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Asa W. Smith
Born December 7, 1867
The fine farm to the south of the village of Anamosa, which is the home of Asa W. Smith, is one of the attractive places of Fairview township. Bounded in part by the Wapsipinicon river and situated upon an elevation, it commands a view enjoyed by few homes in its vicinity, for up and down the course of the river, and over well tilled fields and shady woods the eye may travel and be refreshed. Although this tract has been Mr. Smith's possession for almost a quarter of a century, it is only within the last five years that he has taken up his residence upon it and been numbered among the agriculturists of the township. He was born in Ashland county, Ohio, December 7, 1867. His father was also a native of that state, where for years he followed farming. He married Miss Mina Newkirk, who was born in Wayne county, Ohio, and was a daughter of Reuben Newkirk. They became the parents of three children: Asa W., of this sketch; Josephine, who married Jones Freeman, of Independence, Iowa; and Jessie L., who is living in Anamosa. Mr. Smith died when his son was but three years of age and his widow with her children came to Jones county, locating in Anamosa.
It was in 1869 that Asa W. Smith came with his mother to Anamosa, where he made his home throughout his youth and through many years of his young manhood. He attended the public schools there until he reached the age of sixteen, when he entered upon his own career as a man of business. Stock first commanded his interests, and for about thirteen years he was engaged in shipping horses to North Dakota, his operations in this field of activity being the outgrowth t of his early employment in a livery in the town. Twenty-two years ago he purchased his farm, of three hundred and twenty-six acres, and has prepared one hundred and forty acres of this for agricultural purposes, the rest being pasture and timber land. As he won success in business and ever looked forward to the day when he might own a tract of his own and during the five years he has followed farming, he has met with most excellent success. He possesses the skill of the born husbandman, but he is also endowed with the love of nature and of life in the outdoors. Since exercising his right of franchise he has steadfastly given his support to the republican candidate, for he feels in greater sympathy with its principles, but he has evinced no desire to enter the arena of public affairs. He enjoys the respect of many friends, who coming to know him intimately esteem him highly for the man he is.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 644.


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