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Peter H. Schmalfeldt
Despite his seventy-eight years, Peter H. Schmalfeldt is still actively engaged in agricultural pursuits in Wyoming township, where he is known as a man who has won success from his vocation. He was born in Holstein, Germany, where his parents, Tin and Christina Schmalfeldt, lived and died. Indeed, he himself did not leave his fatherland until his education was completed, until he had married and had started to make his own way in the world. It was in 1866 that he undertook the journey across the ocean to the United States. After arriving here he came to Iowa, finding employment as a farm hand in Clinton county. For four years he worked for others, in the meantime saving enough money to enable him to rent a tract of land, which remained his home for fourteen years, when he bought the farm on which he lives today. It embraces three hundred and ten acres, is well improved, and through careful cultivation is capable of maintaining general farming which Mr. Schmalfeldt pursues upon it. His attention is mainly given, however, to the raising and feeding of cattle and hogs which be ships in large numbers to the important markets. He is successful beyond the ordinary, for he has practiced those invaluable lessons of industry and frugality, which seem almost to be the birthright of the sons of Germany.
While he was living in Germany, Mr. Schmalfeldt wedded Miss Mary Vel, and of their union have been born the following children: Christine, who is the wife of John Bohnson, of Wyoming township; Minnie, who is the wife of John Von Spreechen, also of that township; Catherine, who married Herman Ehrich and lives in Cedar county; Anna, who is the wife of John F. Clousen, a resident of Clinton county; Mary, who married Herman Errick of Hale; and Peter, who lives at home. Mrs. Schamalfeldt died in 1892, leaving a husband and six children to mourn her loss, and was laid to rest in the cemetery at Wyoming.
When he became a citizen of this republic Mr. Schmalfeldt, looked to the Democratic Party as his guide in political matters and has since given to it his unswerving allegiance, for he has all confidence in the value of the principles it advocates. In the years that he has been a property holder in this township, he has served as school director and as road supervisor, but aside from having held these offices he has taken no part in local affairs, nor has he sought for recognition of his abilities. He is highly respected, however, for the tenor of his life has been such as to win the good will of those who know him. He owes religious allegiance to the German Lutheran church, that being the faith in which he was reared.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 594.


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