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F. J. Tryon
Born April 14, 1825
F. J. TRYON, dealer in groceries and provisions, Monticello; is a native of Litchfield Co., Conn., and was born April 14, 1825; he grew up to manhood there; lived in New York State five years, and came to Iowa in 1854, and located in Jones Co.; after he arrived here, his goods did not come, and he went to Warren, Ill., on foot, about seventy miles, to look them up; they did not reach him for three months; he engaged in farming; one year he sold 600 bushels of splendid wheat for 30 cents a bushel; he made more money when he first came, in hunting during the winter, than he did all the year on his farm. He was an excellent marksman, and very rarely did a deer escape his unerring aim; he would earn $5 every day he was out hunting, and has made $27 in one day with his rifle; on his way to Dubuque, and without getting out of his sleigh, he has shot enough chickens and quail on the way to pay all of his expenses for the trip; he has killed over two hundred deer. He continued farming twelve years, then came to Monticello and engaged in the insurance business; was elected Justice of the Peace, and afterward engaged in mercantile business; he held the office of Justice of the Peace in Clay Township for ten years, and also school offices; he was elected the first City Recorder here; he was elected Mayor of Monticello in 1877, and has served in the City Council most of the time since he came here. He married Miss Matilda Howard, from Tioga Co., N.Y., December 30, 1852; they have two children, daughters—Ella and Alice.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 685.


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