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Canton Cemetery
Clay Township
Section 24
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Photo: Joanne Wilken
Photos: Jim Christianson

This cemetery was read by volunteers from the JCGS in 2009.
They did not find cemetery records. Please contribute additional information you may have.

1BickfordGeo Raymond18841937 
1RalstonEdward M18771939s/o Marion & Clara (Anthony) Ralston
1WasobaStewart G19261990 
1WasobaMargaret192912/17/1998marr 3/18/1947 to Stewart G Wasoba
UnkWasobaThomas George 1949 
1PotterEsther19141977ss as Melvin Potter
1PotterRobert L7/30/193110/26/1984(Carson Funeral Home Marker)
2AllenFred B1894 VFW
2AllenAlice F19001944ss as Fred B Allen
2AllenBillie 1928 
2AllenFred, Jr19231927 
2SmithDasil Fred10/2/19209/14/1991VFW - p/o Jim & Tom
2SmithFred M07/17/189012/28/1966 
2SmithHannah J01/11/188907//14/1970ss as Fred M Smith
2SmithMerval V19101926 
2EdwardsMable G11/1/19123/20/1944ss as Marvin Gene Edwards
2EdwardsMarvin Gene3/19/19089/19/1986 
2RippertonLutie18831958ss as Frank Ripperton
2RippertonElsie G19201944 
2RippertonMildred19171917d/o F & L Ripperton
2WattersHelen L19101985ss as Thomas F Watters
2WattersThomas F19081984 
2WattersLonnie R18731943 
2WattersAmy M18771933ss as Lonnie R Watters
WPAWattersThomas10/10/18472/21/1910s/o Nathan I & Jeminia Watters
2ReynerJoel Zanes18581942 
2ReynerMary Jane (Gilmore)18621941w/o Joel Zanes Reyner (born 1858)
2MillerMyrtle (Reyner)02/04/18844/2/1933 
3MooreWilliam F18921973 
3MooreBilly 1930 
3MooreJimmy 1938 
3CarrWalter Scott06/18/18781956 
3CarrPlyqha Jane (Taylor)12/07/18821964w/o Walter Scott Carr - d/o John & Margaret (Gilbert) Taylor
3CarrMary Maxine10/27/19231936d/o Walter Scott & Plyqha Jane Carr
3CarrHenry Ford7/10/19265/30/1928s/o Walter Scott & Plyqha Jane Carr
3BillmanMinnie D (Yock)18631933Mother - d/o Carl & Mary (Hartman) Yock
3BillmanLaura M19031914Sister
3BillmanGlenn D18981910Brother
3BillmanWendall18501929Father - s/o Wendall & Lovina (Snoor) Billman
3BillmanLeonard Leroy10/3/19063/20/1976 
3WattersNathan09/08/184312/26/1928s/o Nathan I & Jemina Watters
3WattersNathan I 10/28/189487 yrs 7 mos - known sons: Thomas, Nathan & Jacob
3WattersJemina 10/16/188978 yrs 6 mos 5 days - w/o N I Watters
3RalstonHurley A08/19/187603/03/1877s/o Uriah & Catherine Ralston
1RalstonSarah Cecilia (Bartlett)06/20/18629/18/1937w/o Edward M Ralston - d/o Benjamin H & Lydia (Prior) Mix Hoffman Bartlett
3RalstonThomas10/10/18472/21/191062 yrs 4 mos 11 days
3ReynerGeorge E11/04/18322/9/1914wife: Hannah Mackrill
3ReynerHannah L (Mackrill) 11/04/187947 yrs 4 mos 15 days - w/o George E Reyner
3ReynerNancy 01/21/187821 yrs 2 mos d/o George E & Hannah L (Mackrill) Reyner
3HaynorCharles R18831946 
3HaynorCharlotte E (Ford)183018751st wife of Richard Haynor
3HaynorNancy R (Snyder)183218952nd wife of Richard Haynor
3HaynorEllen A186511/27/18727 yrs 5 mos 1 day - d/o Richard & Charlotte E (Ford) Haynor
3HaynorFlora185701/21/18603 yrs 6 mos 12 days - d/o Richard & Charlotte E (Ford) Haynor
3MixWilliam H(1849?) Co F 44th IA Inf - parents appear to be Mrs. Lydia (Prior) Mix Hoffman Bartlett & Lemuel Mix.
3HoffmanGeorge W18601932s/o John T Hoffman & Lydia (Prior) Mix Hoffman Bartlett
3RobertsWilhelmina (Parshall)04/00/1893aft 1930w/o R R Roberts
3ParshallLyman B06/28/18455/13/1913s/o Caleb Halsey & Elizabeth Barlow (Bradley) Parshall
3ParshallEllen R "Ella" (Smith)18591948 
4Weideman/WeidmanKenneth K7/30/195212/4/1952 
4HoustonLois A5/11/19443/12/1987ss as Gary S Houston
4HoustonGary S3/27/1939  
4HoustonLola D19051939Mother
4HoustonDelores19271928d/o Lola D Houston
4MooreLonnie D 1962(Hayden Funeral Home Marker)
4MooreDonovan Lee19291929(Sheets & Son Funeral Home Marker)
4LoweEdwin W 12/8/187614 yrs 12 mos - s/o William & Ellen Lowe
4LoweWilbur M 02/15/18756 mos 8 days - s/o William & Ellen Lowe
4LoweRichard 04/24/186156 yrs 3 mos 13 days
4WilcoxAnn E 07/05/186631 yrs 9 mos 14 days - w/o Romolus B Wilcox II
4BartlettLydia (Prior) Hoffman Mix 11/07/189775 yrs - w/o "Bennie" Bartlett, John T Hoffman, & Lemuel Mix - mother of Geo W Hoffman, Albert M Mix, Mary A (Mix) Ballou, & Wm H Mix
4BallouJoshua A 09/18/188231 yrs 10 months - ss as Lucy (Eddy) Ballou
4BallouLucy (Eddy) 11/09/188257 yrs 7 mos 16 days - ss as Joshua Ballou
4WilliamsThomas 11/13/185240 yrs 8 mos 1 day
4SmithRosa Belle07/27/188510/24/1916 
4SmithEmma Louise07/09/186911/24/1941w/o Henry Smith
4SmithFrank A02/06/18872/14/1963WWI
4BickfordRalph Merlin4/5/19009/7/1965s/o George Washington & Lefa (Streets) Bickford
4BickfordGrace May (Smith)10/22/18973/11/1989marr 06/21/1927 - w/o Ralph Merlin Bickford
5MohrDennis A 5/29/1956 
5MohrArnold W6/20/19253/30/1989 
5BickfordLeitha M4/18/19062/25/1986ss as Ernest G Bickford - marr 2/19/1925
5BickfordErnest G4/7/190311/27/1976 
5DagueJohn M18841943 
5DagueLula M18911939ss as John M Daque
5DagueWillie 8/11/19207 days - s/o John & Lula Dague
5CarrOlane Orange19071908s/o Ernest Wellington & Sarah Louise (Taylor) Carr
5CarrSarah Louise (Taylor)18851912w/o Ernest Wellington Carr
5CarrMelvin L19121913s/o Ernest Wellington & Sarah Louise (Taylor) Carr

5CarrErnest Wellington18851969 
5CarrEverett Theodore3/13/19059/28/1967s/o Ernest Wellington & Sarah Louise (Taylor) Carr
5ShadyEarline M10/13/19237/16/1985ss as William A Shady
5ShadyWilliam A4/27/192212/7/1991p/o John, Tom & Melodee
5ReynerJennie I19011972ss as Harlen W Reyner
5ReynerHarlen W11/03/18997/18/1958WW1 & WWII
5ReynerHazel M 11/6/19001 yr 3 days - d/o Samuel W & Mary A (Carr) Reyner
5ReynerCharley A 3/9/190018 yrs 4 mos 24 days - s/o Samuel W & Mary A (Carr) Reyner
5ReynerMary Alveretta (Carr)18641927w/o Samuel W Reyner
5ReynerSamuel Winfield 18611938 
5LoweIsabella01/09/184807/12/188234 yrs 8 mos 3 days
5LoweEdwin, Sr18431914Co A 26th IA Inf
5LoweAlice V18441916ss as Isabella & Edwin (Sr.) Lowe
5Lowe(infant) 4/21/1908d/o Edwin, Jr & Alma Lowe
5LoweAlma03/13/18864/21/1908w/o Edwin Lowe, Jr - ss as (infant) Lowe
5SeamandsElijah G 03/26/185540 yrs - s/o Elijah Grant & Lucy (Sandridge) Seamands
5BeckerLilly 12/28/18751 yr 10 mos 10 days - d/o R & C Becker
5BrownT(ruman) 12/23/188166 yrs 7 mos 25 days
5BrownElizabeth 2/27/190481 yrs - w/o T(ruman) Brown
5DimondPhoebe 02/10/185666 yrs - w/o Mathew Dimond
5DimondMalvina 10/11/186023 yrs - d/o Samuel & Jane Cox but adopted by Mathew Dimond
5DimondLee R 01/21/18711 yr 6 mos 21 days - s/o M(athew) T & Lydia Dimond
5DimondLydia  02/19/187452 yrs - w/o M(athew) T Dimond
5DimondM(athew) T 07/01/189272 yrs 7 mos 5 days - Co K 24th IA Reg
5DimondSidney B 10/18/1864s/o M(athew) T & Lydia Dimond - 17 yrs 1 mo 20 days - Killed at Battle of Cedar Creek
5DimondLee 01/21/18714 yrs 6 mos 20 days - s/o M(athew) T & Lydia Dimond
5StuehlerConrad 07/30/18558 mos 2 days - s/o Geo & C H Stuehler
5BoyerGeorge E 12/15/18544 yrs 3 mos 15 days - s/o Anson & Azabrl Boyer - 1860 census Mower Co., MN
5BoyerSilas 12/01/18545 yrs 9 mos 25 days - s/o Joshua & Elizabeth Boyer
5SmithCaroline B11/15/18284/13/1913w/o William A Smith
5SmithWilliam A18181875(Carson Funeral Home Marker)
5SmithJames A18511861 (or 1867)s/o William Smith (does not appear to be Caroline Smith's son)
5SmithThomas J1840 Blank stone - believed to be the brother of James Smith
5PetersIowa 09/17/188631 yrs 5 mos 12 days - w/o A J Peters
5PetersMattie 11/28/18873 yrs 2 mos 25 days - d/o A J & Iowa Peters
5MooreDouglas 07/13/18?910 mos 1 day
5MillerEmma 04/15/187111 yrs 3 mos 15 days
5HallerTheresa (Hesse) 12/20/188638 yrs 6 mos 3 days - w/o Christian Haller
6SchmidtBernetta19341983(Haylock & O'Hara Funeral Marker)
6SchmidtSheila Rae7/26/19556/28/1976 
6SchmidtNeta E19051978ss as Raymond J Schmidt
6SchmidtRaymond J18981963 
6SchmidtCecelia B4/8/192110/3/1921 
6BickfordEarl R18811956 
6Bickford?(Baby) 1916ss as Earl Bickford
6Bickford?Myrtle O18871963ss as Earl Bickford
6BickfordPaul S11/29/19145/22/1991 
6BickfordIsabelle M4/11/191812/6/1983ss as Paul S Bickford
6Bickford/Wray?Paula (Wray)4/12/19484/12/1948infant
6MooreHomer S18791970 
6MooreFlorence M18831952 
6MooreMartha Mae19141917Daughter
6MooreMarion G19041904son
6MooreRosetta (Carr)18551922w/o Thomas Moore
6MooreMary E 6/20/19014 yrs 10 mos 17 days - d/o Thomas E & Rosetta (Carr) Moore
6SuttonAlbert Edward18441925brother: Anson E Sutton of NE - s/o Charles Chamberlain & Rosella G (Bishop) Sutton
6SuttonAlvira (Ralston)184508/07/188338 yrs 5 mos 2 days - w/o Allbert Edward Sutton
6DewittMary E 06/04/18601 yr 9 mos 17 das - d/o Isaac & Elizabeth (Longshore) Dewitt
6BallouJess C18921965 
6BallouElizabeth (Smith)18501919d/o William A & Caroline Smith - w/o Cassius M Ballou
6BallouCassius M18461930s/o Wm H & Lucy (Woodard) Ballou
6AlberyNettie (Ballou)18811967d/o Cassius M & Elizabeth (Smith) Ballou
6McLaughlinBelle 08/13/189622 yrs 6 mos - w/o William A McLaughlin
6McLaughlin(infant)  s/o William A & Belle McLaughlin
6WidelJerry M18961983 
6WidelHilda H19001977ss as Jerry M Widel
7YarolemBlanche A2/13/19028/14/1989ss as Charles Yarolem - marr. 1919
7YarolemCharles 10/06/18948/20/1972WWI
7YarolemKenneth 19221939s/o Charles & Blanche Yarolem
7YarolemCharles Jr  6 mos - s/o Charles & Blanche Yarolem
7BickfordFlorence 18801971ss as Mark Bickford
7BickfordHulda18991916d/o Mark & Florence Bickford
7RabineauCortnay Marie12/23/19883/24/1989d/o Amber Rabineau
7BickfordBertie (Davis)12/18/188011/13/1918Mother- w/o Leroy Bickford - d/o George & Viola Davis
7BickfordLeroy "Roy" 11/3/191135 yrs 9 mos 19 days
7SuttonAneta Maxine 12/27/19102 yrs 7 mos 17 days - d/o Ned L & Martha (Nichols) Sutton
8BickfordCurtis Allen11/11/198011/11/1980s/o Vicki & Owen Bickford
8BickfordMichael Paul4/16/19794/26/1979s/o Vicki & Owen Bickford
8DavisViola 9/17/190643 yrs 10 mos 28 days - w/o George Davis
8HudsonJames L  2/4/190286 yrs - Uncle of George Davis
8DavisGeorge 2/8/191158 yrs 5 mos
8NicholsTheresa/Thurza18441922Mother - w/o William C Nichols?
8NicholsWilliam C 1/26/191169 yrs 5 mos 20 days - born 1842 TN
8NicholsWillie E 01/05/18876 yrs 6 mos 4 days - s/o Wm C & Thurza Nichols
8CampMariah P (Sutton)11/28/18326/9/1900w/o James B Camp
8CampJames B08/27/182604/14/1898 
8CampCurtis C 03/04/187216 yrs 4 mos - s/o James B & Mariah P (Sutton) Camp
8CampClara M 02/21/18642 mos 21 days - d/o James B & Mariah P (Sutton) Camp
8KelsallGeorgie 01/31/18773 yrs 10 mos 6 days - s/o G W & M M Kelsall
8KelsallGeorge W  Co L 2nd IA Calvary
8SuttonLeander B 04/03/186828 yrs 5 mos - Co L 2nd IA Cav - wife: Maria M Douglas and son: Ned L Sutton
8SuttonHope 03/15/18641 yrs 6 mos 5 days - d/o Leander B & Maria M (Douglas) Sutton
8SuttonCharles Chamberlain 02/29/186061 yrs 10 mos 13 days-wives: Mary Daggett & Rosella G Bishop - Rosella died after 1880 and may be buried here
8SuttonSarah Louise 10/11/18535 yrs 10 mos - d/o Charles Chamberlain & Rosella G (Bishop) Sutton

8BrenemanMartha E 01/11/185632 yrs - 3rd w/o John Breneman
8BrenemanFriske Irvin 12/13/1855infant son of Martha E & John Breneman
8BrenemanJane 12/16/185328 yrs - 2nd w/o John Breneman
8BrenemanMary 04/16/186133 yrs - 4th w/o John Breneman
9GracyEthelinda M 05/01/18632 yrs 8 mos 24 days -d/o Thomas & Sarah Margaret (Hanna) Gracy
9GracyMary R 10/07/18564 yrs 5 days - d/o Thomas & Sarah Margaret (Hanna) Gracy
9GracyWilliam B 12/25/187625 yrs 7 mos 7 days - s/o Thomas & Sarah Margaret (Hanna) Gracy
9RippertonCarlie 05/16/18818 mos 19 days - child of J Carl & Hannah E Ripperton
9RippertonGrover C 01/20/18901 yr 2 mos - s/o J Carl & Hannah E Ripperton
9RippertonPete 07/19/189713 yrs 4 mos 1 day - s/o J Carl & Hannah E Ripperton
9DukeJohn M06/24/177401/14/1849s/o Francis Duke (who was killed 1777 at seige of Sheeling) - tombstone erected by S A Duke
10DukeGeorge R 09/24/189132 yrs 8 mos - s/o John & Eliza A Duke
10DukeCarl/Calvin 01/28/188861 yrs 1 mo 19 days- Civil War
10DukeEliza A 12/5/191183 yrs 4 mos 4 days - w/o Calvin/Carl Duke
10HannaWilliam D 04/09/185951 yrs 8 mos (stone by McD Lyons) - wife: Elizabeth Jane Blackburn
10RippertonJ Carl01/16/18533/20/1915 
10RippertonHannah03/21/185812/23/1918w/o of J. Carl Ripperton
10WilliamsLeland R19061974marr 02/21/1925
10WilliamsLulu R19051980ss as Leland R Williams
10WilliamsLyle F2/17/19299/5/1979WWII
10GiftMary/Carrie Matilda 12/23/18591 yr 6 mos 13 days - d/o Adam H & Catherine (Lyle) Gift
10MatthewsSarah Louise 12/11/18597 mos - d/o W & A Matthews
11Jenkins(Infant) 09/23/18895 days - d/o Judson D & Rosella G Jenkins - Clinton Co, IA in 1880 census
11JenkinsNaomi 08/15/187652 yrs 2 mos 15 days - w/o Peter J Jenkins - Peter back in Jefferson Co., NY in 1880 census
11HannaThomas S 12/08/186738 yrs - Civil War
11Hanna(Infant)(Mand?) 06/00/1868s/o Thomas S & Tammy L Hanna
11HannaStewart G  s/o Thomas S & Tammy J Hanna
11EdwardsGreen(leaf) H 08/17/184211/6/187139 yrs 1 mo 21days - wife: Minerva Elizabeth Hanna - Co E 5th IA Cav
11McCartySarah18501927ss as Thomas McCarty
11LouxMinnie D 05/19/189811 days - d/o Washington & Clara (McCarty) Loux
11LouxIrene 2/19/19063 mos 22 days - d/o Washington & Clara (McCarty) Loux
11LouxPatrick T01/21/18972/16/1911s/o Washington & Clara (McCarty) Loux
11LouxClarence L01/16/18994/14/1913s/o Washington & Clara (McCarty) Loux
11LouxWashington H18641922 
11LouxClara J (McCarty)18691947ss as Washington H Loux
12ShermanWilliam 03/04/189276 yrs 10 mos 28 days - b MA - wife: Sarah - Civil War
12ShermanCellia 08/03/18709 yrs - d/o William & Sarah Sherman
12DukeOscar R 01/25/18775 yrs 3 days (or 3 mos 13 days) - s/o Joel F & Delia Duke
12DukeEliza B (or E) 09/12/18751 yr 11 mos 19 days - d/o Joel F & Delia Duke
12MackrillEtha 08/20/187330 yrs 4 mos - d/o Joel Zanes & Nancy (Andrews) Mackrill
12JuettAda 01/27/18721 (or 4) yrs 5 mos 27 days - d/o W & A Juett
12MackrillNancy Addie  09/24/187633 yrs 18 days - d/o Joel Z & Nancy (Andrews) Mackrill
12MackrillPhilena C 04/14/187118 yrs 11 mos 19 days - d/o Joel Z & Nancy (Andrews) Mackrill
12MackrillNancy (Andrews) 12/20/187363 yrs 1 mos 23 days - (tombstone by Webster Bros & Co) - w/o Joe Zanes Mackrill
12MackrillJoel Zanes 12/11/187270 yrs 9 mos 2 days
12HoustonDoreen1/3/1927 ss as Darrell Houston
12HamdorfIda B (Carr)12/20/19012/25/1957 
12TaylorMargaret (Gilberth)02/15/18644/7/1912w/o John Henry Taylor - d/o Robert & Mary Jane (Irons) Gilberth
12TaylorJohn Henry09/15/18562/12/1917s/o Reese Joseph & Susan (Bushnell) Taylor
12TaylorClara L18931961 
WPATaylorEdgar R07/00/189712/29/1931WWI - s/o John Henry & Margaret (Gilberth) Taylor
 TaylorJohn W 12/18/1890born 1853/1855 VA - Pneumonia - wife: Louisa & dau: Thersia Maud (per death certificate)
12HallerRachel Mae12/10/19012/12/1909d/o Charles F & Charlotte "Lottie" (Johnson) Haller
13VassarAmanda L18791962ss as J Charles Vassar
13VassarJ Charles18811958s/o Andrew Newell & Minerva (Hanna) Vassar
13Vassar(Andrew?) Newell18541/21/1933IL Corp 4 US Inf - born IL - s/o John & Mary (Carter) Vassar
13VassarMinerva (Hanna)18471931 
13VassarEdgar L 06/30/187223 yrs 7 mos 13 days - Co K 24th IA Vol. -s/o John & Mary (Carter)Vassar
13VassarWilliam W 07/24/186418 yrs 1 mo - s/o John & Mary (Carter)Vassar - Co K 24th Reg IA Vol
13JenkinsMary E (Johnsey) 11/30/186826 yrs 10 mos -w/o Wm G Jenkins
13JenkinsCharles 09/23/18681 yr 4 mos 5 days - s/o Wm G & Mary E (Johnsey) Jenkins
13MooreNaomi J 07/15/186919 mos - d/o D & L Moore
13PalmerEmma  04/15/18711 yr 3 mos 15 days - d/o R S & J H Palmer
13MillerEdmund H09/17/187910/12/1944 
13MillerEffie L05/04/18597/15/1939 
13HarwoodEdmund H02/11/18439/3/1936Co F 44th IA Inf
13MillerCharles C1898191934th Serv. Co Signal Corps
13HarwoodMary18261911ss as Edmund Harwood (born 1818)
13WillmanHenry J18351920 
13WillmanOnias B 4/8/190325 yrs 1 mo 17 days - s/o Henry & Belle Willman
13WillmanMary F 09/14/188713 yrs 10 mos 24 days - d/o Henry & Belle Willman
13WillmanIsabell S18471931 
13WillmanGeorge Edmund18711951 
13WillmanHattie18741908ss as George Edmund Willman
14KetchumDale B19351996(Carson Funeral Home Marker)
14JohnsonHarlen Leroy4/9/190312/13/1907s/o Jerry W & Lilly Johnson
14JohnsonJeremiah "Jerry" W18721939American Legion - wife : Lilly - s/o James Richard & Charlotte (Lowe) Johnson
14JohnsonStanley L19101972 
14JohnsonJames Richard01/25/183612/17/1908Co K 24th IA Inf
14JohnsonCharlotte (Lowe)12/08/18463/9/1915w/o James Richard Johnson
14JohnsonFred 11/23/18892/5/1908 
14JohnsonMary E18491915 
15Yarolem(baby son)   
16GilmoreSamuel W 12/24/18328/24/1914 
 GilmoreMary L (Scroyer) 6/26/190880 yrs 5 mos 13 days - w/o Samuel Gilmore
 HowellDavid Clarence19421996 
WPABemanJohn  Almira Beman married Leroy Bickford in Jones Co. in 1861
WPALewisM W   
 SnyderIndiana 06/18/188857 yrs - born Knox Co., OH

The W.P.A. cemetery records were transcribed by the Works Project Administration, Graves Registration Project. The
Works Project Administration was a relief program created during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the
1930s. The program provided employment for millions of people during the Great Depression. These records ARE NOT
complete or accurate. Be sure to check for misspellings and confirm the information through another source.

Cassius M. Ballou18461930  
Elizabeth Ballou18501919  
Joshua A. Ballou 18 Sep 188231 
Lydia Bartlett 07 Nov 189775 
John Beman    
Leroy Bickford 3-Nov-1135 
Ray or Roy Bickford18821937  
Jane Breneman 16 Dec 1852282nd. Wife
Martha E. Breneman 11 Jan 1856323rd. Wife
Mary B. Breneman 16 Apr 1861334th. Wife
Elizabeth Brown 27-Feb-0481 
T. Brown 23 Dec 188167 
James B. Camp27 Aug 182614 Apr 1898  
Mariah P. Camp28 Nov 18329-Jun-00  
George Davis 8-Feb-1158 
Lydia Dimond 19 Feb 187452 
M. T. Dimond 01 Jul 189272C. W. Vet.
Malvina Dimond 11 Oct 186023 
Phebe Dimond 10 Feb 185666 
Eliza A. Duke 5-Dec-1183 
Francis Duke   This is a family monument, with this name on it. This man was killed in 1777, at the siege of Wheeling, in the Revolution
G. Duke 28 Jan 188861 
George R. Duke 24 Sep 189132 
John Duke24 Jun 177414 Jan 1849 Pioneer and son of Francis, above.
Lucy Eddy 04 Nov 188257 
Green H. Edwards   C. W. Vet.
Mary Gilmore 26-Jun-0880 
Samuel Gilmore24 Dec 183224-Aug-14 C. W. Vet.
G. W. Haffman18501932  
Theresa F. Haller 20 Dec 188638 
Stewart E. Hanna    
Thomas S. Hanna 08 Dec 188738 
William Hanna 09 Apr 185951 
Francis Harris18751909  
Edmond Harwood11 Feb 18433-Sep-36 Vet.
Edmund Harwood18181874  
Mary Harwood18261911  
Charlotte Haynor18301975  
Nancy R. Haynor18321895  
James L. Hudson 4-Feb-0286 
Mary E. Jenkins 30 Nov 186026 
Naomi (?) Jenkins 15 Aug 187652 
Charles Johnson24 Aug 18815-Apr-07  
Charlotte Johnson08 Dec 18499-Mar-15  
Fred Johnson23 Nov 18895-Feb-08  
James R. Johnson23 Jan 183617-Dec-08 C. W. Vet.
Mary E. Johnson18491915  
Geo. W. Kelsall   W. W. Vet.
M. W. Lewis    
Washington H. Loux18641922  Not on WPA list. Photo: Janet A. Brandt
Clara L (McCarty) Loux18691947 
Patrick T. Loux 21 Jan 189716 Feb 1911  Sons of Washington and Clara. Not on WPA list. Photo: Janet A. Brandt
Clarence L. Loux16 Jan 189914 Apr 1913 
Addie Lowe22 Feb 187911-Nov-03  
Alice V. Lowe18441916  
Alma Lowe13 Mar 188621-Apr-08  
Edwin Lowe, Sr.18431914  
Isabella Lowe09 Jun 184812 Jul 1882  
Richard Lowe 24 Apr 186156 
Joseph McCarty18731964  Not on WPA list. Photo: Janet A. Brandt
Sarah McCarty18501927  Photo: Janet A. Brandt
Thomas McCarty18401910 
Addie N. Mackrill 24 Sep 187633 
Joel Z. Mackrill 11 Dec 187270 
Mancy Mackrill 20 Dec 187363 
Philena C. Mackrill 14 Apr 187118 
Belle McLaughlin 13 Aug 189622 
Myrtle Reynor Miller04 Feb 18842-Apr-33  
William H. Mix   W. W. Vet.
Rosetta Moore18551922  
Thomas Moore    
Thursa Nichols18441922  
W. C. Nichols 26-Jan-1169 
Lyman B. Parshall18451918  
Iowa Peters 17 Sep 188631Wife of A. J.
Charles A. Reyner 9-Mar-0018 
Ethel Reyner12 Nov 188515-Oct-31  
George E. Reyner04 Nov 18239-Feb-14 Baltimore Md.
Hannah L. Reyner 04 Nov 187947 
Marya Reyner18641927  
Nancy Reymer (Reyner?) 21 Dec 187821 
Carl Rifferton16 Jan 185320-Mar-15  
Hannah Rifferton21 Mar 185223-Dec-18  
Wilhelmina Parshall Roberts    
Cecilia B. Schmidt08 Apr 18213-Oct-21  
Elijah G. Seamands 26 Mar 185540 
Cellia Sherman 03 Aug 1870  
W. Sherman 04 Mar 189276Vet. C. W.
Rosa Belle Smith27 Jul 188524-Oct-16  
A. E. Sutton18441925  
Alver A. Sutton184517 Aug 1883  
C. C. Sutton 29 Feb 186061 
Leander B. Sutton 03 Apr 186828Possible vet., there was a flag on the grave.
Edgar R. Taylor 29-Dec-31 Vet. W. W. I
John Taylor18561917  
Margaret Taylor18621912  
A. N. Vasser18541931  
Newell Vasser 31-Jan-33 W. W. I Vet. Ill. Inf.
William W. Vasser 24 Jul 186418C. W. Vet.
Amy M. Watters18771933  
Jemima Watters 16 Oct 188978 
N. I. Watters 28 Oct 189487 
Nathen Watters08 Sep 184326-Dec-28  
Thomas Watters10 Oct 184721-Feb-10  
Ann E. Wilcox 05 Jul 186831 
Thomas Williams 13 Nov 185240 
Onis V. Willmann 8-Apr-0325 

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