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Cady Cemetery
Wyoming Twp.
Section 16

AKA Pleasant Ridge

Photo: Steve White

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Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed by Joanne Wilken. She says, "Every since I noticed the "thin" listing you have at the website, it has bugged me. My 3rd great grandfather is buried there.The cemetery was walked in the 1980s, but has been restored in recent years. There are no cemetery records surviving. It is an old, lovely country cemetery. When I go to decorate graves this spring (love that word), I will try to remember to take a picture for you."

1Miss (Mary A)Cady1844about 1861 Stone is inside gate to the right and says "Miss Cady 1844." We have always known that 1844 is too early for a burial here. This burial must be Mary Cady born 1844 VT. She was the daughter of Enos W Cady (b 1/26/1813 Waterbury, VT d 1905) and Harriet Lyman (d1885). Enos W Cady's parents were Jason and Eleanor (Coffin) Cady.
1TrumanEastman03/29/186267 yrs 2 Mos 19 days
1ElizaEastman09/27/188678 yrs 9 mos 15 days
1Daniel CEastman05/26/1869(or 1867) 27 yrs 1 mo 6 days
2ClarenceMilnerSergt Co G Reg 2 US Cav- Sp Am War-(son of Wm Milner b NY?)
2Phebe MilnerFord12/23/188758 yrs 10 mos 8 days -w/o Charles A Milner & John Ford
2Charles AMilner10/29/182902/16/1863 34 yrs 8 mos 12 daysówife: Phebe Milner-GAR - died St Louis Photo: Steve Hanken
2Herbert ARandall12/09/18576 hoursós/o O G & Phidelia S Randall
3SylvesterHaight106/26/186959 yrs 8 mos 20 days
3Hiram HHaight12/09/185920 yrs 9 mos 9 daysóonly son of S & E G Haight
3A BWoodard01/22/188988 yrs 1 mo
3HannahWoodard02/15/189089 yrs 9 mos 15 days-w/o A B Woodward
3Mary Eliz.Trimble04/16/18671 yr 1 mos 3 days- dau of Walter & E Trimble
3FrankSanford08/18/186611 mos 13 daysóson of B R & E Sanford
3A SBenton
3Mary Eliz.Trimble04/16/18671 yr 11 mos 1 day -dau of M & A Trimble(this may be a duplication)
3WalterTrimble1/04/187356 yrs 1 mo
3Wylie VTempleton18761930wife: Jessie Heath - They lived in Jackson Co.
4Kay ETasker5/25/19479/8/1991w/o Hugh N Tasker-marr 07/04/1970-parent of Kimberly & Nancy
4Hugh NTasker5/7/1947parent of Kimberly & Nancy- marr 07/04/1970
4WilliamTebo18381918wife: Harriet S Tebo
4E D (or G)Tebo04/07/184711/18/1912
4Mary VTebo06/23/187864 yrs 11 mosów/o Henry Tebo
4HenryTebo08/16/187864 yrs 10 mos 1 day
4Cora MaySaum? 12/24/18745 yrs 2 days -(d/o Nicholas & Philena (Dewey) Saum????)
4RebeccaDickerson11/13/187047 yrs 3 mos 12 days -w/o Daniel M Dickerson
4Dorothy ETasker9/30/1934w/o John N Taskeróparent of Tom John & Catherine Tasker
4John NTasker8/4/19276/17/1987WWIIóparent of Tom John & Catherine Tasker
4Esther Sessions10/28/18662 yrs 3 mos- d/o A & A Sessions
4Sadie ETasker18911965w/o Neil R Tasker
4Neil RTasker18891973
4Minnie AnnTasker18661943w/o John F Tasker
4John FTasker18631939
4Ann ABillsInf dau of Oliver J & Mary (Faucett)Bills
4Minnie LBillsInf dau of Oliver J & Mary (Faucett)Bills
4LulaBillsInf dau of Oliver J & Mary (Faucett)Bills
4Oliver JBills12/13/188366 yrs 13 mos
4Mary (Faucett)Bills182810/30/190981 yrsóborn England -w/o Oliver J Bills
4Hannah IBills11/18/186780 yrs 9 mos 15 daysów/o of the late Amos Bills
4Millard EBaker03/13/18631 yr 1 dayóson of F & E(or L) Baker
5Robert KTasker18931969WWI
5Elizabeth ATasker18981988
5Emma "Bea"Tasker19151978WWII -w/o Paul W Tasker
5Paul WTasker19141981WWII
5Ida (Jones)Tasker19121999w/o Donovan Neil Tasker
5Donovan Neil Tasker19171992 
5Margaret O (Deischer)Eichhorn6/29/192011/13/1997w/o John H Eichhorn -marr 1/10/1943-p/o Phillip, James, Lois, Patricia, Peter & Douglas
5John HEichhorn4/13/191810/2/2002Marr 1/10/1943-p/o Phillip, James, Lois, Patricia, Peter & Douglas
5Louis LKouba19181985p/o Richard and Sue Ann
5Betty JeanKouba1921 w/o Louis Kouba - p.o Richard & Sue Ann
5Phyllis JaneWynkoop2/25/1928 w/o Leonard H Wynkoop--marr 06/151947 - p/o Marrianne, Brenda, Susan, Todd & Timm
5Leonard HWynkoop10/31/1926 marr 06/15/1947-p.o Marrianne, Brenda, Susan, Todd, & Timm
5William EGoarcke18901976 
5R BlancheGoarcke18921972w/o William E Goarcke
5William MGoarcke18531938 
5Emma A (Woods)Goarcke18561938w/o William M Goarcke
5John BJohnston 04/08/187039 yrs 10 mo 9 days
5 Johnston??? 07/09/187819 days
5Eliphales YWoods181803/02/189275 yrs 11 days
5Hannette (Fairchild)Woods09/14/189981 yrs-w/o Eliphales Y Woods-mother of Forham Woods & Emma (Woods) Goarcke
5Freddie JHarris 07/22/18692yr 5 mos s/o E R (R B?) & M E Harris
5Helen FBrookfield 02/21/187031 yrs 5 mos 10 days -w/o W Brookfield
5Phoebe LBrookfield08/13/18737 yrsódau of Hiram L & Frances H Brookfield
5Willie HBrookfield 09/23/18642 yrs 11 mos - s/o Hiram L & Frances H Brookfield
5John FGould(son of Hiram T & Sarah Gould? Born 1840 died after 1860)
5Alice MayCarpenter02/09/18602 yrs 8 mos 10 daysód/o Charles & Nancy M Carpenter
5Charles HCarpenter10/31/1867 39 yrs 4 mos 29 daysóGAR-wife Nancy M remarried to Elijah Pangburn Photo: Steve Hanken
5Francis MRumery03/20/185421 yrs
5EddyRumery09/25/18654 yrsóson of S C & H E Rumery
5EvaRumery 08/30/18619 mos 22 days
6Mary (Dvorak)Tasker18881926
6RebeccaFilby08/2/189073 yrs (or 78 yrs) 10 mos-born England-w/o William Filby
6WilliamFilby09/18/1861 49 yrsóGAR Photo: Steve Hanken
6Elizabeth JEdwards01/22/1899 or 18901yr l mo 12 daysódau of Edwin J & Edna Mae (Dewitt) Edwards
6MarthaBabcock01/29/183310/29/1862w/o C Babcock
6Elmer ABabcock03/14/186009/13/1861son of C & Martha Babcock
6Martha SBabcock10/07/186211/12/1862dau of C & Martha Babcock
6Mary B (Gilbert)Babcock01/23/18265/19/1908w/o C Babcock
6Lena H (or Lida)Babcock01/14/187793 yrs 11 mos 7 daysów/o Eugene Babcock
6Harry CBabcock08/20/18775(?) mos 9 days-son of E M & L H (or D) Babcock
6ClarenceIngle09/05/18674 yrs 11 mos 19 daysóson of G T & L Ingle
6sonPotter11/07/187611/14/1876son of J G & M J Potter
6MabelPotter02/16/188005/02/1880dau of J G & M J Potter
6AnneWood08/04/186135 yrsów/o J H Wood (She was born in England)
6HannahDurgin02/01/185970 yrs 9 mosów/o Richard Durgin
6LillyBill02/11/187511 yrs 9 mos 1 dayóDau. of S C & Miriam A Bill
6DaughterGardner05/22/18544 Hoursódau of Charles E & H T Gardner
6Charles EGardner05/12/1876son of Charles E & H T Gardner
7JohnStreets06/13/187307/14/1893"Son of John Streets and Adelia (Green) Streets." (Ron Stahlberg)
7Rosa PStreets04/21/18851 yr l mo 7 days. "Daughter of John Streets and Adelia (Green) Streets." (Ron Stahlberg)
7JohnStreets09/03/18415/10/1907"Husband of Adelia (Green) Streets, who is buried in Mt. Hope, Maquoketa. GAR, 76th Ohio Regiment." (Ron Stahlberg)
7FerbaStreets04/10/18852 yrs 9 mos 10 days. "Daughter of John Streets and Adelia (Green) Streets." (Ron Stahlberg)
7Ada EStreets04/06/18855 yrs 4 mos 16 days. "Daughter of John Streets and Adelia (Green) Streets." (Ron Stahlberg)
7JaneStreets09/16/18771 yr 8 days. "Daughter of John Streets and Adelia (Green) Streets." (Ron Stahlberg)
7Nora (Casteel)Streets18751954 w/o Thomas Streets. Daughter of Mathias & Turzilla (Green) Casteel. "Nora's full name was Lenora Imogene." Ron Stahlberg)
7RoyStreets9/17/190212/19/1946"Son of Thomas Streets and Lenora Imogene Casteel. His first wife died less than a year ago, at the age of 102." (Ron Stahlberg)
7Lee GStreets18991976 s/o Thomas & Nora (Casteel) Streets
7Rebecca HHolmes10/30/186952 yrs 2 mos- w/o Robert Holmes
7Anne E BJohnson08/11/187023 yrs 9 mos 21 days- w/o Dr G O Johnson
7John WShirk12/25/18702yrs 2 mos 20 days-Son of E E & S G Shirk
7RachelVines02/22/187272 yrs 5 mos 15 days-w/o Henry Vines
7HenryVines08/27/187373 yrs 2 mos 26 days
7ElizabethGard10/22/187458 yrs 8 mos 8 days-w/o J Gard
8H(arry) SStreets11/18/18717/15/1912(or 1918 per WPA) "Son of John Streets and Adelia (Green) Streets." (Ron Stahlberg)
8TomStreets18661934 "Husband of 'Nora' (Casteel) Streets." (Ron Stahlberg)
8Janey VictoriaEdwards11/10/18651 yr 2 mos-dau of J E & E E Edwards. "I'd always thought Janey and Steven were children of Elijah and Elizabeth Edwards (Elizabeth was a sister to John Streets.) I'll want to recheck the stones when I next get to Jones County." (Ron Stahlberg)
8Steven A DouglasEdwards03/18/187011 yrs 6 mos-son of J E & E E Edwards
8ElizabethEdwards03/26/1886 57 yrs 6 mos 26 days-w/o of Elijah Edwards
8ElijahEdwards06/06/1892 73 yrs 7 mos 2 days
8IsaacMitchell08/31/18693 yrs 10 mos 15 days. Son of John & Harriett Mitchell. "His mother was a sister to John and Elizabeth. It would be consistent for the two sisters to bury their children close together." (Ron Stahlberg)
8JacobStingley07/01/185574 yrs 2 mos 6 daysówife: Elizabeth Wanamaker
8James WStingley03/24/18544 yrs 2 mos 11 daysóson of Charles & Emily Stingley
8EmmaLoomis03/06/18551 yr 4 mosódau of Jane & A M Loomis
8Luther RevHolmes04/18/186570 yrs
8O CRandall05/28/186741 yrs
8Eli BNims01/12/18614 yrs 25 days
8Delos ENims02/03/186722 yrs 6 mos 24 daysóson of Eli & E C Nims
8SaraHamilton10/02/1854Sara Hamilton's maiden name is Jewitt or Ross.
8Stephen E.Hamilton10/27/180404/05/187368 yrs 6 mos 3 days
8Laura "Louisa" C. (Harbaugh)Hamilton 12/27/187847 yrs 3 mos 24 days. w/o Edwin M. Hamilton
8Stephen A.Hamilton10/16/18632 yrs 21 daysó. He was either the son of Stephen E. Hamilton & Kessiah Summer or the son of Edwin M. Hamilton & Laura C. Harbaugh.
8Philorman LVaughn 08/31/1865 35 yrs 10 mos 1 day. s/o of George & Polly Vaughn (in Wyoming Cem.)
8Elizabeth Roslia (Hamilton) VaughnAldrich 06/14/187037 yrs 6 mos 17 daysów/o Henry Aldrich & Philorman L Vaughn. Death date should be 1875 to make age correct. She was alive in 1873 when Stephen E. Hamilton died, per probate. She appears in the 1870 census.
8D AVaughn?   
8Ina AVaughn10/16/18572 mos 17 daysódau of Philorman L & Roslia Elizabeth Vaughn
8Frederick C (Clarence Frederick)Vaughn04/21/187010 yrs 9 mos 25 daysóSon of Philorman L & Elizabeth Roslia Vaughn
8MrsWheelerold red granite stone by fence
8DanielWaggy08/22/18631 yr 1 mo 7 days- son of J & E Waggy
8CharlesStunkard06/30/186210/18/1863son of J & E Stunkard
8MilanStunkard07/12/186409/29/1869child of J & E Stunkard
8James EStunkard02/24/187219 yrs 11 mos 16 days- s/o James & Ellon Stunkard
8JamesStunkard05/30/189469 yrs 8 mos 11 days
8Isola BellGreen04/28/188411 mos 7 days-d/o P F & Ellen Green
8William EJohnson01/09/18601 yr 1 moóson of Wm C & Anna M Johnson
8JohnJohnson10/09/18591 yrs 6 mos 9 daysóson of Wm C & Anna M Johnson
8Carrie LJohnson10/01/186511 mos 15 days--d/o Wm C & Anna M Johnson
8William CJohnson04/20/183506/07/1887
8Anna MJohnson01/31/183603/15/1887w/o William C Johnson
8Willie PAldrich05/15/18572 yrs 3 mos -son of Rev. O E & E A Aldrich
8Sarah M (Thomas)Wheeler10/23/187019 yrs 1 mo 19 daysów/o Franklin Wheeler
8GertrudePropst18791946w/o Samuel Propst
8Samuel MPropst18741963
8Emma RGarnett18701966w/o Bert A Garnett
8Bert AGarnett18741949
10Lincoln SKegleyson of James W & Letha Ann (Wyrick) Kegley
10DaughterKegley 03/05/1876dau of James W & Letha Ann (Wyrick) Kegley
10SonKegley09/23/18652 wks -son of James W & Letha Ann (Wyrick) Kegley
10Joseph MKegley 07/13/187111 yrs 11mos 18 days- s/o James W & Letha Ann (Wyrick) Kegley
10LincolnKegley09/13/1866son of James W & Letha Ann (Wyrick) Kegley
10SarahSmith08/10/18619 yrs 1 moódau of J M & M Smith
10RichardVan Voltenburgh09/09/186050 yrs 4 mos
10John WVan Voltenburg04/01/18605 yrs 5 mos 14 daysóson of R T & H Van Voltenburg
10Lumon EVan Voltenburg09/27/18523 mos 3 daysóson of R T & H Van Voltenburg
10W HHuffman18651932
10Mary AHuffman01/20/188557 yrs 3 mos 16 daysów/o H B Huffman
10H BHuffman06/13/188760 yrs 3 mos 18 days
10HarrietHuffman10/26/187217 yrs 10 mos 6 daysódau of H B & Mary A Huffman
10Susannah HEye04/13/18644 mos -dau of George & Margaret Eye
10MargaretEye03/28/183401/15/1894w/o Geo Eye
10John PPitsenberger11/30/187040 yrs 10 mos 28 days
10Mary APropst18401921w/o Samuel Propst
10GeorgePropst05/09/18621 yrs 6 days-s/o Samuel & Mary A Propst
10Mary EllenPropst05/12/18829 mos 12 days -d/o of Samuel & Mary A Propst
10WashingtonPitsenberger04/12/186639 yrs
11Lizzie MSnyder18741928w/o Philip R Snyder
11Philip RSnyder18691937
11Margaret JWaggy18561927w/o of Nathan Waggy
11Lota BWaggy18821932dau of Nathan & Margaret Waggy
11RosieEyestone by south fence
RichardPage08/29/1871(or 08/26/1872) 32 yrs-died Onslow-wife: Mary E Edick-marr. Oli Creek, Venango Co., PA
The following individuals are buried in Cady per the WPA Gravestone Record, but no stones can be found:
 ElizaBenson  01/22/186226 yrs
 Helen FBrookfield 02/21/187031 yrs
 RebeccaDickerson 11/13/18747 yrs
 John BJohnson 04/18/187039 yrs
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