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Photo: Kevin Shoop

The memorial and gravestones are those of Elder Joseph and Catherine Johnson. Kevin says, "They are one set of my 3rd-great-grandparents and I understand Joseph founded the church." Photo: Kevin Shoop

Photo: Tom Myles

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Articles of Incorporation
Elizabeth & Lillian Byerly have submitted a copy of the 1911 Articles of Incorporation of the New Antioch Cemetery Association.

We, the undersigned, have associated ourselves together under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Iowa, for the purpose of creating a cemetery association.

The name of this association shall be the New Antioch Cemetery Association, and its principal place of business shall be Jackson Township, Jones County, Iowa, and the general nature of its business shall be to acquire by purchase or otherwise, and to subdivide, sell and convey, and control land in said Jackson Township, Jones County, Iowa, for cemetery purposes.

Any person owning one or more lots in the old Antioch Cemetery Association or who shall subsequently purchase one or more lots from this association may become a member of this association by signing the constitution and by-laws of this association.

The business of this association shall begin on the 11th day of December A.D. 1911 and its duration shall be without limit.

The business affairs of this association shall be conducted by a Board of trustees consisting of three stock-holders or members of this association, who shall hold office for a term of three years. Vacancies therein by expiration of term or otherwise shall be filled by the members of the association at their annual meeting. There shall also be elected by the members at their annual meeting, a secretary and also a treasurer from outside the board and from their own members who shall serve for three years. Two members of said Board shall constitute a quorum, and the Board shall organize by electing from their number a president who shall have power to execute conveyances and other papers for and in behalf of said association under proper resolution of said Board of Trustees, said association having ----: That following

named officers shall act until the period hereinafter designated, the annual meeting being held December each year; A. B. White, Secretary, W. E. Hay, Treasurer, both until the next annual meeting, John Landis, trustee until the next annual meeting, Frank Porter trustee until the second annual meeting, W. M. Byerly trustee until the third annual meeting.

The meeting of the members shall be annual on the second Monday of December of each year, and such special meeting as the constitution and by-laws may provide.

The private property of the members of this association shall be exempt from the debts of the association.

These articles may be amended at any regular annual meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose, by two-thirds the members present or represented under the restrictions imposed by the laws of the state of Iowa.

WITNESS our hands this 15th day of December A.D. 1911.
(signed by:) W. M. Byerly
W. E. Hay
Frank Porter
John Landis

State of Iowa, Jones County, S.S.
On this 15th day of December A.D. 1911, before me personally appeared W. M. Byerly, Frank Porter, John Landis, and W. E. Hay, to me known to be the identical persons named in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that they executed the same as their voluntary act and deed.
(signed:) Clifford B. Paul
Notary Public in and
for said County

Filed for record this 15th day of December A.D. 1911 at 4:10 P.M., and recorded in Book 1 of A of C on page 268. (signed:) Earl Boyer, Recorder by Anna Hanson, Deputy

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed by Jim Christianson and proofread by Joanne Wilken

1Angie M (Taylor)Elvidge 09.20/188120y 7m 7dw/o John F Elvidge - d/o Cyrus & Sarah (Bell) Taylor
1EmmaElvidge 09/28/18818dd/o John F & Angie (Taylor) Elvidge
1EdgarHayes 07/04/18871y 3ms/o Wm Adelbert & Arvilla (Morrison) Hayes
1SalonaIosty01/01/185411/01/187419y 10m 4d 
1Ella MLoper 06/27/187216y 1m 17dd/o Daniel & Mary Jane Loper
1Manfoed MLoper 06/14/18721y 9ms/o Daniel & Mary Jane Loper
1WillieLoper 03/26/18625m 12ds/o Daniel & Mary Jane Loper
1Sarah AGraves 02/09/188071y 7m 12d 
1FredaSoper19151947 ss as Richard L Soper
1Richard LSoper 6/26/1943 ss as Freda Soper
1George HSoper18841959 ss as Nellie A Soper
1Nellie ASoper18861974 ss as George H Soper
1Marie MIreland19161968 ss as Lloyd L Ireland
1Marvin MColeman19081968  
1Ralph OMiller18961971 ss as Nell R Miller -WWI
1Nell RMiller19021970 ss as Ralph O Miller
2James WBeam10/30/184210/25/1901 Father
2Eliza EBeam01/28/18473/11/1920 Mother
2GuyByerly18891965 ss as Nina B Byerly
2Nina BByerly18911944 ss as Guy Byerly
2twin girlsByerly19161916 daus. of Guy & Nina B Byerly
2Eleanor MByerly19191919 d/o Guy & Nina B Byerly
2TullosMcGuire18691948 s/o Wilson Elroy & Nancy J (Chriswell) McGuire
2Minnie (Jackson)McGuire18771971 w/o Tullos McGuire - d/o Geo & Mary (Johnson) Jackson
2LeslieMcGuire18961957 s/o Tullos & Minnie (Jackson) McGuire
2Floyd SShew18971963 ss as Anna M Shew -- WWI
2Anna MShew18981952 ss as Floyd S Shew
2John MPetersen18811969 ss as Pauline Petersen
2PaulinePetersen18841978 ss as John M Petersen
2Chester EGivens18971975 ss as Elda B Givens
2Elda BGivens19011977 ss as Chester E Givens
2Hermann CGutzeit18971969 ss as Louise M Gutzeit
3Luella (Beam)Hughes18751897  Daughter of Joseph Beam and Barbara Ann Fall. Wife of Lewis Henry Hughes. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
3Edward MRuhl18661948  Son of William G. Ruhl and Lydia Groves. Born 1866 in Jones Co.; died 1948 in Jones Co. Married Daisy Alice Ryan, daughter of Lyman Ryan and Melissa Cunningham, November 25, 1896 in Jones Co. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
3Daisy ARuhl18791975 
3LymanRyan03/31/18341/14/1903 ss as Melissa Ryan --GAR
3MelissaRyan02/18/184712/9/1938 ss as Lyman Ryan
3JaneRyan18741944 p/o Maynard, Lebreta, Iva & Dallas
3James BJohnson18501926 s/o John & Elizabeth Johnson
3Julia B (Turner)Johnson18641913 w/o James B Johnson
3MontaHall18821928 ss as Daisy Hall
3DaisyHall18841966 ss as Monta Hall
3Louis FBramer18831961 ss as Patricia L Bramer
3Patrica LBramer18861970 ss as Louis F Bramer
3Marshall HIreland18751945 s/o Benj F & Catherine (Lyons) Ireland
3Jennie (Rosencrans)Ireland18761941 w/o Marshall H Ireland - d/o Louis & Cornelia (Ralph) Rosencrans
3Ben AHinrichsen18941972 p/o Glenn & Norma --ss as Nellie E Hinrichsen
3Nellie EHinrichsen18981965 p/o Glenn & Norma --ss as Ben A Hinrichsen
4Joseph AnsonColton03/11/18663/10/1947 ss as Eurice (Darrow) Colton
4Eunice (Darrow)Colton05/09/18694/17/1943 ss as Joseph Anson Colton
4George StanleyColton18981916 s/o Joseph Anson & Eunice (Darrow) Colton
4William EHay18701946  Son of William A. Hay and Phoebe Waggoner. Born October 11, 1870 in Jones Co.; died in 1945. Married Mina Etta McMurrin, daughter of John McMurrin and Margaret E. Johnson, November 14, 1894. Born February 8, 1875 near Morley, IA; died November 26, 1958. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
4Mina EHay18751958 
4Glenn V(ictor)Hay18981916  s/o William E & Mina E Hay. January 21, 1898-August 29, 1916. Drowned in the Wapsi river. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
4Mildred M(arguerite)Hay19011903  d/o William E & Mina E Hay. January 26, 1901=September 11, 1903. Choked on popcorn. d/o William E & Mina E Hay Photo: Charles R. Stivers
4J C EStingley01/25/189601/12/1897 s/o Claude D & Mina Melissa (Ryan) Stingley
4Elmer BStingley12/21/189401/09/1897  s/o Claude D & Mina Melissa (Ryan) Stingley
4Mina Melissa (Ryan)Stingley12/21/187712/21/1902 w/o Claude Stingley -d/o Lyman & Melissa (Cunningham) Ryan
4Joseph MByerly18681944 ss as Carrie C Byerly
4Carrie CByerly18641958 ss as Joseph M Byerly
4LeeByerly18921948 ss as Bernice Byerly
4BerniceByerly18971949 ss as Lee Byerly
4William LeeByerly7/24/19237/26/1923  
4J EugenePorter18901972 ss as Grace L Porter
4Dale FPorter19251939  
4LeRoy "Roy"Skeels18891975 ss as Mabel G "Grace"
4Mabel G "Grace"Skeels18881941 ss as LeRoy "Roy" Skeels
4John HSchladetzky19031973 ss as Geraldine Schladetzky - p/o Karen & Geralyn
5William O (or D)Todd18651892 ss as Hattie N Todd-s/o Wm & Margaret Todd
5Hattie NTodd18711940 ss as William O Todd
5Sadie EFeehan18741937  
5Howard ESwitzer07/30/189611/20/1896 s/o Fred E & Minnie (Fall) Switzer
5Fred ESwitzer18711949 s/o David & Christina (Lyon) Switzer
5Kate ESwitzer18781969 w/o Fred E Switzer -d/o J Wentz
5Fannie F (Newel)Blood 12/30/188063 yrsw/o Timothy L Blood
5Floyd MPorter18921968  
5Charles IrvingFall18741945  
5Harland EFall7/16/19003/28/1908 s/o Charles Irving & Cora Belle (Blood) Fall
5Cortice HMiner11/19/188311/7/1953  
5ClausSievers18541945 ss as Mary Sievers
5MarySievers18611956 ss as Claus Sievers
5Herman LHotz18971976 ss as Anita D Hotz-WWI - marr 2/6/1918-p/o Arlene, Emogene, & Robert
5Anita DHotz18981969 ss as Herman L Hotz - marr 02/06/1918 - p/o Arlene, Emogene, & Robert
5William RMartin18951976 ss as Gladys D Martin -- WWI
6ArthurBeam 12/25/189215y 9m 28ds/o Perry M & Elizabeth Beam
6AndrewByerly 7/10/190584y 8m 18d 
6Barbara A (___) BeamByerly 10/10/188464 yrsw/o Andrew Byerly & Joseph Beam
6Benj FByerly 12/30/187820y 7ms/o Andrew & Barbara Byerly
6Matthew CPorter08/26/182503/25/189973y 6m 29dss as Almira Porter
6Almira (Arnold)Porter07/30/18259/23/190378y 1m 23dss as Matthew C Porter -d/o John W & Almira Arnold
6Lucy AnnPorter09/27/185511/07/1856 d/o Matthew C & Almira (Arnold) Porter
6AmosPorter02/14/185902/17/1860 s/o Matthew C & Almira (Arnold) Porter
6AnnArnold 10/30/186068y 16dw/o John W Arnold - lived 1850 in Clarno, Green Co., WI
6Mary A (Graft)Porter10/27/185303/08/189440y 4m 22d 
6Minnie M "Malinda"Ireland10/29/188012/31/1885 d/o Benj F & Catherine (Lyons) Ireland
6Beulah BellIreland2/22/19028/11/1902  d/o Linus L & Jennie S (Hamilton) Ireland Photo: Kathryn Robinson Benson
6Jennie S (Hamilton)Ireland18601944  d/o William & Lorraine S (Bissell) Hamilton—s/o (Samuel) Purviance & Rebecca (Lyons) Ireland Photo: Kathryn Robinson Benson
6Linus LIreland18541940 
6Mary L (or S)Jeffries 04/16/187328y 7m 20d 
6Harvey DSwitzer18771932 ss as H "Blondie" (Laetare) Switzer
6Thomas EWhite18521934 Father -ss as Ann (Johnson) White
6Ann (Johnson)White18581946 Mother -ss as Thomas E White
6Fred WFolkers18681952 ss as Margaretha Folkers
6MargarethaFolkers18821963 ss as Fred W Folkers
6GeorgeFolkers19231950 WWII
6Marlene KayBabcock19361954  
6Otis WBabcock19091962 ss as Toni Babcock
6WilliamSievers18911972 ss as Elsa E Sievers -p/o Berniece, Glenn, Floyd, Lloyd, & Lucille
7Charles BByerly03/24/187408/12/1887  
7JohnByerly10/23/182411/3/1901 ss as Filicia Byerly
7FiliciaByerly 10/20/188245y 10m 7dss as John Byerly
7Maggie NByerly 01/21/18723y 6m 24dd/o John & Filicia Byerly
7Fanna SByerly 08/08/186710m 16dd/o John & Filicia Byerly
7DanielCarter18681872  s/o James & Rhoda J (Benadom) Carter Photo: Charles R. Stivers
7JamesCarter 1870  s/o James & Rhoda J (Benadom) Carter Photo: Charles R. Stivers
7John WmFall02/12/18497/26/1903 wife: Olive Porter
7W F "Frank"Fall18791944 ss as M Rosetta Fall
7M RosettaFall18891961 ss as W F "Frank" Fall
7 Fall12/28/188403/20/18861 yr 2m 23d 
7John ABenadom 02/05/189234y 6m 23d Son of William Benadom and Martha Byerly. Born 1858; died 1892. Married 1) Emma C. Porter, November 10, 1878. No children were born to this union. Married 2) Carrie A. Ryan, August 22, 1880, daughter of Lyman Ryan and Melissa Cunningham. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
7Emma GBenadom 02/02/187917y 11m 7dEmma C. Porter, w/o John A Benadom. Born 1862; died 1879.
7Minnie MaudBenadom06/04/188104/03/1881  Shared stone. Children of John A. Benadom and Carrie A. Ryan. Both died 1882? Photo: Charles R. Stivers
7Albert ClydeBenadom02/22/188112/07/1887 
7Mary Ellen (Benadom)Sweet 01/09/188623y 10m 12dw/o Nathaniel C Sweet -d/o William & Marths (Byerly) Benadom
7WilliamBenadom18131878  Son of George A. Benadom and Hannah Myers. Born 1813 in Gore, OH; died April 1878 in Jackson Twp. Married 1) Mary Ann Ebright, November 29, 1835, in Fairfield County, OH. Her father was Phillip Ebright. Married 2) Martha Byerly, daughter of Francis M. Byerly and Catherine Kramer, about 1842. Born January 23, 1823 in Fairfield County, OH; died July 4, 1911 in Jackson Township, Jones County, IA. martha married, second, George Pfeiffer. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
7Martha (Byerly)Benadom18221911 
UnkAlice Faith (Benadom)Westphal19211987  Daughter of Albert Otterbien Benadom and Mary Frances Corcoran. Born October 15, 1921; died April 21, 1987. Married Harold J. Westphal, January 3, 1942. He was born March 27, 1919 Photo: Charles R. Stivers
7Arthur BWhite18801943 ss as Mary E White
7Mary EWhite18791959 ss as Arthur B White
7Verner LJohnson18861969 s/o Richard B & Malinda C (Byerly) Johnson
7Myrtle E (Shield)Johnson18881978 w/o Verner L Johnson - d/o Jacob H & Mathilda (Crain) Shield
7Donald EJohnson19171966  
7Grace NJohnson19171967  
7Andy CNielsen19071973 ss as Ruth E Nielsen - s/o Andrew P & Alyena (Pries) Nielsen
8Elder Joseph HJohnson09/16/182902/26/1886 ss as Catharine Johnson
8CatharineJohnson09/15/182702/03/1882 w/o Elder Joseph H Johnson
8Nathan (Rev.)Potter10/26/183511/30/1908 born Licking Co., OH
8Clementine D (Demoss)Potter06/01/184006/19/1894 w/o Rev. Nathan Potter
8DellOlmsted18691927 Father - ss as Harold N & Mary C Olmsted
8Harold NOlmsted19051905 Baby - ss ass Mary C & Dell Olmsted
8Mary COlmsted18671948 Mother - ss as Harold N & Dell Omsted
8ElizabethAmbrose18061866 (1st burial in Antioch Cem)
8AdamKramer18321914 Father
8Catherine E (Mann)Kramer18391904 Mother-w/o of Adam Kramer
8Zell MKramer06/29/188509/02/1887 child of Adam & Catherine (Mann)Kramer
8Rufus HKramer06/19/186909/11/1870 son of Adam & Catherine (Mann) Kramer
UnkPreston HeadlyKramer 4/22/193458 ys/o Adam & Catharine (Mann) Kramer-per Anamosa Eureka obit.
8Lela VBeam 04/07/18822y 7m 28dd/o Daniel L & Catherine E (Benadom) Beam
8Margret EBeam 11/24/189020y 2m 20dd/o Daniel L & Catherine E (Benadom) Beam
8Joseph WBeam 08/02/18716y 5m 17ds/o Daniel L & Catherine E (Benadom) Beam
8James ABeam 11/05/18692m 16ds/o Daniel L & Catherine E (Benadom) Beam
8Daniel LBeam04/17/184004/19/1896 s/o Joseph and Barbara A Beam
8Catherine E (Benadom) Beam03/02/184712/1/1908 w/o Daniel L Beam - d/o Wm O & Martha (Byerly) Benadom
8ElizabethJohnson04/27/1856  ss as Ellen Johnson
8EllenJohnson05/02/184211/17/1914 ss as Elizabeth Johnson
8JohnJohnson 1/11/190491y 8m 21dss as Elizabeth Johnson ( died 11/19/1882)
8ElizabethJohnson 11/19/188265y 4m 7dss as John Johnson
8Mae/Mary E (Johnson) WhiteEdwards05/14/18902/29/1976 ss as Josephine (Johnson) Johnson - w/o Arthur B White - d/o Richard B & Melinda (Byerly) Johnson
8Josephine (Johnson)Johnson11/27/18943/21/1975 ss as Mae (Johnson) White Edwards
8John BJohnson04/25/184605/28/1895 Josephine's Father - GAR -s/o John & Elizabeth Johnson
8Mary (Johnson)Jackson18441920 w/o George Jackson -d/o John & Elizabeth Johnson
8GertrudeJackson18831909 d/o George & Mary (Johnson) Jackson
8CharlesJackson18751881 s/o George & Mary (Johnson) Jackson
8George AJackson18791941 s/o George & Mary (Johnson) Jackson
8Ernest AWeighles18951947  
8Annie EWeighles18741931 ss as Frank K Weighels
8Frank KWeighles18711952 ss as Annie E Weighels
8Roy AWeighles19001975  
8Zella IMeeks18941955 ss as Arthur R Meeks
8Arthur RMeeks18941956 ss as Zella I Meeks
8Newell KMeeks6/3/19284/17/1959  
8Terry KMeeks6/30/19584/23/1977  
8Allyssa NicholeChamnansarn 11/10/1933 d/o C P & C Chamnansarn
9sonHay04/23/188504/26/1885 s/o Lucius O & Lovie Hay
9dauHay04/23/188504/28/1885 d/o Lucius O & Lovie Hay
9Mary AHay 08/03/188410y 4m 6d Photo: Barbara Wright
9John LemuelStreeter12/23/185410/27/1939 s/o John M & Elizabeth (Devoe) Streeter
9Sarah S (Potter)Streeter12/26/18609/2/1910 w/o John Lemuel Streeter -d/o Nathan & Clementine (Demoss) Potter
9Gracie MStreeter11/20/189201/01/1897 d/o John Lemuel & Sarah S (Potter) Streeter
9HarryStreeter 11/16/1894 s/o John Lemuel & Sarah S (Potter) Streeter
9Mary IsabelStreeter05/12/18676/10/1910 w/o Lewis Streeter - d/o Geo. & Sarah E (Sherman) Hammond
9RoyalRussell18861971 s/o Richard S & Dora A (Grimm) Russell
9Blanche (Byerly)Russell*1 Oct 18851971 w/o Royal Russell; d/o William M. and Eliza (Waggoner) Byerly
9Robert LeeRussell*19271933 s/o Royal A & Blanche (Byerly) Russell
9Lillian BRussell*19061913 d/o Royal A & Blanche (Byerly) Russell
9HarveyNorthey 08/09/186822y 17d 
9GilbertMaxwell 02/26/1871  
9Harry WilliamShields18971918 s/o Jacob M & Mathilda "Tillie" (Crain) Shields - WWI
9Jacob MShields18521932  
9Mathilda "Tillie" (Crain)Shields18591916 w/o Jacob M Shields - d/o Joseph & Catherine (Ramage) Crain
9Hazel MarieShields18941910 d/o Jacob M & Mathilda "Tillie" (Crain) Shields
9John FShields18141887  
9Maria (Shields)McBeath 07/22/188617y 7m 7dw/o Daniel McBeth
9Catharine MEllis08/23/185008/16/1876 w/o William H Ellis
9William HEllis05/00/18409/9/1913  William served in Co K 24th IA Vol Inf—GAR. William and Jason share a stone. Photo: Barbara Wright
9William CNorton11/05/18879/6/1974 ss as Harmie R Norton -p/o Lucille & William
9Harmie RNorton08/31/18871/25/1957 ss as William C Norton - p/o Lucille & William
9Frank PIreland18631937 ss as Ada M Ireland
9Ada MIreland18641950 ss as Frank P Ireland
9Daniel SEllison18851968 ss as Blanche & Raymond Ellison
9RaymondEllison19111960 ss as Daniel S & Blanche Ellison
9Leonard ECalloway18901959 ss as Mara L Calloway - WWI
9Mara LCalloway18971963 ss as Leonard E Calloway
9Chester EMiller18951959 ss as Beulah I Miller - WWI
9Glen A Russell*19051973 s/o Royal A & Blanche (Byerly) Russell
10Warren WSmith 11/30/187115y 9m 12d 
10Sarah (Holmes)Whittaker17921870  
10SusanDial 06/21/187763y 3m 16dw/o Andrew Dial
10Robert WLyon03/28/180811/14/188577y 7m 17d Born in Kentucky Photo: Kathryn Robinson Benson
10DamarisLyon 05/12/188375y 7m 23d w/o Robert W Lyon Photo: Kathryn Robinson Benson
10Caroline (Anderson)Lyon 05/19/187538 y married 1854 in Champaign Co., IL to Wm Ambrose Lyon Photo: Kathryn Robinson Benson
10William AmbroseLyon06/27/18325/12/1900 s/o Robert W & Damaris (Rivers) Lyon -- "died in Madison Co, IA & returned to lie beside Caroline Lyon in Antioch Cem." per obit.
10Damaris Christena (Lyon)Switzer18461907 ss as David L & Noble Switzer—d/o Robert W & Damaris Lyon
10Noble CSwitzer18861887 ss as David L & Damaris (Lyon) Switzer
10MollieHayden178603/28/187083 y 
10Robert IEdwards19051957 ss as Roe Jean Edwards
10Marie KCook19041976 ss as Budd R Cook
10Emery PWood19111969 ss as Hazle R Wood
10Hazle RWood19161972 ss as Emery P Wood
10Marie GraceWood19521970  
10Arthur DWood19551972  
11GlenWright09/28/189602/08/1897 s/o F & M Wright
11sonWright03/04/189303/21/1893 s/o W C & E J Wright
11HassanMonroe02/19/179704/22/1890  Parents of Samuel Valentine Monroe Photo: Charles R. Stivers
11Olive LMonroe 12/10/187575y 6m 5d
11WillieLandis 05/02/18872m 12ds/o John & Naoma Landis
11NaomaLandis 03/18/188724y 9m 10dw/o John Landis -Is this Noami Spreys of Jackson Co., IA? (She was Naoma/Naomi (Johnson) Landis, born in 1851 in Alexander, Athens County, Ohio, several census records. I have a copy of their Iowa marriage record. Cay Spicocchi)
11AbrahamLandis 05/05/187566y 3m 7dwife#1: Esther Barr wife #2: Mary Mory
11IsaacHay10/19/182311/03/1896  ss as Dartha Hay Photo: Barbara Wright
11Joseph HHay 06/27/187416y 11m s/o Isaac & Dartha Hay Photo: Barbara Wright
11Henry AHolmes18791960 ss as Dora G Holmes
11Dora GHolmes18841960 ss as Henry A Holmes
11Ralph EHolmes19011966  
11Leigh (Grover)Lint4/27/19119/18/1960 IA CCM USNR - WWII
11Albert LLake11/16/18918/15/1971 ss as Clara Lake
11ClaraLake10/13/188612/8/1969 ss as Albert L Lake
11Bertle BCross19091960 ss as Augusta H Cross
11Chester VCross19411968  
11Susan KayAnthony6/5/19626/6/1967  
12Amanda (Kimball)Benadom18461876  Wife of James S. Benadom. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
12Frank MarionBenadom18801956  Son of William O. Bendadom and Margaret Anne Jamison. Born January 25, 1880 in Jones Co; died 1956 in Jones Co. Married Blanche M. Clark, daughter of Wilbur Clark and Susan West. Born 1884; died 1954. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
12Blanche (Clark)Benadom18841954 ss as Frank Marion Benadom -d/o Wilbur & Susan (West) Clark
12AxelPetterson07/01/18771/18/1908 USA Navy Coxswain - Spanish American War
12Sarah AMcFarling 04/12/187964y 4m 5dw/o James McFarling
12Stella MyrtleKramar07/19/188912/23/1890 baby
12MichaelByerly07/08/181807/10/1896 Father
12ElizabethByerly05/06/181512/22/1900 Mother
12Lizzie IByerly 07/12/187519y 4m d/o Michael & Elizabeth Byerly
12ArlandoHay05/12/184704/11/1898 Father
12Lulu EthelHay 12/30/18807 wks 3d d/o Arlando W & D L Hay Photo: Barbara Wright
12IsaacMerrill 02/23/189560y 8m 6d 
12Caroline J (Annis)Merrill 4/19/192075y 8m 5dw/o Isaac Merrill
12James ESwitzer18821930  
12Benjamin JSwitzer18411912  GAR Photo: Steve Hanken
12Sarah JSwitzer18481916  Sarah J. Sherman. Born 1848; died 1916. Married Benjamin Switzer on September 8, 1867. His parents may have been William Daniel Switzer, born October 1824, and Mary Purbaugh, born May 1827. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
12Mary FChur06/22/187207/29/1898 w/o John Chur --d/o Benj J & Sarah J Switzer
12Hosea AlphaSwitzer03/09/188511/28/1892 s/o Benj J & Sarah J Switzer
12Clifford BHotz08/17/189202/20/1899 s/o H G & M F Hotz
12Leander ASwitzer18791960  
12Mary Hope (Chew)Lyon18441920  Shared stone. John Wesley was the s/o Robert W & Damaris (Rivers) Lyon Photo: Kathryn Robinson Benson
12John WesleyLyon18371899 
12Harold LeeSwitzer19001968  
12Levi JosephLint11/13/190811/11/1964 IA Sgt Btry C 428 Armed Fa Bn - WWII
12David SMeisel1/8/19018/21/1969  
13Albert O.Benadom18871981  Albert Otterbien Benadom. Born March 20, 1887; died September 28, 1981 in Spokane, WA, son of William O. Benadom and Margaret Anne Jamison. Married February 22, 1909, Mary Frances Corcoran, daughter of John Corcoran and Marie Pike. Born September 21, 1889; died June 16, 1976 in Anamosa. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
13Mary FBenadom18891976 
13Anna (Jamison)Benadom18591889  Margaret Anne Jamison, daughter of Samuel Jamison and Mary McMahon, first wife of William O. Benadom. Born April 19, 1859; died January 8, 1889.Photo: Charles R. Stivers
13William OBenadom18521924  Son of William Benadom and Martha Byerly. Born August 1852 in Iowa; died 1924 in Jones Co. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
13Elizabeth (Mattison)Benadom18591949  Second wife of William O. Benadom. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
13Edwin TBrickley09/21/18689/28/1901 ss as Ella Brickley
13EllaBrickley01/12/18723/17/1962 ss as Edwin T Brickley
13Jeremiah HBrickley18701951 ss as Delilah A Brickley
13Delilah ABrickley18731967 ss as Jeremiah H Brickley
13Karen KayShover 8/2/1956 ss as Sharon Lea Shover
13Sharon LeaShover 7/6/1953 ss as Karen Kay Shover
13Paul EMeeks19261926  
13Doris BMeeks19251925  
13Ivan RMeeks19241924  
13Richard BJohnson18481920  
13Malinda C (Byerly)Johnson18511943 w/o Richard B Johnson
13Oscar BertusByerly18721907  
13 Johnson18961896 s/o Richard B & Melinda C (Byerly) Johnson
13William MByerly18541924 ss as Eliza W Byerly
13Eliza WByerly18571948 ss as William M Byerly
13Lillian BByerly18961942  
13Jennie MByerly18871898 d/o William M & Eliza W Byerly
13J ChesterTourtellot18801945 WWI - ss as Floy B Tourtellot
13Floy BTourtellot18821972 ss as J Chester Tourtellot
13J RoyDuncan18811965 ss as Bessie Duncan
13BessieDuncan18881957 ss as J Roy Duncan
13Dean RDuncan19171976  
13 Duncan19121912 s/o J Roy & Bessie Duncan
13OrleyZimmer 08/12/18803y 3m 21ds/o G & B Zimmer
13Minnie BZimmer 10/12/18828m 4d 
13Charles FZimmer18501917  
13Jennie IZimmer18591942  
13Mabel MOzburn18801950 ss as Thomas J Ozburn
13Thomas JOzburn18741959 ss as Mabel M Ozburn
13Abbie JAnkeny 02/21/18797 yd/o A & E Ankeny
13George WAnkeny 02/17/18795y 7m 5ds/o A & E Ankeny
13Sylvestus ABurkey18951965  
13Tressa MBurkey18971962  
13Lloyd PMartens19131966 WWII - ss as Lucille M Martens
13Lucille MMartens19201968 ss as Lloyd P Martens
13James APostel18991966  
13Asa RayTarbox19021967 ss as Edna May Tarbox
13David MeyersRemington2/23/19754/21/1975 s/o John & Carla Remington
14AllieLandis 4/8/1956  
14MiloStickley 2/26/1957  
14JohnLandis18491941 s/o Abraham & Esther (Barr) Landis
14Nora M (Byerly)Landis18701941 w/o John Landis -d/o Alvin & Emmarilla (Beam)Byerly
14John AWaggoner18661901  
14William SSmith18751942 ss as Ollie Harriet (Waggoner) Smith
14Ollie Harriet (Waggoner)Smith18751944 ss as William S Smith
14Archie HByerly07/28/18715/21/1906  
14William JByerly09/23/18649/6/1935  
14Ray GMeredith18851971 ss as Ivy C Meredith
14Ivy CMeredith18941977 ss as Ray G Meredith
14Fred ABills18621926  
14Sarah J (French)Bills18661950 w/o Fred A Bills
14Ruth EBills19081940  
14Phoeba AByerly18421926  
14FrankyByerly 03/26/187816ds/o Jacob & Phoeba A Byerly
14FrancisByerly 03/24/187814ds/o Jacob & Phoeba A Byerly
14Becky KayBurkey2/18/19623/10/1962 d/o Jack & Marlys Burkey
14Joseph LSoper19091973 ss as Marie Soper
14MarieSoper19081976 ss as Joseph L Soper
15 DewittMeeks18931929 ss as Ina E Meeks
15Ina EMeeks18971953 ss as Dewitt Meeks
15Ernest EdwardJohnson07/30/188712/6/193549 yFather
15William GrovesMcGowan19031962 ss as Patricia (Benadom) McGowan
15Patricia (Benadom)McGowan19071975 ss as William Groves McGowan
15Ruth EGrafft19161968 ss as Wm Dale Grafft
15Thomas DOzburn9/25/19162/7/1972 IA Pvt US Army - WWII
15Mabell (Andrew)Sears18901961  
15Alonzo FranklinZimmer18886/9/193242 ywife: Pearl
15Walter GReese19011962 ss as Marcella H Reese
16Julius MLarrimore19171970 ss as Mary J Larrimore
16Alfred TMoore19021970 ss as Katharine W Moore
16Steven RPetersen19521970  
16Loren LHankemeier11/29/19421/12/1974 ss as John B & Lillian Hankemeier
16Wilma GPaulson19041973  
17HollisFord18991972 ss as Jennie Ford
17JennieFord18981973 ss as Hollis Ford
17MargaretSchellin19101978 ss as Howard Schellin
18Shirley (Ahl)Bendixen8/23/19322/3/1973 ss as Hans C Bendixen
UnkIsaac NewtonMerrill05/10/183402/23/189560 ywife: Caroline J Annis—buried here per Anamosa Eureka obit.
WPA Record shows the following individuals buried in Antioch Cemetery, but their stones cannot be found:
 AnnArmstrong  10/30/186068 y  
 H. M.Byerly  7/30/193470 y  
 MontaFall 18821928  s/o John & Olive (Porter) Fall—wife: Daisy Blood (d/o Orrin & Sarah (Ireland) Blood)
 M. R.Landis     possibly - Miles R Landis b 1892 died 1925-1934 -- son of John & Nora M (Byerly) Landis. (Miles Ray Landis died in Apr 1948 and was buried in the Antioch Cemetery according to his obituary. His wife, Alice (Stickley) Landis died in 1956 and is supposed to be buried there also. Cay Spicocchi)
 MarthaLandis 1852191663y 11m 10d "The funeral was conducted . . . at the Antioch church, Saturday morning. The remains were laid away in the cemetery near at hand . . ." (Cay Spicocchi would like additional info.)
* Thanks to Elizabeth & Lillian Byerly for assistance with the Russell entries.

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