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Patrick Washington
Born 1843
PATRICK WASHINGTON, insurance and farming, Strawberry Hill, Anamosa; is a native of Canada, and was born in 1843; when 8 years of age, he came to Northboro, Mass, and lived there four years, and came West to Illinois, and lived in McHenry Co. four years, and then came to Iowa in 1861 and located in Jones Co., in Cass Township, and engaged in farming; he continued farming and stock-raising for seventeen years, then moved in town. When Mr. Washington began life, he had nothing; by industry and good management, he now owns two good farms, well improved. During the war, he enlisted in the 15th I.V.I., Co. G, and was in the battles of Bentonville, Atlanta, and many other fights and skirmishes; he was slightly wounded at Bentonville. He married Miss Mary Shannon, from Delaware Co., Iowa in 1866; they have had four children; only two survive—Robert and Annie.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 583.


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