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AKA Moore, Sumner

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Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed by Eric Huffstutler. Information in (parantheses) has been added from other sources. Maiden names appear in [brackets].

Row 1
ClarkJohn (J.)12/28/18241/1/1887Born in OH
ClarkElizabeth [Brinkhoffer]12/2/18284/26/1899Born in PA - married Jones Co. 6/26/1856
FergusonRose [Clark]18671914 
HahnLawrence J.12/21/19056/26/1995 
ScottHoward M.(8/2/1861)2/12/188523y 6m 10d - s/o N.B. & M.J. - born PA
MorseThomas E. (Ephraim)(8/17/1823)10/21/187855 y - wife: Roxanna [Buck]
StowellLaeta R.18671872d/o Joseph G. & Anna [Morse] Stowell
MorseWillie A.18621862 
?Eben R.18641865 
BuckLydia S. [Kimball]1/15/18417/9/186726y 5m 24d - wife of John Buck
Row 2
ScottLaura G. 1/1856Infant - d/o M.G. & M.J.
ScottJerome B.(2/16/1829)11/17/188657y 8m 29d - born in IN, wife: Nancy Jane [Barton]
ScottMarion E.(6/12/1862)6/22/186210 d - s/o J.B. & N.J.
ScottJohn D.(1803)8/28/185552 y - Born in KY
WhittedJohn S.(9/4/1836)8/5/187538y 11m 1d
WhittedMartha Ann(6/4/1823)9/14/187754y 3m 10d - wife of J.S.
WhittedEmily Ann/Jane(4/25/1844)3/8/186116y 10m 13d - d/o John S. & Martha A.
MorseFrancis M. (5/13/1864)Memorial: Our Sons…Francis killed at Reshan, GA share with brother James M. - CW Vet.
MorseJames M.(11/3/1847)5/6/187325y 6m 3d - s/o David & Maranda
Morse?unreadable 188xThompson & Delbert Morse alive in 1885
CrouchBenjamin(1776)1/1/185680y - Born in MA
CrouchElizabeth [Rearick]12/7/17849/28/1865wife of Benjamin (first married to John Mead Morse)
MitchellPhillip(May) 18111902Born in VT
MitchellJudith18091866his wife (Phillip)
LaudeRaymond E.(7/16/1885)3/16/18868m
Valkers (or Valley)James(4/23/1813)12/1/189380y 7m 8d
Row 3
ClarkJoseph6/18/18203/16/188161y (2 stones)
ClarkMatilda C. [Spencer]2/11/18229/14/1914 
ClarkPerry R.(6/9/1850)11/1/18555y 4m 22d - s/o J. & M.C.
ClarkWilliam S.(9/14/1848)12/1/18502y 2m 17d - s/o J. & M.C.
EldridgeElvin(after 1860)5/26/186x8y 19d - s/o John M. & Laura A. [Backus]
EldridgeRosa E.(after 1860) 2y 10m 12d - sister to Phebe
EldridgePhebe A.(1853)186613y 8m 7d - d/o John M. & Laura A. [Backus]
EldridgeElijah O.1847186215y 15d - s/o John M. & Laura A. [Backus]
EldridgeFrederick A.(12/19/1859)10/1/18622y 9m 13d - John M. & Laura A. [Backus]
LathropDorothy H.(2/14/1813)3/18/185744y 1m 4d - wife of Joshua S.
NeilJames Franklin(6/1/1853)12/18/186512y 6m 17d - s/o J. & S.
DarlingAmanda H.(1846)6/9/18482y - d/o Albert W. & Charlotte M.
ShearOrrin P.7/29/18694/1/1893Born NY - s/o Milton & Elizabeth [Swartzont]
Row 4
ClarkJoshua R.(1807)1/4/188173y - born in OH
ClarkCaroline M. [Spencer](March 1824)5/13/185833y 2m - second wife of J.R. - born in PA
MarvinLewis C.(1841)9/25/185514y - s/o A.H. & Ann M. [Rogers]
MarvinWilliam R. (Robert)(July 1843)3/27/186319y 8m - s/o A.H. & Ann M. [Rogers], died at Vicksburg, VA - 31st IA Vol I.
MarvinW. (William) R. (Robert)(1806)12/6/186155y - born in CT (1860 census says born c.1809) - brother to A.H.?
HigbyEnoch Ives(2/10/1863)9/16/18637m 6d infant s/o George & Elizabeth C. (death could be 1855)
HigbyEnoch(8/24/1774)4/26/186388y 8m 2d - of New Hartford, Oneida Co., NY
MooreWilliam(7/18/1797)1/6/187577y 5m 19d - born in Isle of Man - wife (1) Ann, died 1838 Dubuque; (2) Elvira Neal
WaterhouseNorman A.(1828)(bet 1870-1880)No dates on stone, born in NY - Co. E, 31st IA Inf.
GatesMary I.(Oct 1859?)11/6/18623y 1m - d/o George M. & Catherine (could be 16 y) - July 1860 census does not show her.
GatesEstella(3/4/1858-59)9/25/1860-612y 6m 21d - d/o George M. & Catherine (could be 3y) - July 1860 census does not show her.
GatesCatherine(1825)2/11/186631/39y 2m - wife of George M. Gates - 1860 census says age 35
RearickIsaac M.6/27/18515/15/1853 
RearickMary A.4/26/184911/18/1860 
RearickAaron A.3/19/18603/25/1862 
RearickHenrietta A. [Orcutt](10/28/1824)6/18/189065y 7m 21d - wife of William R.
RearickWilliam R.(Nov 1821)(bet 1900-1910)No dates on stone, born in IN -Co. D, 2nd IA Vol 1861-1865 - name also spelled Rarick everyone in Jones County 1860 spelled that way.
RearickIda V.12/30/187412/25/1882d/o Robert & Susan
Cement wall around the following 5 graves.
BrunthaverJohn A.1/17/18337/29/191683y 6m 10d single
BrunthaverJessie M.2/27/18402/29/1855Could be spelled Jesse
BrunthaverElizabeth5/18/180310/15/1865Mother - widowed by 1856
BrunthaverHenry C.1/7/18225/13/190785y single - s/o Martin & Mary [Clark]
AinsworthBenjamin(6/23/1817)8/13/186750y 1m 20d (note says born 1812)
Ainsworth(infant son)(7/21/1865)9/11/18651m 21d
Ainsworth(infant son) 8/20/1860-661m 21d - s/o William & Maria E.
OrcuttJoseph(July 1822)12/14/185533y 5m - wife: Mary Ann Rearick, married 9/14/1845 St. Joseph Co., IN - born in OH
RearickThomas8/24/18233/22/191086y 6m 28d - born at South Bend, IN
RearickRhoda [Clark]6/12/18345/30/1906Wife of Thomas - d/o Joel & Amanda [Dolph]
RearickJasper N.12/27/18502/3/191261y 1m 7d - s/o Thomas & Patience
RearickPatience (Ella) [Orcutt]3/6/18275/24/1854First wife of Thomas married 8/27/1844 in IN
WrightMary(5/4/1812)10/4/186250y 5m
GleasonMrs. Lucinda [Wright](2/11/1805)10/22/187671y 8m 11d - born in NY
MerrimanMary M. (Ann) [Wright]ca. 184408/17/1863Born Ohio; wife of Franklin; married Jones Co. 4/25/1860 at about 16 yrs.
MerrimanFranklin(8/1/1826)7/26/188255y 11m 25d
MerrimanFrank(10/20/1874)11/7/187418d infant s/o Franklin and Annie (Young) Merriman
Merriman(infant daughter) 08/24/1863d/o Franklin and Mary M. (Wright) Merriman
MerrimanElizabeth17991865Wife of Jesse M. - age 55 in 1856 census
MerrimanJesse M.17901875Born in NY
FarragherNellie18671873d/o C. (Clucus) & Mary [Merriman]
(There is no Row 5)
Row 6
Unreadable momument  2 names - the ____ of E___or, ___ wife & mother b. Aug 1866? d. ___
ShepardB. A.(3/24/1813)1/13/186450y 9m 20d - born in NY (male) - listed as Shephard on 1860 census. Listed as B.A. Shirard on WPA 6/13/1869
HighAnna W.(8/21/1855)10/11/18627y 1m 21d - d/o Daniel & Abigail who are living in Webster City, IA 1880
HendersonHenry Jerome4/13/188711/2/1932IA Pvt. 137 Inf. 35th Div. WWI - born in Canada
HendersonHonora [McLaughlin]  No dates on stone
HendersonHenry2/16/1824(11/22/1891)Civil War Vet.
BennettLydia [Birdsall](12/1)18131862Wife of Joseph Bennett (1809-1894) who died in Boone Co., NY. Came to IA with son Phineas bennett (1839-1929) who died in Mt. Ayr, IA.
HendersonEtta D.18591898 
HendersonJohn J.18541937 
PeakWilliam W.(c.1840)(6/1865)Corp. Co. B 4th IA Cav. - s/o Thomas J. & Rebecca M. [Beardsley]. Family listed as Park on 1860 census. Parents Thomas and Rebecca were first couple married in Jones Co.
BeardsleyElspeth [Grant](2/2/1792)10/7/184048y 5m 8d - w/o Benajah - second cousin to Gen. (later President) Grant family.
BeardsleyHarriet A.(4/3/1820)6/16/183717y 2m 13d - d/o Elspeth
BeardsleyMary Ann(1799)8/15/186061y - w/o Benajah (stone broken) - Born in NY
VarvalRebecca M. (Margaret)(1/20/1847)8/26/18477m 6d - infant d/o Daniel & Margaret E. [Beardsley]
SheridanJohn J.(1839)6/22/187233y - husband of Bridget [Shannon]
Row 7
GlazierAlmira4/5/181011/11/1863Born in Johnson, VT
GlazierEnos12/30/18368/30/1862s/o Almira - born in Johnson, VT
ThompsonJ. C.(11/4/1815)3/19/188064y 4m 15d. His wife was Noami Cramer, dau of Abraham Kline Cramer & Susan Price.
Thompson(infant son)  No dates on stone. s/o J. C. & Noami Cramer Thompson.
CramerAbraham K. (Kline)2/25/179711/20/1873s/o Frederick & Elizabeth [Willett] - also husband to Susan [Price] (1875-1828). She died in Trumbull Co., OH.
CramerMatilda P. [Pierce]1/28/180612/8/1877Wife of Abraham
Row 8
HowieCharlotte E. [Quambley]5/12/18352/28/1873Wife of Hugh - also seen as Charlene Twamley
HowieJ. Isabel(6/12/1867)10/6/186811m 28d - infant d/o H. & C.
HowieSarah(3/1/1861)5/1/187716y 2m - d/o R. & M.
HowieMary [Springer](2/16/1837)12/21/186831y 10m 5d - wife of Robert
HowieRobert (H.)11/1/18291/14/1909Husband of Mary - (Father) - born in Scotland
KetchumManley W.(11/3/1858)4/3/18667y 5m - s/o George W. & Ann E.
KetchumFrank E.(2/4/1863)8/26/18641y 6m 22d - s/o George W. & Ann E.
GalliganJames(1852)2/23/189542y - age 5 in 1860 census - s/o Thomas & Nancy [Stevenson]
GalliganJohn(1837)4/16/188851y 10m - could be 4/10 born in NY - s/o Thomas & Nancy [Stevenson] - 1880 census says born c.1841.
SumnerHannah A.(9/18/1852)10/12/186210y 23d - d/o Samuel & Caroline
RigbySamuel18521930s/o Joseph & Mary [Spears] - married 9/2/1888
RigbyMyra A. [Smith]18681955d/o Wm. Frank & Mary [Wooster] - wife of Samuel
RigbyEdward(1902)3/7/19031y infant
Row 9
KordesFrederick C.(5/7/1838)10/19/186830y 5m 12d - also spelled Cordes - born in Germany
KordesJohann(10/30/1867)8/21/18689m 22d infant s/o Frederick & Ann
KordesHeinrich(10/19/1845)3/2/186822y 4m 14d
ClarkSamuel D.(8/21/1844)2/23/186318y 6m 2d - s/o Enoch & M. O. - died at Helena, AR 24th IA Vol. - transcription says died 1867
Clark(infant) 4/1/1860 
ButterfieldRev. George D.9/5/18107/15/1872Ordained Congregational Minister 6/5/1839 - C.W. 61-65, 37th IA Inf. Co. K & E. - born in NH
ButterfieldMark(c.1848)(bet 1860-1870)s/o George & Fannie [White]
ButterfieldFannie B. [White]9/24/18104/2/1871Wife of George - born in NH - census show her as Fanny B.
ButterfieldMary  No dates on stone
AllenAlvairo(7/27/1872)10/18/18722m 22d infant s/o Wood & P. W. [Rearick?]
AllenMattie (Matilda J.)(12/21/1866)8/30/18725y 8m 19d infant d/o Lucius J. & Harriet [Ely]
OrcuttStephen M.2/15/18203/18/1905Born in OH
QuaintanceSusan A.6/6/18855/4/1889d/o Morris A. & Clarinda "Clara" [Orcutt] - Clara d/o Stephen & Susan
OrcuttSusan [Adams]8/1/18197/1/1894Wife of Stephen M. - born in PA
Row 10
SmithWilliam Franklin8/12/18447/20/1924Born in Ireland
SmithMary A. [Wooster]6/3/18464/9/1895Wife of Wm. Franklin - married 1/1/1863
EvensGrace(January) 18841905d/o John & Cornelia - born in Iowa
EvensJohn(January) 18471907Blacksmith at Downerville - born in Wales
EvensCornelia [Graham]18526/29/1894Wife of John - sister of Chester Graham
WhiteA. Mary(1859)10/8/187010y 11m __d - d/o William & Mary - only child close to age for this couple in 1870 census is a Cora H., age 9.
HolmesMarjorie [Taylor](11/30) 1902(March) 1983Married 12/2/1922 in Anamosa, IA - wife of John P.
HolmesJohn (Paul)(12/20/1892)(1/25/1959)IA Sgt. Base Hospital 15, WWI - died in Marshalltown, IA - s/o George H. & Maria [Jaecklin]
HolmesGeorge H.(Horatio)(8/17/1860)2/9/190342y 5m 23d - other databases shows born 5/4/1860 in Clayton Co., IA.
The following stones are piled between 2 trees on the east end of the cemetery.
SheridanMary M.(7/26/1868)8/29/18685 weeks old infant d/o John J. & Bridget [Shannon] - twin to James
SheridanJames(7/26/1868)7/27/18681 day old infant s/o John J. & Bridget [Shannon] - twin to Mary M.
SheridanFrank (Francis H.)(April) 18701937(no marker) - born in Cedar Co., IA - 1900-10 census says born 1874. - always lived with his mother.
SheridanBridget C. [Shannon](May 1854)(bet 1910-1920)Mother of Frank (no marker) - married John J. 7/16/1867 - born in Ireland
MarvinAlbert J.(2/5/1858)8/5/18591y 6m - s/o W.R. & Mary A.
Marvin(no name)  No dates on stone - s/o Wm. & A. R.
BeardsleyRosilia J.(12/5/1834)3/26/185722y 3m 21d - w/o F. E. (or F. F.)
Evens(infant)(6/11/1910)6/24/191013 day old infant of Henry & Mary [Marck]
The following individuals are buried in Castle Grove Baptist per the WPA Gravestone Record, but no stones can be found:
ClarkAnnette F.9/12/18836/1/1902 
DempseyJohn188510/5/1934(May be John Edward Dempsey born 1885, s/o Charles & Elizabeth [Tobin] of Dubuque).
FarrellAlice18277/22/1899(single) - born in Ireland
FogertyNancy(1813)2/4/188975y - wife of William - born in Ireland c.1817
FogertyWilliam(1823)1/28/189575y - born in Ireland - listed at Buffalo Twp., Linn Co. in 1870 and 1880 census born c.1817
LangMary E. 5/6/1890(Likely is Mary E. Lang, d/o widowed Alice in 1880 Richland census - Mary born c.1859).
MurphyMary A.(1808)3/22/187162y - wife of Patrick, both born in Ireland
SageEleanor(1787)8/29/185669y - may be part of the unreadable monument on Row 6 with 2 names on it, one is E___or.

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