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Cass Congregational Cemetery
Cass Township
Section 16
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This cemetery was read by volunteers from the JCGS in 2009. They have recently acquired the cemetery records for this cemetery containing additional details. All that additional information has been included in the lastest version of this file. Everyone who died in 2000, or before, is included. This information is the result of a lot of research and leg-work done by Bertha Stimpson (she is buried in the cemetery). She lived her life in the area so she knew who to ask questions of.
Bertha Stimson has a note that says Vernie Michels b 1913 told her that his grandfather (I say great-grandfather), Carl Hinrich Wunder b 1818 is buried in this cemetery. There is no record of this. He would have died after April, 1898. The cemetery records of burials are clear during this period. Several descendants are researching this Wunder line. Carl Wunder was in the 1855 census for Puleson, Gut Neuhaus (near Kiel), Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. His daughter's obit says they came to Clinton Co., IA, in 1870. I never see Carl Hinrich Wunder in any census—state or federal. His wife's name was: Dorothea "Dora" Ronnfeldt. There is another a Heinrich & Dora Wunder in the 1870 Scott Co. census. This couple had different children and are buried in Davenport. The occupations of this family were merchants, iron workers, etc. You can see them and their children is every census until their deaths. —Joanne Wilken

1WattersGeorge8/25/19207/16/1998s/o Thomas & Edna (Knight) Watters
1WattersMary Margaret (Sweiger)5/8/19254/15/1993w/o George Watters - d/o John & Mary Ann (Murphy) Sweiger
18OstercampRonald E6/5/19406/26/1999wife: Barbara
23Streckle/SteckelKatie L 01/13/1881(or Lot 40) This may be Steckel - 8 yrs 4 mos. -Katie Steckel d/o Ephraim & Sarah "Sallie" Steckel
34LittleHarley W06/20/18761/13/1907suicide
35LloydAlice "Ellie" (Leyard)04/13/18643/30/1931d/o John Leyard
35LloydHarry A18541937 
36MurrayCharles Edward5/20/19108/14/1988wife: Eunice Helen Brown - s/o Richard D & Georgiana (Nielson) Murray
38HallGladys Carolyn (Brown)4/1/19192/16/1989w/o Walter Clarence Hall - d/o Charles Burton & Eunice Mildred (Hanna) Brown
39BallSally Jo (Duay)6/25/19532/27/1993d/o Billy Dauy - p/o Sonya Ball & Jason Day, lived Dumont, CO
39SwarbrickCatherine (Taylor)4/7/190604/00/1994w/o John Swarbrick -d/o James & Theresa (Copeland) Taylor
40St PeterWilbur Vern8/4/19236/18/1995from Michigan
42FairbanksDennis C7/25/19655/24/1997wife: Jill Postel - p/o Joshua & Alissa
52MillerJohn A3/6/19273/13/1997wife: Bettie Ogden - s/o Leland & Dorothy (Baumel) Miller
53AlbangPhilip John2/6/19627/15/1962s/o John a & Wilma M Albang
57CampDevin Michael10/12/199610/12/1996s/o Doug & Lisa (Humpal) Camp - (twin)
58ConnellyGerald A8/26/19149/8/1997wufe: Mary S - p/o Terry, Marylin, Mike & Don
58HeefnerF Lelas (Benson)3/25/190710/10/1987w/o Harold Heefner - d/o Nils J & Susie (Copeland) Benson
58HeefnerHarold D9/11/190611/20/1981s/o Geo Dale & Edna Mae (Neighbor) Heefner
66BrownGeorge Burton6/14/192112/13/2001s/o Charles Burton & Euince Mildred (Hanna) Brown
71BrownCharles Burton11/10/189011/4/1967s/o Charles M & Henrietta (Stone) Brown
71BrownEunice Mildred (Hanna)09/03/189312/30/1928w/o Charles Burton Brown - d/o Homer P & Mary (Fairbanks) Hanna
71BrownRussell Laverne8/12/19239/13/1944WWII
71Pillard  9/8/1930child of Thelma & Emil Frederick Pillard -Lot owned by Charles Burton Brown
73ScofieldAlbert E04/02/182308/20/1871 
73ScofieldAnn (Lawder) Carey08/20/18291/31/1918w/o Albert E Scofield & James Carey
74HoonAllen H18601876s/o Jacob May & Hannah (Preston) Hoon
74HoonHannah (Preston)18211914 
74HoonJacob May18171865GAR
74PrestonHannah (Peel)02/07/181412/31/1880w/o John Preston - born England
74PrestonJohn09/29/181410/25/1896born Yorkshire, Eng.
75BlassingBertha Biancy (Fairbanks)04/18/18771/16/1901w/o August H Blassing -mother of Bertha (Blassing) Stimpson
75FairbanksAdam05/30/179008/31/1873b Colerain, MA - s/o Moses & Betsey (Matthews) Fairbanks
75FairbanksAlice L06/05/185509/14/1867d/o Allen Leonard & Harriet (Glazier) Fairbanks
75FairbanksAllen Leonard02/25/183212/9/1916b Hyde Park, VT - s/o Adam & Cynthis (Wilbar) Fairbanks
75FairbanksEunice B09/03/186405/04/1865d/o Allen Leonard & Harriet (Glazier) Fairbanks
75FairbanksHarriet Newell (Glazier)12/21/18337/29/1921w/o Allen Leonard Fairbanks - d/o Marvin Grow & Almira (Clark) Glazier
75GillMary E (Fairbanks) Hanna12/22/18725/30/1906w/o Grant G Gill & Mr Homer Hanna - d/o Allen Leonard & Harriet Newell (Glazier) Fairbanks - died at Springfield, IL
76Fairbanks(infant) ca 12/18/1930s/o Lester & Edith (Clough) Fairbanks - buried on Nancy Terrill grave
76FairbanksCharles Allen05/20/18671/26/1922s/o Allen Leonard & Harriet (Glazier) Fairbanks
76FairbanksIda M (Terrill)05/24/18689/13/1964d/o Lester & Nancy (Clark) Terrill
76FairbanksLillie M03/24/189509/26/1897d/o Charles A & Ida M (Terrill) Fairbanks
76FairbanksWillie A12/10/189610/02/1897s/o Charles A & Ida M (Terrill) Fairbanks
76TerrillNancy Anna (Clark)08/13/18381/19/1918w/o Lester Terrill - d/o Seth & Lucretia (Phillips) Clark - mother of Ida M Fairbanks
78WilhiteLura G 07/06/18711 yr 4 mos 15 days - d/o Elias & Mary Wilhite (Carroll Co, IA in 1880 & 1900)
80KetchamHarriet Martha09/25/18582/7/1950sister of Joanna L Ketcham - d/o John Emmons & Martha (Wheaton) Ketcham
80KetchamJoanna L18561926sister of Harriet Martha Ketcham - d/o John Emmons & Martha (Wheaton) Ketcham
80KetchamJohn Emmons02/29/18246/28/1902s/o John & Johanna (Burnett) Ketchem
80KetchamMartha (Wheaton)07/30/18254/24/1915w/o John Emmons Ketcham - d/o Squire & Mercy (Jacobus) Wheaton
80LakeGeorgiana Louise07/15/18835/9/1975RN - sister of Ida Lake
80LakeIda Martha18812/1/1973sister of Georgiana Lake
80VannessSarah Louise02/23/18531/3/1911d/o Francis P & Anna M (Ketcham) Vanness - born NJ
81BrayHelen (Milne)10/09/18719/10/1902w/o Willis W Bray
81BrayWillis W10/01/18623/15/1921 
82YountLois Althea2/19/19186/26/1918d/o Dale & Ruth (Bray) Yount
84BrayDon 1996ashes
84BrayMinnie L (Purcell)7/26/19036/6/1994d/o Geo & Lulu Purcell
84BrayPatricia H10/18/192812/26/1929d/o Percy & Minnie L (Purcell) Bray
84BrayPercy M11/05/18954/4/1971s/o Willis W & Helen (Milne) Bray
86LakeAdelbert W19041904s/o Orson & Maude Lake
86LakeEleanor (Jacobus)18481900w/o Edward Lake (Edward buried in OH)
86MannAlice (Lake)18741916w/o Charlie R Mann
86MannCharlie R18721929 
86MannFrederick J19131913Unclear whether there are two infants buried here (Frederick & Jessie)? Only 1 death record at courthouse
86MannJessie Gerald1/10/19134/9/19133 mos - s/o Charlie R & Alice (Lake) Mann
89ByerlyLeslie04/22/189807/23/1899s/o C H & L A Byerly
90ConditArthur 04/05/18701 yr 1 mo 13 days - s/o Charles Edgar & Mary A Condit
90ConditMary A 09/08/187026 yrs 7 mos 18 days - 1st w/o Charles Edgar Condit
90ConditNorton S 12/15/187121 yrs 18 mos 23 days - s/o Lorenzo & Maria (Wheaton) Condit
91KetchamLucinda E06/06/184607/27/1893w/o Lewis B Ketcham
91KetchamLucy May  d/o Lewis B & Lucinda E Ketcham
91KetchamPhebe (Condit)03/26/182707/27/1896w/o Ezra Ketcham (who died 03/02/1902) - p/o Sarah (Ketcham) Ogden & Lewis & Geo. Ketcham
92OgdenAlvin Condit184605/22/1899 
92OgdenSarah Johanna (Ketcham)09/18/18495/18/1934w/o Alvin Condit Ogden - d/o Ezra & Phoebe (Condit) Ketcham - informant: Berry Miller
94Barker(infant) 03/02/1861s/o A W & Almira E (Dodge) Barker
94BarkerA W 10/18/186032 yrs - wife: Almira Dodge
94BarkerAlbert W 08/03/187113 yrs 1 mo 15 days
94BarkerLaura 05/05/185710 yrs 1 mo - d/o A W & Almira E (Dodge) Barker
94ClouseAlmira E (Dodge) Barker Tucker184205/00/1891no stone - w/o A W Barker, Jesse Tucker, & Geo D Clouse
94ClouseGeorge D1845 no stone - 1900 census with new wife, Mrs. Ella Sloper in Benton Co., Ark. - children: Geo Francis b 1876, Edgar b 1878, & Harriet N b 1873
94ClouseVictor H02/15/188302/02/1885s/o George D & Almira E (Dodge) Clouse
95MillsapEdgar Merton18651920 
95MillsapOra O18921912s/o Edgar & Medora Millsap
96SmedleyCharles H 09/26/187969 yrs 1 mos 21 days - Walworth Co., WI -1st wife: Marcia Ann DeLong - 2nd wife: Lydia M
96SmedleyFrank E 09/03/187229 yrs 10 mos 26 days - s/o Charles H & Marcia Ann (DeLong) Smedley
98CooperCelia E18751918 
98CooperFranklin Matthew10/05/18694/29/1947s/o Francis & Mary Ann (O'Conner) Cooper
98GreenHazel Leona (Cooper)3/12/19012/6/1988w/o John A Green - d/o Frank & Celia (Jackson) Cooper
98GreenJohn A12/12/18909/12/1983s/o Jonas & Maria (Farragher) Green
99PlamadoreFrederick J18691945s/o Thomas & Ellen M (Dawe) Plamadore
101FairbanksEdith (Clough)06/30/18965/8/1932w/o Lester Fairbanks
102ChopperJohn P07/09/18318/16/1904Co K 6th Reg IA Cav
102ChopperNancy A (Perry) Reed03/24/183610/26/1931w/o Joseph Reed (Civil War) & 2nd wife of John Chopper - d/o Jonathon & Elizabeth (Sterling) Perry - born Ashe Co., NC
102MartinJonas 08/09/187270 yrs 3 mos 16 days
102MartinJonathon 03/12/187125 yrs 1 mo 15 days - Civil War? -s/o Jonas Martin
103DodgeEddie 10/19/1871s/o Ira C & Martha (Guy) Dodge

105Lake(infant) 3/10/1911child of Arthur John & Mabel (Watt) Lake
105LakeArthur John02/26/18796/8/1960 
105LakeMabel (Watt)02/23/188303/00/1911 w/o Arthur John Lake
105SanfordFranklin A 07/20/18704 yrs 1 mo 4 days -s/o P & E J Sanford
106BruceM F Zamora 02/04/18752 yrs 7 days - d/o William W & Jennie V (Burlingham) Bruce
106LakeEmma (Ketcham)08/27/18532/25/1942w/o George W Lake
106LakeGeorge W18471882 
106LakeGeorge Wm  1874(infant)
107DudleyNellie A 06/06/18711 yr 6 mos - d/o Samuel H & Emma M Dudley
110HelmerForest V 02/12/18922 mos 19 days - s/o James & Maggie A Helmer
111HannaEdgar Merton03/21/18759/15/1945s/o Presley & Melvina (Black) Hanna
111HannaEloise Maud (Mitchell)01/03/18789/26/1963born KS- w/o Edgar Hanna - d/o Phillip & Mary (Woods) Mitchell
112JacobusJohny 09/25/18858 yrs 4 mos 21 days -Foster child raised by Wesley Jacobus family - drowned at Cass Center school picnic
113KetchamGreta B11/9/19043/21/1906d/o George T & Katrena (Croat) Ketcham
114HannaMelvina (Black)12/17/18435/20/1918w/o Presley Hanna - d/o Thomas K & Susanna (Everhart) Black
115HannaAletha Melvina08/19/18944/23/1913d/o Arthur & Carrie A (Hale) Hanna
115HannaArthur L18613/4/1902born Stillman Valley, IL
117Pierce/PearceAmanda M 01/10/188169 yrs 5 mos 24 days - w/o Noah Pierce - p/o Lizzie A Bowers
118CrawfordEunice D (Leonard)18273/15/1901w/o John Ambrose Crawford - p/o Emma E, Jessie, Leta M & John
118CrawfordJohn Ambrose18253/20/1902b Mercer Co., PA - s/o Alexander & Rachel Crawford - listed as Thomas A Crawford on 1856 census
118Davidson? Crawford?Willis S 1862s/o H & C Davidson?
119BurlinghamGeorge09/09/180504/22/1881s/o George & Hannah (Welch) Burlingham
119BurlinghamJames Franklin04/13/18545/24/1941s/o George & Mary (Saxby) Burlingham - wife: Ida May Peck
119BurlinghamMary Ann Winslow(Saxby)09/24/18101876w/o George Burlingham - d/o Mark & Anna (Knowlton) Saxby
120BrainardFrank J9/24/18423/12/1902 
120BrainardGrace M18721879 
120BrainardMartha E (Price)08/15/18383/20/1923w/o Frank J Brainard
120BrainardFranklin J05/00/188006/00/18811 yr 1 mo 4 days - s/o Frank J & Martha E (Price) Brainard
121ByerlyFrankie (Sibley) 04/10/189129 yrs 8 mos - w/o Frank M Byerly - only dau. of Alfred J & Elizabeth F Sibley
122AldermanChauncey B11/18/186311/01/1864s/o Judson & Helen Merlissa (French) Alderman
122AldermanJudson M09/14/186510/01/1865s/o Judson & Helen Merlissa (French) Alderman
122AldermanSara C09/12/187108/22/1872d/o Judson & Helen Merlissa (French) Alderman
123HamiltonAgnes 04/19/188952 yrs - d/o Thomas & Mary Hamilton
123HamiltonEliza 05/28/186787 yrs 20 days - w/o William Hamilton
123HamiltonMary (Campbell?) 00-28-188?4th w/o Thomas Hamilton
123HamiltonMary S 12/05/188119 yrs 11 mos 21 days - d/o Andrew & Sarah Ann (Shuber) Hamilton
123HamiltonThomas05/06/179908/22/18914 wives: Miss Cabee, Mary Fisher & Mary Campbell -per will - brother: Andrew b 1824, sister: Sarah Wallace b 1823
124HaskinsEmily F05/19/183204/18/1865w/o Dr D Shadrack Haskins
125PeltonMarshall Oliver 02/05/18761 yr 1 mo 21 days - s/o J C & S J Pelton
126BarlowRosa Adell (Chopper)02/16/18741/28/1903w/o Harry T Barlow - d/o John & Nancy (Perry) Chopper
127ShultsRalph Edmond 01/31/18713 mos 10 days - s/o J H & E A Shults
128PlamadoreEllen M 08/22/187915 days - d/o Thomas & Ellen M Plamadore
128PlamadoreEllen M (Dame) 08/08/187929 yrs 4 mos 13 days - w/o Thomas Plamadore - d/o Jerome & Adaline Dame
128PlamadoreSherman 02/28/189224 yrs 2 days - s/o Thomas & Ellen (Dame) Plamadore
128PlamadoreThomas10/17/18306/6/19072nd wife: Lilah Davis - s/o Enos & Louisa (Long) Plamadore
130JacksonLeafel L (Millsap)18801916w/o William V Jackson
130JacksonWilliam V10/02/187612/16/1915s/o Wm & Loretta (Corwin/Corbin) Jackson
132WilcoxY 01/02/18761 yr 1 mo 1 day - baby dau. of Pard & Sarah (Cook) Wilcox
133DodgeElisha03/12/181708/31/1891sister: Mary Ober of Johnson, Lamoille Co., VT
133DodgeHarriet N (Clark)01/08/181812/31/1890d/o Deacon Enos & Eunice (Haskell) Clark
134WallaceIda E 03/23/18611 yr 6 mos 18 days - d/o John & Sarah (Hamilton) Wallace
134WallaceJohn 12/17/187045 yrs - wife: Sarah Hamilton
134WallaceSarah (Hamilton) 11/11/189149 yrs (either age or death date wrong - probably died 1871) - wife of John Wallace & mother of Warren W Wallace)
135DayAlfred A 09/13/18679 yrs 2 days - s/o Orson Thomas & Agnes Jane (Hamilton) Day
135DayGeorgeafter 1858  s/o Orson Thomas & Agnes Jane (Hamilton) Day
135DayOrson Thomas, Jr 09/04/1879 s/o Orson Thomas & Agnes Jane (Hamilton) Day - killed by bull
136WattAndrew12/28/188010/29/1964s/o George & Ellen (Horn) Watt
136WattEllen (Horn)08/24/18579/30/1951w/o George Watt
136WattGeorge10/27/18487/24/1925Aberdeenshire, Scot.
137BrainardEdward Dale19171920s/o Geo & Emma (Pfiel) Brainard
137BrainardEmma Caroline (Pfeil)10/12/18771/29/1961 
137BrainardEsther Elaine11/3/19181/2/1993d/o Geo & Emma (Pfiel) Brainard
137BrainardGeorge Morton04/26/18803/4/1962 
138StimpsonBertha (Blassing)1/8/190112/31/1990w/o Thomas Stimpson -d/o August & Bertha (Fairbanks) Blassing
138StimpsonBlassing 9/26/19213/2/1922 
138StimpsonGeorge Felix1/11/19316/18/1951s/o Thomas & Bertha (Blassing) Stimpson
138StimpsonHarriet Ann9/26/19213/2/1922d/o Thomas & Bertha (Blassing) Stimpson
138StimpsonThomas07/30/18936/18/1974s/o John & Anna (Specht) Stimpson
138StimpsonThomas Jr12/16/192610/31/1927s/o Thomas & Bertha (Blassing) Stimpson
139BaileyDelilah L (Merritt)18321875 
139BaileyPhilena D18231866 
140BlackMary Elizabeth06/00/185811/05/1879d/o Thomas Kenedy & Susanna (Everhart) Black
140BlackSusanna (Everhart)06/11/182212/21/1886w/o Thomas Kenedy Black
140BlackThomas Kenedy09/25/181712/12/1905 
140JonesE I (Eabin/Ebin) 11/04/1878wife, Sarah J, was a dau. Of Thomas Kenedy & Susanna (Everhart) Black - steward at county home
142CrawfordAlexander 07/12/186675 yrs 17 days - 2nd war with England (War of 1812?) - 1st wife Rachel - 2nd wife Lorena
142HaleCarrie (Black) 05/07/188124 yrs 11 mos 13 days -1st w/o John K Hale - d/o Thomas Kenedy & Susanna (Everhart) Black
143KetchamLulu 02/18/18842 yrs 10 mos 18 days - d/o Wm Louis & Ruby (Stone) Ketcham
143KetchamRuby M (Stone)18541918 
143KetchamWm Louis02/18/18517/23/1906s/o John Emmons & Martha (Wheaton) Ketcham
144ThompsonEllen Elizabeth (Gage)07/28/182912/19/189162 yrs - w/o Milo C Thompson - born Bradford, MA
144ThompsonMilo Caleb 04/09/188470 yrs 9 mos - born Dutchess Co, NY - twin of Milton Thompson - s/o Leonard & Sarah M Thompson
145ConditAlvin Pierson03/22/180102/01/1883founder of Cass. Cong. Church
145ConditForrest E07/28/18941/19/1902s/o Edgar Silas & Jennie Zeolia (Byerly) Condit
145ConditMaria (Jacobus)12/04/180202/21/1883 
146ConditEmiley (Crane)05/20/183907/06/18901st w/o Wm G Condit
146ConditLalie A09/06/186803/24/1882d/o Wm G & Emiley (Crane) Condit
146Condit  1884stillborn child of Wm G & Emiley (Crane) Condit
148CadyJames D 10/04/186417 yrs 9 mos - s/o Cornelius Sidney & Rebecca T (Morgan) Cady
148CadyWilliam C 12/23/186111 yr 10 mos 7 days - s/o Cornelius Sidney & Rebecca T (Morgan) Cady
149ThomasBennett E 03/11/186327 yrs 3 mos 29 days - s/o Solomon & Eliza Ann (Hawkins) Thomas
149ThomasEliza Ann (/Hawkins)12/08/18162/10/190790 yrs 2 mos 3 days - w/o Solomon Thomas - d/o John Hawkins - born Daviess Co., IN
149ThomasJohn 09/18/186329 yrs 10 mos -s/o Solomon & Eliza Ann (Hawkins) Thomas
149ThomasSarah E 11/26/186216 yrs 1 mo 6 days - d/o Solomon & Eliza Ann (Hawkins) Thomas
149ThomasSolomon 04/24/188071 yrs 5 mos 13 days - died Independence, IA -s/o Bennett & Betsy Thomas

150NickolAnna G 02/17/187233 yrs - w/o Henry Nickol
150NickolCharlotte 05/26/188221 yrs 7 mos 28 days - d/o Henry & Anna G Nickol
151LewisAlva F 03/03/18648 mos 27 days - d/o S N & Tabitha Lewis
151LewisFanny J 02/28/18613 yrs 3 mos 12 days - d/o S N & Tabitha Lewis
152LineBelle Berniece (Bruce)03/31/18811/15/1958d/o Wm & Jennie (Burlingham) Bruce
152LineWm D08/02/18776/19/1965s/o Wm & Ella Line
152LynchFred L18691928 
153BennettThomas 10/18/188265 yrs 8 mos 24 days
153DayNewton J186612/17/1909died at County Home as "Nelson" Day - s/o Valentine W B Day
153DayValentine W B07/27/184102/10/1890Co G 14 S PA Vol. - wives: Mary Marble & Josephine B. ????
154RowleyEttie May 11/22/18641 yr 8 mos 11 daysd/o J A & Martha Rowley
154RowleyFrankie A 08/15/186111 mos 22 days - child of J A & Martha Rowley
155BruceHarry A03/04/18913/28/1911s/o William H & Jennie V (Burlingham) Bruce
155BruceJennie V (Burlingham)02/01/18521/16/1915her middle name may be Bell -w/o William H Bruce - d/o George & Mary Ann (Saxby) Burlingham
155BruceWilliam H18421909GAR
155StonerOra (Bruce)18841919d/o Wm H & Jennie (Burlingham) Bruce
156StrongAdaline H (Fobes) 02/03/188851 yrs 1 mo 2 days - w/o Henry R Strong
156StrongEddy  1 mo 10 days - s/o Henry R & Adaline H (Fobes) Strong
156StrongJessie  4 mos - child of Henry R & Adaline H (Fobes) Strong
157KelleyJames M 12/12/186733 yrs 14 days
157KelleySamuel B 03/09/186825 yrs 2 mos 4 days
157KelleyWilber L 04/24/18681 yr 8 mos 5 days - s/o J M & L Kelley
158DayCarrie10/14/18915/30/1907twin of Harry -d/o Thomas W & Laura A (Franklin) Day
158DayJane A08/21/188908/21/1894d/o Thomas W & Laura A (Franklin) Day
158DayLaura Ann (Franklin)18633/21/1925 (or 1926)w/o Thomas W Day
158DayThomas/Thompson W07/25/18627/26/1949s/o Orson Thomas & Agnes Jane (Hamilton) Day
159DayAgnes Jane (Hamilton)01/26/18267/12/1918born in Scotland/Ireland -w/o Orson Thomas Day
159DayCaroline (Healy)18611931w/o Simon O Day
159DaySimon O18561919s/o Orson Thomas & Agnes Jane (Hamilton) Day
160KetchamElmer S12/01/18659/19/1951s/o John Emmons & Martha (Wheaton) Ketcham
160KetchamJohn E12/30/19009/10/1987s/o Elmer & Rilla E (Holcomb) Ketcham
160KetchamRilla E (Holcomb)05/04/187710/20/1940 
165RobinsonWesley 02/02/187110 mos - s/o L& M Robinson
166WalkerRuby E  01/05/1873d/o J & M J Walker
167BundyAbram E A07/10/187712/5/1908s/o William R & Alda Lilla Z (Bottenberg) Bundy
167BundyAda Lilla Z (Bottenberg)12/13/18558/20/1911w/o W R Bundy -d/o Abram & Sarah (Perry) Bottenberg
167BundyGus E07/10/187712/5/1908s/o William R & Alda Lilla Z (Bottenberg) Bundy
168ElliottDerek Dale11/22/19878/20/2008grandson of Kenneth & Dorothy (Lloyd) Humpal
168HumpalDorothy Kay (Lloyd)2/1/194912/30/1994w/o Kenneth Humpal - d/o Dale & Dorthy (Hanssen) Lloyd
169Osborn(dau.)  A 3rd dau. of David & Anna M Osborn buried here.
169OsbornJessie F 03/26/18642 yrs 2 mos 4 days - d/o David & Anna M Obsorn
169OsbornLouisa G 05/24/186111 mos 20 days - d/o David & Anna M Osborn
170EakinsJohn 06/21/1882 
170MitchellElizabeth (Maiden Name?) Pitcher07/08/182507/28/1887w/o Lovell Aramel Mitchell & ??? Pitcher
170PitcherSpencer 07/12/186779 yrs 8 mos 12 days
170PitcherSusan (Bryant) 11/07/188485 yrs 10 mos 7 days -w/o Spencer Pitcher
171ThornleyAlice 08/31/188076 yrs 7 mos 17 days - w/o J Thornley - born Eng. - son: Peter
172HaleAugustus S182203/02/186846 yrs 1 mo 3 days
172HaleMyrta C 11/04/188656 yrs 6 mos 10 days - w/o Augustus S Hale
173FullerEliza H (Hervey) 07/28/189171 yrs 11 mos 4 days - there is a broken marker with "F E F" on it Possibly Frank Fuller b 1860 NY.
173FullerStephen Bishop 04/19/186849 yrs 7 mos 27 days
174MonroeHarvey H1841190431st IA Co 3
174MonroeMartha A (Hale) 04/13/1898w/o Harvey H Monroe - d/o Augustus C Hale
174MonroeMinnie18751876d/o Harvey H & Martha (Hale) Monroe
176HouseAmanda Evaline (Baldwin)07/14/18691/1/1909w/o Harvey D House - d/o ??? & ??? (Brantwait) Baldwin of NY
178ConditHarley 02/10/18761 yr 6 mos - s/o of Albert P & Kate A Condit?
178Condit?  03/26/1896broken stone
179Ogden?(elderly person)  Rumor says "elderly aunt" of Parke Ogden (son of John M Ogden)
181ConditCharles E02/22/187908/25/1881s/o Albert P & Kate A Condit
181ConditJoseph Smith05/09/18341927died in Centralia, KS
181ConditMary Elizabeth (Ogden)10/31/18325/31/1907w/o Joseph Smith Condit - d/o Silas & Jane (McCord) Ogden
181Condit  04/11/1884infant of Wm G & Emily Condit
182OgdenHannah Matilda (Condit)02/14/18254/5/1900w/o J M Odgen - d/o Alvin Pierson & Maria (Jacobus) Condit
182OgdenJennie M 07/05/18796 yrs - d/o John M & Hannah M (Condit) Ogden
182OgdenJohn M04/17/181801/09/1881s/o Silas & Jane (McCord) Ogden
183ColtonLois Elvira? (Worden)10/03/183011/17/1908w/o Miles Colton - d/o John & Esther (Whitney) Worden
183ColtonMiles18302/25/1930s/o Miles & Lois (Worden) Colton
184BootsHenry L 03/25/189570 yrs 1 mo 13 days - informant: Mrs. Arndt of Nora Springs, IA
184BootsOrpha E (Edson)08/21/18347/8/1922w/o Henry L Boots
184Rhatigan  11/21/18928 yrs - d/o Edmund & Laura (Boots) Rhatigan - grandson of Henry L & Orpha (Edson) Boots
186GrahamFilena Olive (Andrews)04/22/183602/16/1888w/o James T Graham
186GrahamJames T09/06/183002/17/1898 
187CookDwight Edrus07/07/18754/24/1956teacher in Chicago - ashes returned for burial
187CookGrace (Monroe)10/31/18795/9/1965d/o Harvey & Martha (Hale) Monroe
188Graham(male child) 11/20/1886s/o Chester Graham
188GrahamMaudie May03/19/186801/24/1890d/o Chester E & L E Graham
190JacksonAdelaide E18721905d/o William & Loretta Jackson
190JacksonLoretta (Corbin)08/15/184010/23/1917w/o William Jackson - d/o Wm & Cecil (Campbell) Corbin
191ParkinsonSusie E 04/10/18629 yrs 9 mos 17 days - d/o W & O Parkinson
191ParkinsonWillie S 02/27/18625 yrs 6 mos
192BruceClinton F18721931 
192LloydHattie H (Bruce)03/04/18915/17/1957w/o James Lee Lloyd - d/o Wm & Jennie Bruce
192LloydJames Alexander09/10/188112/18/1969s/o Harry & Alice (Leyard) Lloyd
192LloydJames Lee18851969 
193WheatonOrson18381857s/o Squire & Mercy (Jacobus) Wheaton - brother of Marth (Wheaton) Ketcham
194LloydDale C19241982s/o James & Hattie Lloyd
194LloydJames Lee5/19/19193/5/1976WWII - s/o James & Hattie (Bruce) Lloyd
195LloydDorothy Lucille (Hanssen)10/12/19251/13/1997d/o Arthur & Blanche (Eilers) Hanssen
195LloydRonald Lee7/27/19515/30/1971s/o Dale and Dorothy (Hanssen) Lloyd
196Smithinfant08/18/188909/18/1889maybe child of William & Phebe E (Mayberry) Smith
196SmithLester03/17/188208/15/18825 mos. - s/o William & Phebe Smith?
196SmithMary F01/19/186908/16/188212 yrs 7 mos 15 days - d/o William M & Phebe E (Mayberry) Smith?
196SmithOsta May06/26/188311/24/1887d/o William & Phebe E (Mayberry)Smith?
197KurthHoward B9/4/19083/22/1998marr. 11/15/1929
197KurthMary Ann (Davis)1/7/19132/19/1990 
198KurthDonald Wayne 7/5/1950s/o Howard and Mary Kurth
UnkBaker/Eakins?John  06/21/188245 yrs 10 mos 12 days
UnkDawsonOliver 02/02/1892Death Cert #987 - born Iowa, 22 yrs old - single

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