children, as follows: Peter, Louise, Louis, Anna, John and Henry.
Some men are successful in whatever they attempt; that seems part of their nature; and the gentleman of whom we write without doubt belongs to this class. Coming here poor, unknown and without a working knowledge of the language, he has risen until he does the largest business of any man in Hale and also owns valuable farming property elsewhere. There has been no royal road for him, however, but a hard and narrow one, paved with constant labor and strict economy and it has led him straight to the goal of success.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910.


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