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Samuel W. Walton
Born October 30, 1849

Since the spring of 1885, Samuel W. Walton has resided in Anamosa, in which year he established the marble works now conducted under the firm name of Walton & Son. In the intervening years he has met with a fair measure of success and has made a record which places him with the enterprising and reliable business men of the city. His birth occurred at Wisbech, England, October 30, 1849, his parents being William and Harriet (Thornton) Walton, who were likewise natives of England and are now deceased. The father was also a marble cutter by trade and throughout his life carried on his business in connection with the manufacture of monuments.
Samuel W. Walton, the youngest in a family of eight children, attended the public schools of his native country and afterward served his apprenticeship as a marble cutter under the direction of his father. He was only fifteen years of age, however, when his father died and. the responsibility of conducting the business devolved upon his young shoulders. He resolutely undertook the task and did good work for one of his years. There he remained until 1881, when he came to the United States, bringing his wife with him, for he had been married in the meantime. Making his way into the interior of the country he settled first at Waukegan, Illinois, where he remained for four years, being foreman in monument works of that place. He removed thence to Anamosa and has been a resident of the town since the spring of 1885. He was first employed in the stone quarries here, but found the work was too strenuous, and in the same year he began business on his own account, establishing the marble works of which he has since been proprietor, and which are now conducted under the firm style of Walton & Son Monumental Works. Their excellent workmanship, fair prices and earnest efforts to please their patrons have secured for them a growing trade and many fine specimens of expert skill are seen in the cemeteries of this district.
On the 17th of October 1872, Mr. Walton was married in England to Miss Hannah J. Marshall, who was born on the 2d of April, 1848. They have become parents of four children: George W., who is now in the wall paper business in North Dakota; Alfred E., who since 1897 has been a member of the firm of Walton & Son; Herbert M., who died in infancy; and Harriet M. The parents are members of the Baptist church and are loyal to its teachings. In the social circles of the community they occupy an enviable position, the hospitality of the best homes being freely accorded them. Mr. Walton is a member of the Odd Fellows Society, the Knights of Pythias fraternity and the American Patriots. His son is also connected with the Knights of Pythias. Both father and son are stalwart supporters of the republican party and the latter is now township clerk of Fairview township. They are recognized as business men of good ability, actuated in their undertakings by the spirit of enterprise, and Mr. Walton feels that he has no occasion to regret his determination to seek a home in the new world, for he has here found and improved good opportunities and has made for himself a comfortable living.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 164.

From Souvenir of Anamosa, published by The Anamosa Journal, 1907. Submitted by Jim Christianson.

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