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Edward Stockton Stone
Born June 11, 1869

Edward Stockton Stone, whose orderly progression in business circles has brought him to a prominent place in the ranks of Anamosa's merchants, is now proprietor of a jewelry store, which carefully managed is bringing to him substantial success. He was born at Garden Plain, Whiteside county, Illinois, June 11, 1869, and is a son of Dr. Elijah D. and Esther K. (Cook) Stone, who were natives of Vermont and Indiana respectively. They were married, however, in Illinois and resided in Garden Plain for a number of years or until the father's death, which occurred in 1880, when he was sixty-five years of age. He had practiced medicine in Whiteside county for about forty years and had enjoyed a large practice. While he received the patronage of many of the most substantial families of the county he never refused to answer a call from the poor, even when knowing that no financial remuneration could be expected. He was a true friend to humanity and the world is better for his having lived. After his death the family removed to Morrison, Illinois.
Dr. Stone was twice married, his first wife being Amanda Stockton, by whom he had two children: Alice, who is now the wife of Charles Baird, of Laporte City, Iowa, and by whom she has seven children, Fred, Susy. Roy, Cance, Fay, Paul and Louise; and Amanda, who married Edward M. Spangler, of Ames, Iowa, and has six children, Mabel, Myrtle, George, Julia, Boyd and Leland. For his second wife Dr. Stone married Mrs. Esther (Cook) Kilgore, the widow Of David, Kilgore, by whom she had two daughters: Lizzie, who is now the wife of H. L. Collins, of Greenville, Iowa, and has five children, Edda, Florence, Frank, Grace and Orville; and Katherine, who is the wife of F. W. Watts, of North Platte, Nebraska, and has six children Milo, Sylvia, Thomas, Ruth, Olive and Archie, Of the children born to Dr. Elijah D. and Esther (Cook) Stone, George died in boyhood. Ira D. who married Beulah Cavanaugh, is a Congregational minister and has held charges in Chicago and Batavia, Illinois, and is now located at Pecatonica, that state. Edward S. and his twin sister Edda are the next of the family. The latter is now the wife of S. N. Ladd, a jeweler of Morrison, Illinois, and, they have one daughter, Marguerite. Julia L., the youngest of the family, was married September 1, 1907, to A. M. Tinker, of Clinton, Iowa, and about three years later removed to Des Moines, where he was employed as a commercial traveler. The mother made her home with Mrs. Tinker, to whom largely fell the care and responsibility of looking after her in her later years, but it was a willing service lovingly rendered which gave the mother the constant care that she needed during the last six months of her illness. Upon this altar of love she sacrifice her own life, for about a month after the death of the mother, it was necessary for Mrs. Tinker to undergo an operation, from which she never recovered, dying February 22, 1908. She left one son, Harold. Mrs. Stone passed away September 18, 1907, in Des Moines.
Edward S. Stone was only eleven years of age at the time of his father's death. He accompanied his mother on the removal to Morrison, Illinois, where he was reared, and in the public and high schools of that place he pursued his education. At the age of seventeen years he began learning the jeweler's trade under the direction of S. M. Ladd, with whom he remained for three years. He then embarked in business on his own account at Charlotte, Iowa, where he remained for about a year, and in 1889 removed to La Harpe, Illinois, where he a held a position for about a year. Later he pursued a course of study in watch work and engraving in the Horological School of Chicago. In 1892 and 1893, he was engaged in business at Rock Falls, Illinois, but disposed of his interest there early in 1894. For several years he occupied positions in jewelry stores in different places, including Jerseyville, Illinois; Oregon, Illinois; Hamilton, Ohio; Junction City, Kansas: Little Creek, Michigan; Freeport, Illinois; Worcester, Massachusetts: Brocton, Massachusetts: and Bloomington, Illinois. ,p.In the spring of 1902 he came to Anamosa to accept a position with L. E Tucker and about six months later bought out his employer and has since engaged in business on his own account. He moved to his present location about 1905 and is here conducting a leading jewelry store, having a large and well selected line of jewelry. precious stones, watches and other goods found in an establishment of this character. He also carries china, cut glass and optical goods.
He has made a close study of the optical science and his knowledge thereof makes him thoroughly competent to correct defects in and benefit the sight. He conducts his business on a strictly reliable basis, in harmony with a high standard of commercial ethics and by his square dealing and energy has won the success which he is now enjoying.
Mr. Stone is very happy in his home life. On the 19th of October, 1905, he wedded Ethel Reed, a daughter of Jonathan and Laura (White) Reed, who were natives of Indiana and in early life removed to Illinois. Both Mr. and Mrs. Stone are members of the Presbyterian church, in which he has served as an elder and treasurer, while fraternally he is connected with the Knights of the Globe and with Anamosa lodge of the Mystic Workers. His political endorsement is given to the republican party, but while he neither seeks nor desires office he keeps well informed on the questions and issues of the day and does all in his power to promote the best interests of the community. His record as a man and citizen is an honorable one and it has brought to him the high respect which is uniformly accorded him. With his varied experience and close application to his line of work, he has skilled himself in his profession. He has filled positions of trust and obtained the confidence of the people with whom he has mingled. A growing patronage shows that the people of Jones county and vicinity appreciate to some extent honest, upright, conscientious business men, of whom Edward S. Stone is a fair type.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 277.

From Souvenir of Anamosa, published by The Anamosa Journal, 1907. Submitted by Jim Christianson.

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