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J. A. Tomlinson
Born January 25, 1855
J. A. Tomlinson is a substantial representative of the best agricultural interests of Madison township and his well tilled fields on sections 1 and 2 bear out this township's reputation for the prosperity of its residents. A native of Jones county, he was born in Clay township, January 25, 1855, his parents being Joseph and Mary J. (Curry) Tomlinson. The former was a native of Mary land, while the mother was born in Ohio. In 1848 or 1849 Joseph Tomlinson came to Iowa, taking up his home in Canton, where for several years he followed his trade as a blacksmith. Later he engaged in farming upon the place now occupied by his son, but twelve years ago, after having obtained a gratifying competence for his expenditure of time and labor, he felt justified in retiring from active life. Then he took up his residence in Onslow, which is still his home.
J. A. Tomlinson was reared under the parental roof and was enrolled as a student in the local public schools, from which he derived substantial training for life. As he grew to manhood he was able to enter more and more into the work of the home farm until finally he and his father operated it in conjunction. The partnership existed until about twelve years ago, when the older man retired, leaving J. A. Tomlinson with the full responsibilities of the place. It is a tract embracing two hundred acres, situated on sections 1 and 2, Madison township, and is rightly accounted one of the finest farms in Jones county, for few places give such bountiful returns for the labor expended upon them. To be sure Mr. Tomlinson has spared no effort to make himself prominent as an agriculturist so that, perhaps, as much to his industry as to the natural richness of the soil are to be attributed the large harvests which he reaps each season.
In January, 1883, Mr. Tomlinson was united in marriage to Miss Lizzie Montague, of Michigan, whose home was near Benton Harbor, and one son, L. J., has been born to them. Mr. Tomlinson has not seen fit to give his allegiance exclusively to one political party, but as he is interested in questions of public moment he investigates them and, after having deeply considered them from different points of view, he feels he is competent to render his judgment. Accordingly. his vote is usually cast for the man who is worthy of support rather than for the candidate who perhaps has little to recommend him save that he is his party's choice. This independence of judgment is but one phase of the progressive spirit which has dominated the course of his life and has contributed as much as his unremitting industry to the winning of the good fortune in which all of his fellow citizens as well as himself may take a pride.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 505.


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