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L. M. Tasker
F. P. Tasker
L. M. and F. P. Tasker, who together operate one of the fine horse farms of Wyoming township, were born near the village of Onslow and are the sons of William and Grace (Paul) Tasker. The mother was born in Columbiana county, Ohio, but the father was a native of Scotland. He came to the United States, however, in his early manhood, locating first in Ohio. While there he made the acquaintance of the woman who afterward became his wife, and in 1852 he walked from Iowa City to Jones county. In Linn county, he purchased his first farm and a few years later bought a tract of land in Jones countv which remained his and his wife's home until 1875-6, which year they spent in North Carolina. When Mr. Tasker came to this country he had but very little money with him, but he was a careful business man, being able to derive a fair income from his investments, so that at his death, which occurred October 10, 1904, in the eighty-seventh year of his age, he was in comfortable circumstances. Mrs. Tasker had died a little more than a year before her husband, her death having taken place August 27, 1903. Eleven children were born to them: L. M.; J. F., who lives in Wyoming township F. P.; Mary C., the wife of J. W. Morse, of the same township; Araminta B., the wife of Frank Henderson, now living in Virginia: and six who have passed away.
I. M. and F. P. Tasker were reared in this state and received their education in the common schools. Almost from their childhood they were initiated into the secrets of the cultivation of the soil, assisting in the work that was carried on their father's land as soon as they were able to handle the farm implements. When they attained to manhood they decided to start in life for themselves, securing a tract of land at what is known as East Ridge. This is still a part of their property, although they have added to it from time to time, until now they own three hundred and eighteen acres, lying on sections 16 and 17, Wyoming township. On this they follow general farming, and raise a quantity of stock, which finds a ready market on account of its quality, but it is as breeders of draft horses of the Percheron strain that they are known, for their herd contains some of the finest mares in the county.
The brothers have remained unmarried, and both give their support to the republican candidates as the choice of the party in whose platform they have the greatest confidence. They have not sought any office within the gift of the people, however, although L. M. Tasker has served the township as trustee. Together they belong to the chapter of the Mystic Workers located in Wyoming.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 640.


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