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David Sutherland
DAVID SUTHERLAND, farmer, Scotch Grove Twp., Sec. 14; P.O. Scotch Grove; son of John and Margaret Macbeth Sutherland; he went to California in 1850, and engaged in mining. Returned in 1856, and purchased his farm that year. He was married to Wilhelmina Sutherland, daughter of Ebenezer Sutherland, who came from British America in 1838. Her father is still living in Scotch Grove Township; his age is 78 years; her mother died in May, 1876. Mr. Sutherland has seven children—Margaret A., Lelia E., Mary B., Catherine, Fannie M., George W. and Sarah M. Members of Presbyterian Church.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, 1879, page 657.
Submitted by: Lori J. Mentzel


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