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George Scroggie
Born July 27, 1853
George Scroggie was born on July 27, 1853 in Cargill, Perth, Scotland (Central Scotland), the third child of Andrew and Grace Scroggie. As an infant, he embarked on a voyage to North America with his parents and brothers, about 1854. One of his brothers died during the long voyage to Canada.
George and his family lived in Canada for about 10 years where five additional siblings were born, Christina (1855), James (1856), Robert (1857), Mary Jane (1860) and Isabell (1862). George must have liked Canada as he returned there later in life after his wife died.
George and his family immigrated to the U.S. about 1865 and settled in Ohio where his brother Charles was born.
George was 17 years old when he appeared in the 1870 census working on the family farm in Clay Township, Jones County, Iowa. In 1870, he joined the Scotch Grove Presbyterian Church and later transferred to the Bethel Presbyterian Church when it formed. By 1880, he was married to Margaret Isabell Moncrief who was a native of Iowa (her parents were both born in Ireland), and together living on a farm nearby Andrew's and Grace's farm. It is curious that their first child James was born in 1878 but was not listed as living with them during the 1880 census. In 1900, George at the age of 46 is listed as living with his children Perry, Grace, Jessie, John, George E. (Emmett) and Araminta. His wife Margaret Isabell had died of heart failure on August 11, 1898. His son Perry left high school at that time to help out on the farm. By 1910, George was living in Clay township with Perry (29), Grace (26), Emmett (16) and Araminta (14). By 1913, he had left Iowa, presumably to his farm in Alberta, Canada.
Later in life, George went to live with his son James in Vancouver, Washington. He died there on November 29, 1938 at the age of 85.

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