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David Sim
Born October 15, 1848
David Sim deceased, who for many years of his active life was one of the successful farmers of Wyoming township, was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, October 15, 1848. His parents, John and Rachel (Robinson) Sim, were natives of Scotland and came to the United States in 1845. They located in Pittsburg, where they remained for about seven years, and then came to Jones county, Iowa, where they procured land from the government. On this, which was the home of their son William during his active life, they passed the last years allotted to them. In their family were two sons, both now deceased, for James, the older, died at the age of sixteen.
David Sim received a good common-school education in Wyoming township, supplementing his early training with practical experience upon the farm, for he early began to assist his father in the work there was to do. As he grew older more and more of the responsibility of the place devolved upon him and when his parents died the land passed into his possession. He was successful in the vocation to which he had devoted his energies, winning large returns from the soil he tilled and in 1901 felt he was justified in retiring to Onslow, where his death occurred March 13, 1903. At that time he owned two hundred acres near the village in Wyoming township, besides fifteen acres of timber land and fourteen acres and thirteen lots in the village, where he had the fine house now occupied by his widow. All of this property Mrs. Sim has retained in her possession, proving herself a business woman of no small ability in her management of it.
Mr. Sim was ever a stanch supporter of the republican party, never failing to cast his vote for its candidates on the occasion of an election, and always taking a deep interest in political matters. He was for years active in local affairs, for he filled a number of the township offices, all with great credit to himself and to the satisfaction of those who had placed their trust in his ability. In religious matters he affiliated with the Presbyterian church, in which for more than a quarter of a century he was an elder. Mrs. Sim is also an adherent of that faith and is very active in all church work, in which her skill and ability is of the utmost service. Mr. Sim had through many years of unremitting toil attained to a successful position among the agriculturists of this county; he had ordered his life by high standards and had come into the possession of a substantial income. His wife, who had aided him greatly during his lifetime, by her thrift and care for his welfare, possesses that business acumen that has enabled her to conserve that which was bequeathed to her so that in the course of time it will increase and not diminish in value.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 381.


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