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George Slouha
Born September 8, 1845
Over half a century has come and gone since the arrival of George Slouha in Iowa and through the passing years he has witnessed the development of one of the finest agricultural districts of the country, which sixty years ago was a vast wilderness inhabited by the Indians who hunted the deer, elk and buffalo that roamed wild through the forests and over the plains. Born in Bohemia, September 8, 1845, nine years later he accompanied his parents, Paul and Anna Slouha, also natives of that country, on their emigration to America. They first took up their abode in Maquoketa, Jackson county, Iowa, but shortly afterward removed to Jones county, where the father purchased fifteen acres of land which he cultivated and improved, adding to the tract each year, as his income increased by reason of the abundant harvests, until when he sold the farm to his son George, it contained ninety acres. Unto Paul and Anna Slouha were born six children; George, the subject of this sketch; Joseph, John and Frank, now deceased; Anna, who became the wife of Bert Nowcheck and resides in Oxford township; and Mary, who wedded John Wlach, of Oxford Junction. The father of this family lived to be eighty-three years of age but the mother died when she was in her fifty-second year.
Early thrown upon his own responsibilities in the new world, George Slouha sought and secured employment as a farm hand, working by the month, and in return for his labors received his board and clothing. Energetic and enthusiastic, however, he had worked only a year and a half in this way when he was able to command a more substantial equivalent for his labor and eventually purchased a part of the farm whereon he now resides, which has now been in possession of the family for about fifty years and has been owned by three successive generations.
On December 28, 1868, was celebrated the marriage of George Slouha and Miss Josephine Wlach, who was born in Bohemia, December 20, 1848, and is a daughter of Joseph and Josephine Wlach, who came to Johnson county, Iowa, in 1854, where Mrs. Slouha resided until her marriage. Joseph Wlach died in Johnson county in October, 1868, while the mother resided with Mrs. Slouha until she had reached her eighty-fourth year, her death having occurred August 8, 1899. There were eight children in her family, of whom four are now living. Unto Mr. and Mrs. George Slouha were born six children, namely: Frank, who makes his home in Oxford township, this county; Anna, who became the wife of Frank Fritz, of Wyoming township; Mary, who died at the age of three years and three months; Emanuel, who died in infancy; Christina, who wedded Mike Wacek, of Oxford township; and Charles, who is operating the home farm.
Charles Slouha, the youngest son, was born November 18, 1882, and has here continued to make his residence, having bought the old home place which contains one hundred, seventy-seven and a half acres. Since his father retired from active participation in the work of the fields, he has taken upon his shoulders the entire responsibility of caring for his parents and operating the farm. He not only engages in general agricultural pursuits but makes a specialty of stock raising. The life record of the father, George Slouha, serving as his inspiration and an example well worthy of emulation, the son is now attaining that success which is ever the reward of earnest, persistent toil. On the 4th of October, 1904, he was joined in wedlock to Miss Anna Burda, who was born in Oxford township, August 16, 1884, and is the daughter of John and Anna Burda, also of Oxford township, Jones county, and unto Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slouha have been born two children, Gracy and George Ernest.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 382.


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