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Center Cemetery
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This cemetery appears twice in the USGS listing. Once as Center and once as Green Center with two sets of coordinates.

Photos: Virginia Larson

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History of Center/Green Church & Cemetery

In June 1870, H.P. Farnham and wife sold to the trustees of the United Brethren Church about 1 1/2 acres of land for $22.50. No records are available, but judging from recollections of the descendants of the builders of the Center Chapel, it is believed that the building was erected in the early to mid 1870s. It was a neighborhood project and was constructed by volunteer labor and donated materials Previous to the erection of this building, worship services, Sunday School meetings, debates, singing school sessions, spelling bees, and lyceums were held in the Green schoolhouse.

At the completion of the building, the Methodists and United Brethren held church activities there. For some years, the members of the two denominations worshipped jointly. Later, as their membership increased, the groups met separately. Each denomination had its own pastor.

In 1889, the Methodists moved their worship services to a building in Morley and in 1896, built the present Morley First United Methodist Church. The United Brethren group continued to worship at the Center Chapel until mid-1910 when they dedicated their new church in Morley, the present Faith United Methodist Church.

In 1896, this small country church was well established and had a faithful attendance at its evening services and Sunday School Class Meetings. Cyrus Lamb was Sunday School Superintendent and President of the Young Peoples' Christian Union. George Smith was laity pastor.

The rostrum was rebuilt and a new carpet was added in 1905. A box social was held to help raise money for these expenses. The church was reshingled in 1908 at a cost of $58.00. All labor was donated. Reverend Sammy Weaver preached there several years. Clifford Pieper also preached there. In the mid-twenties prayer meeting was held on Wednesday evenings.

According to news clipping, a thriving Sunday School was held there for a number of years. Inspiring Memorial Day, Christmas, and Children's Day programs were presented to large interested audiences. Great credit for these accomplishments was due to the devoted efforts of Mrs. Nina Willison, Mrs. Myrtle Bixler, and others of the neighborhood.

In June 1933, a most enjoyable and rewarding strawberry-and-ice-cream social was held on the church lawn. Harve Northey, who lived nearby and was a staunch supporter of the organization, donated his lovely home-grown strawberries. There was no limit to the servings of berries. Eleven gallons of ice cream were served, with a net proceeds of $13.00 to benefit the cemetery.

The original Center Cemetery was located west of the Center church. It is uncertain just how far the original cemetery extended to the west. Senior citizens believe that the northwest portion of the present cemetery was a first addition. A later addition was purchased from W. W. Bixler and his wife, Myrtle, August 13, 1923 for the sum of $200.00. In April 1970 another addition, approximately seven-tenths of an acre, was purchased from John Rickels at a cost of $500.00.

March 22, 1933, the Center Cemetery Association accepted the transfer of the church building from the United Brethren Conference to the Center Cemetery Association. Records state that a cemented drive was constructed through the cemetery in 1962 at a cost of $884.36. The church building was reshingled in 1965 costing $564.86.

In 1966 a new fence was built along the north side of the cemetery and in 1970, along the south side. The corner posts were donated by Harlan Tallman.

In the summer and fall of 1970, considerable repair work was done on the building. Two coats of paint were applied by hand. The cost of this material and labor was met by the Cemetery Association and generous donations from interested people, far and near.

At the meeting of the Center Cemetery Association in 1929, the wage for sexton Frank Hughes was set at 30 cents per hour. Mr. Hughes had served as sexton for more than thirty years. At his retirement, his son, Albert (Allie) assumed these duties. At Allie's death, friends and neighbors, Ivan Duncan, Harlan Tallman and Avert Cook prepared the grave by hand. They received $50.00 for their services. This they donated to the Center Cemetery Association.

Adapted from Morley Centennial Book of 1973.
Submitted by Rosalie Ahrendsen

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone.This reading of Center Cemetery provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society was converted to Excel by Eric Huffstutler and formatted in html by Richard Harrison. Eric has added additional information (in parentheses) and maiden names [in brackets]. In order to preserve the privacy of survivors, JCGS did not provide burials occurring after 1980. Some additional information on those buried after 1980 has been added by various submitters.

Lists of known burials WITHOUT STONES, of burials that appear on the WPA LIST but not currently identifiable, and of LOT OWNERS appear below.

ArchibaldAlta 1918birth or death date?-no death Cert in Jones Co
ArchibaldCharles Roy03/14/18917/27/1971IA Pvt. Co. C 118th inf. WWI
ArchibaldClara A.(01/21/)1900(06/00/)1980 
ArchibaldJunior 1922birth or death date?-no death Cert in Jones Co
ArchibaldPernal D.(03/21/)1889(06/00/)1966 
ArchibaldViolet 1920birth or death date?-no death Cert in Jones Co
AustinDaisy F.(08/09)1903(06/00/)1976 
AustinElla E.18861952 
AustinFred L.(07/22)190004/00)1968parents of Florence, Kenneth, Leonard & Leland
AustinRufus B.(06/00)18771937son of Thomas Austin and Mary (Pressler)
AxlineGrace Bell [Brutsman](07/13/)1885(07/02/)1960 Married Joseph Jefferson Axline, February 6, 1902 in Maquoketa, Jackson county, born in Wyoming, Jones county, died in Cedar Rapids, Linn county. Parents: Franklin Aaron Brutsman and Lucy Ann Fox. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
AxlineJoseph Jefferson Sr.(07/14/)1861(07/27/)1937 Married Grace Belle Brutsman, February 6, 1902 in Maquoketa, Jackson county. Born Columbus, Ohio, died Anamosa. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
AxlineJoseph Jefferson Jr.(4/21)1917(3/4)1986 Married Melva Lorene Jayne, October 22, 1945 in Davenport. Born in Anamosa, died Cedar Rapids, Linn county. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
AxlineMelva(9/7)1928(12/24)1978 Married Joseph Jefferson Axline, October 22, 1945 in Davenport, Scott county. Born Iowa City, Johnson county, died Anamosa. Patents: Arthur Kenny Jayne and Clara Ruth Madsen. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
AxlineRobert D.4/23/195404/25/1954 
BatesMary [Ganser]18381923 
BickerstaffAurelea A. [Shumaker]18361905 Photo: Virginia Larson
BickerstaffEthold V.18681926 
BickerstaffJames(01/29/1800)05/24/187676 yrs 1 mo 24 days
BickerstaffJames R.18701960 
BickerstaffJane 12/07/187570 yrs part of stone missing
BickerstaffJeanette Ruth May05/12/192003/17/1922 
BickerstaffJennie M. [Smith](06/04)1880(03/17/)1973 
BickerstaffMargaret [Brown]18701951 
BickerstaffNathan18431914 Photo: Virginia Larson
BickerstaffRobert Harlan(01/03)1905(04/24/)1979 Photo: Virginia Larson
BickerstaffRuth19061996 Photo: Virginia Larson
Blayney(Infant Son) 1/10/1917son of J. C. & L. S.
BlayneyAmanda E.(06/09)1895(09/29/)1971 
BlayneyClifford M.19171929 
BlayneyDarrell Price10/03/191202/27/1978 
BlayneyDavid Price18791956 
BlayneyElizabeth [Patnode]18831961 
BlayneyEvelyn Mae12/28/191506/15/1971 
BlayneyGarland Cecil(06/00/)18971933 
BlayneyHenry Franklin(03/00/)18531924 
BlayneyJohn Clifford18821961same stone as Elizabeth
BlayneyMary Catherine [Grafft]18541931 
BlayneyOpal A.11/24/19048/14/1909 
BlayneySarah B. [Longerbeam]18881959 
BootsAngeline (E?) T. [Tallman](12/18)18601935daughter of John and Lucinda Tallman
BootsAnna Catherine [Wurzbacher]11/18/185611/14/1927 
BootsArthur, Sr06/22/189207/02/1968 
BootsClayton(03/11/1891)09/01/18921 yr 5 mos 21 days - son of R. T. & A.
BootsDaniel02/15/182401/11/1908born in Sussex, England
BootsMary Ann [Sly]07/24/182401/08/1908 
BootsMary Jane [Tallman](04/17/1855)11/26/188833 yrs 7 mos 9 days - wife of Elmer J. Boots
BootsRobert Thomas(07/10)18651913 
BootsWilliam Ambrose04/30/185209/14/1937 
BoydJames E.18631947 
BoydMary D.18791959 
BrownEarl Justin18941943 
BruceLee(04/16)1887(01/00/)1964Vet WWI
BruceLily L.18831957 
BunceJasper N.18611926 
BunceLomeda C.18591935 
ButschiAdelia T.18841922 
ByerlyArlando E.(01/01)18711937 
ByerlyCordelia [Merritt]08/11/187004/22/1942 
ByerlyFrank A.18551929 son of Wm & Mary (Shew/Shoe) Byerly. Husband of (1) Malinda "Lennie" Merritt and (2) Minora "Mina" J. Kramer.Photo: Virginia Larson
ByerlyLuella L.18821885dau of Frank A & Malinda (Merritt) Byerly
ByerlyMalinda J. [Merritt](09/10/1858)06/20/189637 yrs 9 mos 10 days—1st wife of Frank.
ByerlyMary A. [Shew/Shoe]01/08/183205/01/1897Wife of William.
ByerlyMaude E. [Starry](01/00/)18791939daughter of Jacob and Mary Starry
ByerlyMinora "Mina" J. [Kramer]18641926dau of Adam & Katherine (Mann) Kramer. 2nd wife of Frank.
ByerlyUlysses Grant09/22/186604/10/1915 
ByerlyWilliam H.07/16/182812/21/1895 
ByersAnna M.18751942 
ByersDavid Dixon18581912 
ByersEliza Ellen18611936 
ByersNeita M.12/13/18984/6/1921 
ChismanRuth H.191610/02/1966 
ClymerAlbert (Jefferson)(11/17)18271896 
ClymerMary [Fisher](11/13/1804)04/03/189085 yrs 5 mos - wife of Charles
ClymerSarah Elizabeth [Shoemaker](03/01)1842(11/28)1906wife of Albert
ColeHubert G.(02/00/)18781950 
ColeLeta (Leota?) L. [Starry](02/00/)18811948 
CookFred04/21/188904/22/1953PFC US Marine WWI
CookLaura June [Tallman]18891972 
Cozart"Clara" Della [Grieser]1886(12/17)1927 
Cozart"Mary" Jane [Lindley]05/13/186006/17/189536 yrs - same stone as Andrew
CozartAndrew "Levi"03/22/18513/12/192271 yrs
CozartClement "Lacy"(12/23/)1883(11/04/)1972 
CozartEd Clement1/31/1911 11/09/1969parents: Clement & Della (Grieser) Cozart
CozartEmma Susan [Grieser](03/24)1890(01/27)1937 
CozartJess Clinton(12/18)1885(05/17)1966 
CuldiceEmma J. [Pease](05/05/1856)02/12/187922 yrs 9 mos 7 days - wife of Samuel T.
DarseeCleo W.19061906 
DarseeElsie Myrtle [Eye] Burt(07/05/)1883(05/19/)19713rd husbands, first was Ira R. Grassfeld
DarseeVera E.19031910 
DarseeWilliam "Bill" Joseph1881(09/18)1907 
DaubIra C.(08/02/)190108/00/ 1980 
DaubJohn H.18991961 
DeWaldFlorence Margaret [Eye](03/10/)1890(01/28/)1976 
DeWaldRaymond F.08/19/189301/13/1970IA Pvt US Army WW2
DickeyLester O.(01/07)1884(06/23/)1963 
DickeyMaymie C.1886(07/05)1972 
Duncan(Infant daughter)(1906)1906 
DuncanBessie "Marie" [Hotz](06/09/)1895(08/19/)1976 
DuncanChauncey Earl(11/16)1879(07/03)1962 
DuncanMyrtle Jane [Blayney](07/08)1885(04/24) 1974Daughter of Henry Frank and Mary Graft Blayney. (Thanks to Liz Coleman for help with this entry.)
DuncanRolland Lawrence1917(09/05)1973 
DuncanRolly Ray(03/21)1886(11/28)1954 
DuncanRoscoe (Earl)(05/20/1904)(12/25/1967)son of C. Earl and Myrtle - no date on stone
DuncanVandy Lawrence 12/13/1945 
EasterlyForrest (J.)(04/10)1882(03/15)1974son of Homer F. and Sarah E.
EasterlyHomer Forrest18571896 
EasterlyRobert A.(W?)(02/10)1927(04/22/)1972 
EasterlySarah E. [Weaver](12/00/)18551919 
ElliottCharles M.10/28/187004/17/1938 
ElliottTamar Thalia [Blayney]04/07/184912/16/1898 
Emerson(Loretta Jane) "Jennie" [Miller]1855(02/06)1880wife of Wesley--2 babies on this lot(names unknown)
EmersonElva [Lawcamp/Laucamp]01/14/189206/12/191725 yrs 4 mos 28 days-dau of Ed & Adela (Busier) Lawcamp/Laucamp-buried with Virgil & Gilbert Emerson
EmersonGilbert02/00/18891946buried on lot with Virgil & Elva (Laucamp) Emerson
EmersonPolly [Starry](09/00/)1867(04/02)1941 
EmersonRoss S.07/14/191402/19/1979husband of Marie
EyeGeorge Randolph09/13/18886/11/1955 
EyeHiram Earl19071924 
EyeJohn Orin04/10/185610/7/1926 
EyeMary Eliza Jane [Jewett]02/25/18593/26/1919wife of John O.
FarnhamAlmira09/10/180006/08/1896wife of John - grandmother to David A.
FarnhamArthur B.04/21/189511/02/1899 
FarnhamDavid Arthur08/25/186409/26/1899son of Hiram Putnam Farnham and Mary C. Ristine
FarnhamElva E. [Miller]18701935 
FarnhamHiram Putnam12/02/183812/25/1915 
FarnhamJames O.(NOV) 18651943 
FarnhamMamie Ella(11/06/1874)10/31/18783 yrs 11 mos 25 days - daughter of E.P. and Mary
FarnhamMary G. [Richtstine]08/16/184310/13/1925wife of H. P.
FarnhamRalph P.10/04/189808/22/1909 
FarringtonSteven Wayne1958(06/00/)1978shares stone with Harlan W. White-Cem. Records say 1974
FindleyDelmar Duane(10/12)1902(01/10)1975parents of 8 children
FordMichael Duane07/29/195807/07/1978son of Janet & Maurice Ford-Cem Records say 1/07/1978
ForemanClayton(01/26/1880)03/12/18801 mo 17 days
FrancisMabel G.18941978 
FranklinCatherine 10/31/189084 yrs 14 days
GanserAlpheus(03/27/1857)10/08/187316 yrs 6 mos 11 days- son of S. & C.
GanserCatherine [Rhodes]07/12/181510/24/187358 yrs 3 mos 12 days -wife of Samuel
GanserEliza J.18401906wife of Samuel
Gilmore(David) Wilson Jr(03/26)1880 died after 1943
Gilmore(Virginia) Grace [Blayney](08/21)1888(09/05/)1977wife of Hal Dale "Hallie" Gilmore
GilmoreDavid W. (Wilson)(05/08)1849(05/02)1918 
GilmoreHal Dale "Hallie"(05/22)1884(02/29)1948 
GilmoreKatherine "Kate" E. [Myers](03/02)1853(09/00/)1917 
GilmoreLaura F.18931918 
GlassDonna Jean19281930 
GlassHoward A.(09/09)1896(05/00/)1976 
GlickInez L.(10/06)1890(12/00/)1974 
GlickRoy F.18831959 
GrafftAmanda Jane [Gilmore](07/04)1857(04/13)1926wife of J. Henry
GrafftChristina [Byerly]03/08/182601/16/1899wife of D. W.
GrafftClarence Ray(09/00/)1887(05/27)1957 
GrafftDavid W.03/21/182505/11/1903last name this generation also spelled Graft
GrafftFrancis Marion "Frank"(12/18)1862(01/25)1946 
GrafftJennie S. [Starry](08/00/)18721955 
GrafftJohn Henry(09/03)18521933 
GrafftMarion D.(03/08)1903(02/00/)1960 
GrafftMary Hortense [Elliott]05/13/187811/30/1909 
GrafftRichard L.(11/17)1929(08/31/1977)birth year also seen as 1930-Korean War
GrafftWilliam Edward05/17/187512/4/1957 
GrassfieldBertha Mable [Eye](08/03)1881(04/08)1903first wife of Ira R.
GrassfieldDavid R.18711947son of David and Lydia
GrassfieldElla E.[Robb]18701962 
GrassfieldElla Zella [Hotz]18901911 
GrassfieldGeorge A.(12/30)1883(09/24)1932 
GrassfieldHoward Ira(08/07)1911(06/12/)1972 
GrassfieldIra Romules(03/10)1873(12/26)1945marr Bertha Eye's sister, Elsie Myrtle, in 1909
GrassfieldJerry D.08/05/18668/31/1903shares stone with Ella E.
GrassfieldKizzie K. A.18911965 
GrassfieldLoretta M.19111950 
GrassfieldNoel A.(11/29)1917(10/00/)1975Pvt Army Air Force WW2
GrassfieldRaymond W.18991964 
GrieserElmer C.18871956 
GrieserGygetty18881975wife of Elmer C Grieser
HammondMatilda C.18801932mother of Ralph R.
HammondRalph R.18991932son of Matilda
HarmsBonnie Sue1960(04/14/)1973lot owner: Capron Garland
HarrisHiram07/22/1836 Civil War
HarrisMartha J.10/28/184803/24/1900wife of Hiram
HarrisWalter Lee01/16/187601/23/1879son of H. & M. J.
HarrisonBenjamin(08/05/1820)07/25/1876 55 yrs 11 mos 20 days. Photo: Richard Harrison
HarrisonMartha A. (Helmick)(04/14/1842)04/12/187431 yrs 11 mos 29 days. Martha was married, first, to Abraham Harrison and, second, to his brother, Henry.
HaskinEdwin E.19241958 
HayesDiaden [Tidd]18521927wife of Harrison A Hayes
HayesHarrison A., Rev.18581926 
HayesMaud I.18831960 
HayesWilber L.18781934 
HollingsworthGolda M. [Hayes](05/26)1890(09/00/)1980dau of Harrison A and Diaden (Tidd) Hayes-w/o of Oscar Newton Hollingsworth
HollingsworthOscar Newton(08/08)1879(11/00/)1963 
HollingsworthWilliam H.11/27/191603/07/1948IA Sgt Air Corp WW2
HoppeMary Ellen(06/23)1917(06/25/)1979 
Hotz(James) Gilbert18881909son of John and Ida
HotzBelle Lillian(07/17)1889(02/01/)1974w/o Wm H Hotz
HotzHenry B. (George?)(02/04)18651950 
HotzIda M. [Lindley](05/20)1861(05/23)1940wife of John
HotzIrvin C.10/10/19031981 Twin of Mervin, son of Henry G. & Laura B. Photo:J. J. Lash
HotzJohn(04/19)18581940shares stone with Ida M.
HotzLaura Belle [Switzer]18751942w/o Henry Geo Hotzdau of Dave & Christina (Lyons) Switzer
HotzOrpha E.18921962daughter of John and Ida
HotzMervin L.10/10/19031981 Twin of Irvin, son of Henry G. & Laura B. Photo: J. J. Lash
HotzPhoebe Jane [Myers](03/21)1854(01/30)1925 
HotzWilliam H.1884(12/05)1950son of John and Ida
HoustonFrances18971928stone erected by Grace Meinke
HughesAnetta M. [Barker](01/09)1902(04/08)1963 Wife of Emmett O. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
HughesAnnie M.18821939 
HughesEmily Jane [Thrap](03/20)1854(07/14)1939 Daughter of William Wilson Thrap and Joannah Elizabeth Sherman. Married, first, William M. Hughes ans, second, Marshall Harvey Tom Bowen (12/23/1913). Nelson Stanley Hughes and William Lewis Hughes were sons of William and Emily. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
HughesEmmett O.19001985 Husband of Anetta M. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
HughesFranklin J.18551932 
HughesGilbert L.07/31/18901/18/1968Iowa Pvt. Co. G 7th Inf. 3rd Div. WWI
HughesHelen Leone(03/24)1923(09/09)1960WPA cemetery reading says (1924-1950)
HughesLenora G.1883  
HughesLucille Mae19255/1/19266 mos 28 days
HughesMary C.18621939 
HughesNelson Stanley(09/01)18891940 Son of William M. and Emily Thrap Hughes. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
HughesOtho Franklin(09/30)1896(08/11)1962 
HughesThomas Albert(04/29)1885(05/12)1957 
HughesWilliam L(ewis)(11/10)18831945 Son of William M. and Emily Thrap Hughes. Cem records say born 1885. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
HughesWilliam Madison "Matthew"(05/20)1857(06/13)1917 Son of Thomas E. Hughes and Mahala J. Plumber. Married Emily Jane Thrap. Nelson Stanley Hughes and William Lewis Hughes were sons of William and Emily. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
HunterArline/Helen R.19271940daughter of L.E. & Pearl
HunterGeorge W.18491923 
HunterLloyd E.(08/10)1888(JUL) 1971 
HunterMabel A.18821956 
HunterMary A. [Austin]18591927dau of Thomas & Mary (Presler) Austin
HunterPearl (Clymer)18941960dau of Samuel W & Gertrude (House) Clymer
HunterT. W.18811952 
IrelandFrances L.18591936mother
IrelandRoland Lester19121933 
IrelandSchuyler Elmer(12/15)1869(09/23)1943 
JaegerElmer L.19061980 
JamisonCarrie R. [Reside](07/04)1863(05/05)1950correct name - Carolyn Barnhart Reside
JamisonFrank Victor(08/16)1865(02/26)1938 
JamisonHarry Lee(08/20)1889(01/01)1954son of Frank and Carrie
JensenNora M.19161958 
JohnsonEva J. [Norton]12/8/186801/01/189526 yrs, 28 days - wife of F. E.
JoslinClifford H.(09/27)1941(07/19)1952 
JurgensenGladys V. [Simmons](10/11)1894(02/27/)1973wife of Max L.
KaufmanDebra Sue06/25/196906/26/1969daughter of Larry & Mary
KaufmanFred C.(08/31)1902(10/19/)1976 
KlineChauncey D.(09/10)1884(05/16)1966Masons
KlineDelmar D.18881925WWI vet.
KlineLaverna F. [Miller]1886(06/14/)1971Eastern Star
Knight(Irena Louise) "Rena" [Sweet](10/17)18581920 
KnightJohn Henry18511927 
KnightPaul S.19001900son of John and Rena
KohlDaniel Amos01/02/18807/28/1963 
KohlHalo Pearl12/25/19077/26/1909 
KohlHarriet A.(12/24)1892(11/00/)1978 
KohlLovinia Inez [Davis]02/28/18765/1/1926wife of Daniel Amos Kohl
KramerElizabeth Ann [Grafft](05/22)1823(10/17)1902wife of Adam
LambEmily C.18681953 
LambGeorge W.03/31/183708/27/1936 
LambMarion E.18641919 
LaneFrank H.08/11/188701/03/1954IA Cook HQ C 212 Engineers WWII
LaneMuriel E. [Bickerstaff]07/27/1900 dau of James R & Jennie M (Smith) Bickerstaff-wife of Frank Lane-lived Blairstown
LangMaria 04/23/187472 yrs wife of Christopher (or 04/01/1874)
LaucampEdw. (Edward) L.18661952 
LewisJessie K.(01/05)1880(11/00/)1976 
LewisWard E.18761957 
Lindly Archie B.(09/21)1894(03/00/)1970 Photo: J. J. Lash
LindlyGeorge O.(11/22)1856(12/07)1943 
LoertscherCraig M.4/12/19516/25/1999 Photo: Virginia Larson
LuskElla E. [Grafft]18641942also known as Elizabeth Ellen and Elizabeth Elba
LuskJ. William18701927 
McClearyCharlie "Charles" E.18681943 
McClearyElizabeth [Lindley](12/30)1857(05/13)1941wife of William W.
McClearyFrancis I.18921898 
McClearyWilliam W.(03/14)1837(12/13)1894 
McDonaldWillard L.(05/03)1921(03/22/)1980Sgt US Army WW2
McMannasElizabeth [Clymer]18741932 
MeinkeEmma M.18741939 
MeinkeFred G.18681949 
MerrillIrene Florence [Grassfield]18681903 
MerrillLawrence A. "Addie"(12/08)1867(12/09)1947 
MerrittHiram Sherman18651949 
MerrittMary Belle [Lamb]18661952 
Miller(Infant Son) 1892in lot with H. Delbert and Florence G.
Miller(Infant son) 07/05/1909son of R. & N.
MillerBarbara F.18751966 
MillerCharles C.18761939 
MillerClarence "Clare" A.18871970son of Thomas & Mandana (Norton) Miller
MillerClifford I(saac)18821948 Son of Joseph H. Miller and Sarah Margaret McConaughy. Husband of Jennie Lorena Hughes. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
MillerCyrus Alvin.186103/14/193574 yrs-wife: Mary Smith & dau survive-parents: Samuel and Mandy (Bellows) Miller
MillerDonovan R.(05/27/1911)11/14/1968died in Orange Co., CA
MillerEdith H.n/dn/d 
MillerEmma F. [Byerly]06/15/185912/30/1918wife of Stacy
MillerFlorence G.(07/21)1899(01/00) 1979daughter of H.D and M. F.
MillerHelen Ilene1/10/191001/23/1910daughter of C.A. & E.L.
MillerHenry Delbert(01/00) 18671945s/o Levi Keller Miller and Mary Ann Green
MillerJacob(12/03/1799)07/16/188181 yrs 7 mos 13 days
MillerJennie Lorena [Hughes]18871985 daughter of William Madison Matthew Hughes and Emily Jane Thrap. Wife of Clifford I. Miller. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
MillerJohn Howard(03/00/)18641950 
MillerJoseph C.18821947 
MillerLevi Keller10/31/182806/10/1917son of Jacob and Mary
MillerMandana S. [Norton]18551942 
MillerMary [Keller](11/12/1803)12/23/189592 yrs 1 mo 11 days - wife of Jacob
MillerMary Ann [Green]09/14/183205/22/1902wife of L. K. Miller
MillerMary L. [Smith?]18681941w/o Cyrus
MillerMerritt E.05/07/189909/26/1912son of R. & N.
MillerMyrtle F [Farnham](06/00) 18681959wife of H. Delbert
MillerNettie (May) [Starry]06/23/188009/13/1913wife of Reitzell Miller
MillerNettie M.18781907 
MillerStacy E.01/28/186003/25/1945 
MillerThomas M.18541934 
MillerWilson B.7/2/190409/09/1918son of R. & N.
Mohr(Baby) 1928 
MohrJohn C.18871943 
MunsingerEve/Eva [Krick](08/06/1790)03/30/1878 87 yrs 7 mos 24 days; b. Germany; mother to John and Henry. Photo shows the three headstones of Eva (Krick) Munsinger, John & Julina Munsinger, and Julina Ella "Nellie" & Cassius "Cash" Shaw. "Nellie was the daughter of John and Julina. Photo and info: Don Boyd
MunsingerHenry03/04/183404/15/1879 born in Carslile twp., Lorain Co., Ohio. Photo & info: Don Boyd
MunsingerJohn Christian12/18/ 18179/21/1917 b. Germany; "104 yrs 9 mos 11 days" Please see note regarding John's age. Juliana: 57 yrs 5 mos 24 days—wife of John. Thanks to Don Boyd for help with this entry.
MunsingerJulina [Fuller](11/08/1822)05/02/1880
MurdockFrances L.19091969 
MurrayHarriett E.(03/22)1896(11/00/)1978wife of Jessie
MurrayJessie C.(05/01/1896)08/08/1974 
MurrayLettie (Mrs)(06/30)1896(04/27) 1979 
MyersElizabeth 07/10/182901/25/1910Elizabeth Irene Corbley Myers, second wife of David Myers (Liz Coleman)
MyersJames A.18671917 
NortheyR. Harvey "Harve"18731958baby of Allen Joslin buried on top of Mr. Northey in 1970/1980 timeframe
NortonDaisy B [Norton] Huber Miller(03/28)1884(04/00/)1980daughter of Elihue and Sarah Norton
NortonElihue18521917daughter: Daisy B. Huber Miller 1884-1980
NortonFrank J.Jackson11/07/18935/13/1913son of E. & S. E. Norton
NortonFred F.11/18/187205/26/1913 
NortonHarvey Lee "Harry"09/01/189707/04/1950bro. of Daisy Norton
NortonHazel May [Snoddy](12/10)1894(04/00/)1978wife of Ralph
NortonHenry D.19061954 
NortonLewis Allen18911892son of E. & S. E. Norton
NortonMabel M.18821961 
NortonMildred19041910daughter of F.& M.
NortonOttis W.18761914 
NortonRalph Victor(07/04)1897(10/19/) 1972 
NortonRaymond Earl5/17/190802/24/1950IA Ec3 USNR WW2
NortonSarah Evelyn [Myers](05/22)1862(02/04)1950wife of Elihue
NortonWilliam Irran18871891son of E. & S. E. Norton
NostVelma B.11/3/19104/11/1914daughter of E.R. & A.L.
OelerichOtto Lester19321978Sgt US Army Korea
ParksEva L.1886(08/05)1972wife of James Noble Parks
ParksJames Noble1886(09/23/)1960 
PeaseCatherine [McAfee](04/03)1828(05/27)1912 
PeaseJohn Romney(06/08)1826(08/27)1904 
PeckMabel Angeline [Boots](03/07)1894(01/10)1919wife of Ralph Lee Peck
PeifferSarah A.18431912wife of George
PetersLydia C.18911914 
PiefferBarbara [Hofman]04/01/180910/09/1883 
Pieffer??Jacob01/10/184710/23/1847infant son - no last name on stone
PieperAlice [Miller]18581910wife of Samuel
PieperUriah Clifford(04/17)18911949 
PieperWilma Marie19141964 
PyeDorothy Rose [Koering]19161963dau of Charles & Alvina (Von Behren) Koering
PyeNina Evelyn2/15/19286/30/1928 
PyeRachel Ellen(12/18)1889(07/00/) 1980lot owner: Wm Pye
PyeWilbert B18771962same stone as Rachel Ellen
RayFrances E.02/19/1905  
RayHarold Charles11/05/189212/13/1958 
ResideJeremiah Rensselear08/15/183511/04/1906 
ResideSarah (Eleanor) [Barnhart]07/11/1840(09/02/1931)wife of J. R.
RhatiganH. L.19141914 
RhatiganR. M.19171923 
RichtstineJohn01/09/181612/18/185034 yrs
RobbBenjamin10/15/183809/30/1893 55 yrs. Lot owner: Mary Katherine (Munsinger) Robb. (Usually Catherine.) Thanks to Don Boyd for help with this entry. Photo: Don Boyd
RussellE. Alberta1903 possibly Etta A (Clarke) Russell (died Sept 1980)
RussellOrville I.(06/06)1894(02/29/)1972 
SampicaHenry William(09/18)1884(07/23)1951X Husband of Kathryn Ruth Hughes. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
SampicaKathryn Ruth [Hughes](06/06)1891(06/27)1968 Daughter of William M. and Emily J. Hughes. Wife of Henry Sampica. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
SandersFrederick  buried here per cemetery records. This could be Frederick Sanders b 1915 Linn Co.
SanderMildred Edyth [Pye]1912(09/00/1969) Daughter of Rachel E and Wilbert Pye. The marker is made of thin metal. Several are noted in this cemetery, some with just stakes present. Photo: Virginia Larson
SandersFrederick  buried here per cemetery records. This could be Frederick Sanders b 1915 Linn Co.
SandersRandy Orin  buried here per cemetery records
SchneppBertha [Knight](11/17)1881(02/27)1935 
Seeger(Infant daughter)09/07/187410/04/1874 
Seeger(Infant daughter) 01/03/1879 
Seeger(Infant son) 10/23/1889 
Seeger(Infant) 3/21/1922 
SeegerArdis Louella9/8/19208/23/1923 
SeegerCharlie E.(03/14)1892(05/00/)1966 
SeegerDonald Dean9/2/193111/4/1933 
SeegerHilka J. S.04/28/185003/05/1905w/o Wm Seeger
SeegerWilliam05/24/184610/01/1902Co F 12th Reg ILL Vet Vol GAR
ShanklandFremon L.(03/10)1910(03/02/)1978parents of James & Judith
ShawNellie J. 01/01/187622 yrs; wife of G. I. Shaw; full name Julina Ella; Daughter of John and Julina Munsinger. Thanks to Don Boyd for help with this entry.
ShermanMamie (F.) [Adcock]18871942dau of Charles J & Carrie (Hart) Adcock
ShermanMargaret E.1/1/191103/17/1932 
ShermanPatricia Marie19231926dau of Willard & Marnie Sherman
ShermanPearl C. [Lamb]12/10/187812/06/1949 
ShermanWillard A.08/26/18861/8/1956Cpl. IA 615 Co. MTC WWI-son of Joseph & Eva (Parks) Sherman
ShermanWilliam H.04/12/187501/20/1957 
ShirleyJames Mathew(07/30)1889(12/15)1954 
ShirleySarah "Sadie" Elmira [Knight](09/30)1885(07/00/)1939 
ShumakerFranklin E.18731915father of Harlan & Althea
ShumakerHallie M.18791959mother
SmithAda E.1897  
SmithAmanda J. [Pfeifer]1855(03/22/)1942 
SmithAmanda L. [Simpson]18461937 
SmithBenjamin John03/08/189106/18/1966IA Pvt MG Co 350 Inf. WWI
SmithBlanche G.(03/28)1910(04/25)1973 
SmithCora B.18871917 
SmithDaniel(07/28/1818)09/17/190486 yrs 1 mo 20 days
SmithFrank09/07/1918(10/07/) 1980 
SmithGeorge A.09/06/1892(03/17/)1972 
SmithHenry Delbert10/08/1894(11/03)1977p/o of Richard C. Smith
SmithHenry L.18501948 
SmithHerbert P.09/23/1886(03/26)1970 
SmithJacob G.18421916 
SmithJohn Daniel01/31/186607/25/1956p/o Katherine, Benjamin, George, Rosie, Mary, John & James
SmithMary(02/21/1824)04/20/189874 yrs 1 mo 28 days - wife of Daniel
SmithMinnie Maryann07/23/186606/30/1941married 02/29/1888
SmithRobert Duane1925(08/31/)1977WWII-Is Darlene Smith buried here?
SmithVera Opal12/22/193805/22/1956 
StarryAlexander18461846son of A & P
StarryAlexander(07/31/1802)03/15/185249 yrs 7 mos 15 days
StarryBlanche A. [Emerson](10/02/)1884(11/18)1976 
StarryEleanor [Simpson](11/08/1834)11/14/188450 yrs 6 days - wife of Jabez
StarryElizabeth (Mary) [Simmons](02/20/)18561945wife of Sylvester
StarryGlow G.19241924 
StarryHannah18391846daughter of A & P
StarryHarlan11/09/189511/17/1967son of Sylvester & Elizabeth (Simmons) Starry
StarryJacob (L.)(12/29/)1835(08/31)1914 
StarryLemuel C.07/16/187104/14/1897 
StarryLeon D.(05/00/)18821948son of Sylvester and Elizabeth
StarryLily Belle [Easterly](11/20)1891(10/02)1914 Wife of Jesse R. Photo: J. J. Lash
StarryLucinda18321853daughter of A & P
StarryMary Elizabeth [Blayney](01/26/)1843(04/01)1911wife of Jacob
StarryPolly [Saum](01/13/1807)12/11/188881 yrs 10 mos 29 dayswife of Alexander
StarrySylvester(03/00/)18561909son of Jabez Starry and Eleanor Simpson
SteggallFlorence L.9/2/19125/10/1990daughter of Mabel G. & Philip Rhatigan
StingleyBert L.1874(02/13)1937 
StingleyElva E. [Hotz]18771938 
SundayAndrew08/15/181505/09/1895b. York Co., PA - 79 yrs, 8 mos, 24 days
SundayJohn T.07/11/189105/06/1917 
SundayKatie A.11/05/187702/10/1952 
SundaySalome [Runkle]07/06/181809/11/1898wife of A. Sunday, b. Fairfield Co., OH - 81 yrs, 1 mo, 26 days
SwitzerGeorge W.18741922 Photo: J. J. Lash
SwitzerLaura H.19081994 Mother of Betty, Richard & Jack. Photo: J. J. Lash
SwitzerMervin L.19061998 Father of Betty, Richard & Jack. Photo: J. J. Lash
SwitzerWilda M. [Starry]18791952 Dau of Sylvester & Elizabeth (Simmons) Starry. Photo: J. J. Lash
Tallman(Budd) Buddy Raymond(06/23)19351943 
TallmanBlanche A.1884  
TallmanHarlan W.7/24/1913Nov. 26, 1993 Photo: Carolyn Walker
TallmanJohn(03/31/1821)07/30/189372 yrs 3 mos 30 days
TallmanLily Jane(11/27/)19011959daughter of Wilbur and Lila
TallmanLucinda (Lowe)(01/05/1822)09/06/190987 yrs 8 mos 1 day
TallmanMarion J.(12/14/)18901962son of Wilbur and Mary - married Frances Evelyn O'Rourke 11/20/1912
TallmanMarvin L.2/11/1932(12/17/)1983USAF Korea
TallmanMary Delilah "Lila" [Merritt](02/11/)1863(07/30)1924wife of Wilbur Ellsworth Tallman
TallmanMelvin (Lewis)(03/17/)1934(08/24/)1940son of Virgil & Margaret
TallmanNellie Louise [Van Slyke](11/05/)1898(03/30/)1948wife of John Tallman
TallmanVirginia R.5/11/1918April 10, 1990 Photo: Carolyn Walker
TallmanWilbur (Ellsworth)(04/20/)1863(10/03/)1948 
TallmanWilbur Ellsworth (Jr.)12/22/188702/26/1968Pvt Co. B 163 Depot Brig WWI
ThomasBoyd Leslie19591959 
ThomasEverett LeRoy19461948 
ThornburghEunice Amanda [Gilmore]18761925 
TiptonThomas(09/10/1799)03/04/187878 yrs 5 mos 24 days
TownsendInez Belle (Axline)7/13/19085/16/1960 Daughter of Jospeh Jefferson Axline and Grace Belle Brutsman. Married Charles Noel Townsend, February 7, 1925. Born in Brandon, Buchanan County, died in Anamosa.Photo: Charles R. Stivers
Van SlykeA. Laurence19081943 
Van SlykeHarriett E. [Tate]18721937 
Van SlykeHenry J. (Jacob Henry)(12/08)18621936 
VoorhiesAmanda E. [Hotz]18821942 
VoorhiesWilliam Niles(09/13)1862(03/02)1938 
WagnerElena K.18591887 
WagnerJerry18531923K of P
WartRosemary 6/18/1967dau of Chas & Inez (Axline) Townsend-Lot 104-lot owner: Maynard J Wart
WeaverEva Belle [Smith]18781922wife of Samuel P.
WeaverJohn S.(10/21/1822)02/05/187552 yrs 3 mos 15 days
WeaverSamuel P.(03/22/)1896(01/01/)1963 
WeaverSamuel P.18601932 
WeaverSarah E.18541903wife of John
WellsBob Hughes01/19/192804/04/1959IA S 1 USN WW2-wife: Joyce Schlotterbeck
WellsDelbert Milo05/28/192312/30/1978 
WellsElmer E.(01/31)1882(11/01)1950 
WellsFrank S. (Seth Franklin)(04/02)1881(03/04)1949 Son of Levi LaRue Wells and Susan Matilda Axline. Husband of Nellie Venius Hughes. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
WellsGertrude N. [Hotz]18861909 
WellsKari Christine08/07/197209/05/1972dau. Of Garold W & Joyce (Schlotterbeck) Wells
WellsNellie Venius [Hughes](06/05)1885(02/22)1951 Daughter of William M. and Emily J. Hughes. Wife of Frank Wells. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
WellsSue Ann12/16/195203/12/1953 
WellsWilliam (LaRue)(11/15)1897(02/10)1977 
WhiteBlanche S.(03/17/)1888(10/00/)1976 
WhiteFrances L.1/16/191502/26/1915daughter of W.B. & B.S.
WhiteHarlan W.(03/04)1913(07/00)1978shares stone with Steven W. Farrington
WhiteLeonard M.1907(02/29/)1968parents of Sharon and Gary
WhiteReva L.1915(07/23/)1971 
WhiteWilliam B.18811954 
WieseLeola [Miller] Stivers7/16/191311/14/2003 Daughter of Clifford Isaac Miller and Jennie Lorena Hughes. Her first marriage was to Emmet Leroy Stivers and her second marriage to Leroy Emmett Wiese. Photo: Charles R. Stivers
WilkensAbram Carl09/07/18531/30/1917same stone as Olive C.
WilkensOlive Christine [Axline]03/12/18641937first name is OliviaWPA listing says born 1884
WillardEarl (Mrs) 1/01/1972 
WillardLeon H.(12/07)1932(07/00/)1974 
WilliamsAnna E.10/12/186301/21/1899 
WilliamsJane E.06/21/189310/23/1893 
WilliamsLosson E.10/26/186309/09/1958 
WilliamsRuth B.10/31/189401/20/1895 
WinkArthur R.(08/10)1900(09/04/)1978 
WurzbacherAnna M.10/02/183108/31/1893 
WurzbacherBarbara M.18611905 Photo: Virginia Larson
WurzbacherChrista (Christopher) W.18801959 
WurzbacherJohn H.02/11/182011/07/1902born in Prussia
WurzbacherLena A.18781938 
YarringtonAlbert (Samuel)(02/04)1900(09/28/)1961 
YarringtonFrank A.08/11/192706/03/1959US Army IA Tec 5 WW2 - father of Peggy Kuba & Carol Meeks
YarringtonGlen A.02/12/1939(03/00/)1976Spec 4 UA Army
YarringtonJames A.(08/25)1929(03/09/)1974 
YarringtonLela M.(10/27)1902(10/20/)1971 
Young(Infant son) 1902 
YoungAlbert B.18691949 
YoungOdessa R.18701956 
YoungOlin Floyd19001957 
YoungRuth Fern18941980 

Known Burials Without Stones
EmersonVirgil  buried on lot with Elva and Gilbert Emerson per Cem Records
HewettEzra James 04/20/193281 yrs- in Green Cem. per obit.
McCallFlorence [Hotz]09/28/188905/08/1967wife of William - daughter of Conrad & Phoebe (Myers) Hotz
SeegerFred09/06/187501/30/1938oldest son of Wm & Hilka Seeger-obit says in Grn Cem
SmithSarah A [Pfeifer]12/05/184302/151912wife of Geo. Smith-she is in Green Cem per Death C.
StarryJabez07/17/183110/17/1910b. Warren Co., IN- wife: Eleanor Simpson & Jane J (Lucas) Norton-Gen Cem per Death Cert
SwitzerSarah Evelyn (Hotz)03/04/188011/08/1916wife of Charles - daughter of Conrad & Phoebe (Myers) Hotz
TallmanElizabeth18501931buried with John and Lucinda (Lowe) Tallman per Cem Records

Names Shown on WPA List But No Stone Found
BarlowElizabeth H. [Reed] Basquinn 07/15/1891wife of Charles Barlow-Lot #60-dau of David & Mary E (Scriven) Reed
BarlowEsther [Haloey/Halley] 12/30/1891wife of Silas A. Barlow-Lot #60
ClymerCharles (F.)(06/28/1803)01/08/186359 yrs/Civil War. Note: Charles served in the 37th Iowa Gray Beards. Steve Hanken has found information saying he is buried at the National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri: Section 38 grave 202.
ClymerSamuel(11/11/1824)(09/01/1853)son of Charles and Mary (Fisher) Clymer
HewettMyrtle J.(Hughes?) 04/23/193575 yrs; w/o James Hewett; lived Marion, IA; sister of Frank Hughes. PaulineCooper writes: "This woman was the wife of James Hewitt (known burial-no stone). Her name was Maria Isabelle and she was the daughter of Thomas Hughes and Mahala Plummer of Rome Twp. Lena B. Hewitt (below) is the daughter of Ezra James Hewitt and Maria Isabelle Hughes."
HewettLena B. 07/15/193849 yrs
HughesJoseph F.01/29/18552/26/1932wife: Mary Clymer son of Thomas & Mahala (Plummer) Hughes
StingleySarah Jane (Voorhies) Starry 07/12/193676 yrs-wife of Alexander Starry & Andrew Stingley, Jr

Lot Owners
11Alexander Starry
12Christopher Long
13Samuel Gancer
14Henry Harrison
15Peter Clymer
15J Hewett
16N Bickerstaff
17J S Weaver
18Louis Helm
18J Wagoner
19Amney Lindley
110Manly Hines
111Sonke/Sonki Petersen
112Andrew Cozart
113Lit Lindley
114Ira Grassfield
115Elmer Wells
116Wm Dorsey
117John Hotz
118Amos Kohl
119Hiram Eye
120Francis (Mrs) Murdock
121Levi Harris
122Gilbert Emerson
123F Ratigan
124Lawrence Merrill
125A C Wilkins
126Otho Hughes
126Bertha Pease
127Anna Vacek
128H H Laufer
129John Mohr
131Letty (Mrs) Murray
131Clifford Van Slyke
131Lawrence Van Slyke
132William Pye
133J J Axline
236Willard Sherman
237G W Hunter
238Lawrence Duncan
239P D Archibald
240John Butschi
241Emily Bowen
241Wm Hughes
242J C Blayney
243Harlan Starry
244Charles Switzer
245E J Wells
246Henry Seeger
247Price Blayney
248E E (Mrs)/ David Byers
248C W (Mrs) Iosty
249F Wells
250Clarence Merrill
251Jerry Grassfield
252M A Calkins
253John Maiden
254Wm Voorhies
255John Eye
256Wm McCleary
257Conrad Hotz
258Ben Robb
259H D Miller
260Chas Barlow
261Jasper Bunce
262Eliha Norton
263George (Heirs) Pfeiffer
264Benjamin Harrison
265J T Hughes
266Henry Munsinger
268Lucious Foreman
369Jacob Starry
370Jacob/Alexander Starry
370Lewis Starry
371Sylvester Starry
371Jack Switzer
372Wesley (Heirs) Emerson
372F W Miller
373L K Miller
374John Tallman
375H D Farnham
376Samuel Coldice
377Jabez Starry
378G W Lamb
378Elmer Williams
379Daniel (Heirs) Smith
380J H (Heirs) Wurzbacher
381E E Johnson
382A Sunday
383J E Boyd
384William Byerly
385J O Farnham
386A B Young
387Lorraine Barger
387Ralph Barger
387Nathan Bickerstaff
388R M Heath
389Daniel (Heirs) Boots
390Wm Grafft
391Samuel Piper
392W E Tallman
393Myrtle Bixler
393W W Bixler
393Ollie (Mrs) Byerly
394Kathy Amling
394Lloyd Amling
394Clifford Miller
394Jennie Miller
394Leola M Wiese
394C W Wurzbacher
395F E Shumaker
396Harlan Tallman
396Margaret Tallman
396Virgil Tallman
396Virginia Tallman
396John Wurzbacher
397Clarence A Miller
398E Bickerstaff
398Robert Lane
399F M Grafft
3100Jacob Smith
3101J R Bickerstaff
3101R H Bickerstaff
3101Muriel Lane
4104Frederick Sander
4104Maynard J Wart
4105Dorothy Allan
4105Melvin Allan
4105Bruce Ary
4105Lynda Ary
4105Eva Myers
4106D W Gilmore
4107Mary C Blayney
4108Harve Northy
4109J A Cook
4110H L Smith
4110H P Smith
4111W B White
4112Jess Starry
4112Mervin Switzer
4113Jesse Lewis
4113Ward Lewis
4113O W Norton
4114E R Nost
4115F F Norton
4116E Soltz
4117Reitzell Miller
4118John Weaver
4119H Harris
4120John Knight
4121Stacy Miller
4122Mathias Starry
4123A Kramer
4123J Ristine
4124Oscar W Norton
4125David (Heirs) Grafft
4126Nathan Elliott
4127Elmer Williams
4128Albert Clymer
4128Albert Clymer
4129Marion McManus
4130R T Boots
4131E J Boots
4132Jacob (Estate) Miller
4133Thomas Tipton
4134Wm (Heirs) Seeger
4135David Myers
4136Jerry Reside
5137Earl Brown
5137Fannie Brown
5137Henry Hotz
5138John D Smith
5139Fred Meineke
5140Fletcher Emerson
5141Jess Cozart
5141Elmer Jaeger
5142Ella (Mrs) Austin
5142Wm Hunter
5143Earl Huston
5143Uriah C Pieper
5144Kizzie Grassfield
5144Mary L (Mrs) Miller
5145W A (Mrs) Sherman
5146Delbert Smith
5146Bert (Heirs) Stingley
5147(Heirs) Hayes
5148J W (Mrs) Lusk
5149Bernard Boots
5149Hubert G Cole
5149Loran E Voorhies
5150John Tallman
5151Clarence Grafft
5152F A Byerly
5153James Shirley
5154Belle (Mrs) Hotz
5154Harold Merritt
5155Joe Jr Axline
5156Inez Glick
5156Ray Glick
5156Charlene Haskin
5157Grace (Mrs.) Nissen
5157Marion Tallman
5158Myrtle (Mrs) Duncan
5158Bruno Jensen
5159Emmett Hughes
5159Sammie Weaver
5160Delmar Findley
5160Warren A Johnson
5161Albert J Fisher
5161Ethel Fisher
5161Frank Lindley
5162Fred (Mrs) Austin
5163Blanche Smith
5164Frank Lindley
5165Doris Grafft
5165Richard L Grafft
5165Joyce Tenley
5165Russell Tenley
5166Grace (Mrs) Gilmore
5166Archie Lindley
5166Kathryn Lindley
5167H L Ireland
5168James DietikerDiediker
5169Florence Dewald
5205Loyal Byerly
5205Fred Cook
5205Richard C "Dick" Smith
5206Harry (Mrs) Jamison
5206Daisy Miller (Norton?)
5206Pauline (Mrs) Norton
5207Paul L Starry
5208Clarence F Wells
5208Lena Yarrington
6173Harlan W White
6174Harlan W White
6175Everett (Mrs) Thomas
6176Robert (Mrs) Easterly
6176Otto Oelrich
6177Dale Filloon
6177Kate Whittemore
6177Robert Whittemore
6179Leonard Austin
6179Darrel Hefflefinger
6181Freeman Shankland
6184Marie Emerson
6184Ross Emerson
6184Willard McDonald
6187Raymond Hotz
6187Alberta Russel
6188Darrel Blayney
6188Duane Jurgenson
6189Duane E Jurgenson
6190Fred Kaufman
6190Larry Kaufman
6191Ira Daub
6191Arthur (Mrs)Altha (Covington) Wink
6192Eva (Mrs) Parks
6192Wiley Parks
6192Elmer Wink
6192Irene Wink
6193Ira Daub
6193Frank (Mrs) Yarrington
6194Bob Wells
6194Alva Yarrington
6195Walter Hoppe
6195Harold C Ray
6196Garland Capron
6196Getty (Mrs) Greiser
6197Edith H Miller
6197Sylvester (Mrs) Miller
6197W L Wells
6198Robert Lane
6198Dale Wells
6199George Smith
6200Howard Glass
6201Ray Grassfield
6202Harlan Hotz
6202Irvin Hotz
6202Mervin Hotz
6203John R Smith
6204Ellsworth Tallman
6204Maynard Van Antwerp

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