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Edinburg Cemetery
Wayne Township
Section 25/36

AKA County Home
Edinburg has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery

Photo: Tom Myles

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Photos of the 2004 restoration by Jim Christianson

Click on the for a photo of the tombstone. This reading, provided by the Jones County Genealogy Society, was transcribed by Jim Christianson and proofread by Joanne Wilken. Tombstone photos by Jim Christianson.

1Henry A. Finch 12-18-18588y 8m 12d s/o David & Louisa Finch
1LouisaFinch 2-27-188059y 6m w/o David H. Finch
2ZereldaMcBeath 11-6-1863  d/o Daniel & Susan J. McBeath
2Susan J.McBeath 4-11-186725 y 1st w/o Daniel L. McBeathŚmother of Roderick R. & Nellie McBeath
2JohnLivingstone 184121 y s/o Donald & Ann Livingstone
2DonaldLivingstone 3-9-187691 y
2AnnLivingstone 184150 y w/o Donald Livingstone
2Nancy E.Davis No Date16 y 4m 6d d/o David & Mary Davis
3LuellaCook 5-10-18684m 4d d/o G.A. & Harriet (Foust) Cook
3CuelaCook 7-10-186821y 11m 12 d
3ElizabethFoust 4-10-186021y 4m 2/20d sister of William H Foust
3Willliam H.Foust 8-18-186222y 3m 12d brother of Elizabeth Foust
3   3-10-186?5/15y 3m 25d
3 _______ aLivingstone   broken stone
4E. F.     
4A. S.    
4D. L.    
4W. A. S.    
4D. I.    
5LydiaSanford 8-27-186151y 1m 22d w/o Wm Sanford
5LucinaSanford 12-25-185820y 9m 23d d/o Wm & Lydia Sanford
5AlexanderSutherland 12-16-184655 y
5ElspySutherland 12-?-185623y 3m 14d d/o Alex & Jane Sutherland
5IsabellaSutherland 7-11-1871  d/o Alexander Sutherland
5WilliamSutherland 2-28-187946 y
5JaneSutherland 2-12-188183 y w/o Alexander Sutherland
6H. A. F. F.     
6A. L.     
6J. W. C.    
6L. C.     
7JohnBailey 2-5-187559y 9m 8d
 N. J.Franklin 7-19-18?16 y by fence

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