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Bradley Stuart
Born October 10, 1814
BRADLEY STUART, attorney at law and Justice of the Peace, Monticello; is a native of Columbia Co., N.Y., and was born October 10, 1814; from an early age, he was brought up in the State of Connecticut; he came to Iowa June 1, 1857, and located in Jones Co.; engaged in farming near town and continued for eight years and then moved in town. In 1864, he enlisted in Co. D, 9th 1.V.I., and served under Gen. Sherman; he was in the battles of Resaca, Atlanta and in all the battles to Savannah. After the war closed, he returned here; in the fall of 1874 he was elected Justice of the Peace and was afterwards re-elected to the same office. In 1838, he married Ann Murray, in Erie Co., N.Y.; she was a native of England.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 684.


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