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Forest Hill Cemetery
Fairview Twp.
Section 25

AKA Chapel Hill, Forest Chapel

Photo: Tom Myles

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Achenbach, Abner18871971New 22 
Achenbach, Alice19021992New 22Née Schlampp
Achenbach, Darlene19371948New 22 
Ailer Child  Old 113 
Alexander, John19051971Old 118 
Alexander, Moses18661922Old 118 
Alger, Cora18611881Old 88 
Alger, James18341876Old 88 
Alspaugh, Allen 1874Old 53 
Alspaugh, Finena18311861Old 69See Byerly, Firena
Alspaugh, Florence 1858Old 53Infant
Alspaugh, Ira 1861Old 69 
Alspaugh Samuel H.18101886Old 69 
Alspaugh, Sarah 1886Old 69 
Alspaugh, Wm.18501865Old 69 
Alspaugh, William18591867Old 53 
Angus, Charles Bert18701956Alley 31 
Angus, Odessa18851972Alley 31 
Archer, Wm.18101863Alley M 
Arenholt, ______  Old 6 
Arenholt, ______  Alley F 
Arnold, Flora J.18551878Old 40 
Arnold, Orpha18331919Old 40 
Arnold, Wm.18281899Old 40 
Austin, Bessie19051983Old 13 
Austin, James O.19071974Old 13 
Bainbridge, Edna19031980Old 28 
Bainbridge, Phyllis A. 1930Old 28Infant
Bainbridge, Robert19021987Old 28 
Barnard, Almira17921869Old 69 
Barnes, Earl19131962New 39 
Barto, Moses18311902Old 106 
Barto, Nancy18331861Old 63 
Bauserman, Arthur19081982Old 99 
Bauserman, Charles E.18711947Old 99 
Bauserman, Clifford N.31 Jan 191225 Apr 1996Old 99S Sgt, U.S. Army, WWII
Bauserman, Margaret F.9 Jul 191513 Aug 2003Old 99ss as Clifford
Bauserman, Dean B.19531986Old 114 
Bauserman, Effie18841952Old 99 
Bauserman, Gladis19211923Old 99 
Bauserman, Keith19151998Old 99 
Bauserman, Ruth19221990Old 114 
Bean, Frank18621933Old 57 
Bean, Mrs. Frank18771970Old 57 
Beighley, Gladys 1890Old 56 
Beighley, Joseph 1890Old 106 
Betzer, Aaron R.18361900Alley N Aaron Rowe Betzer is the full name and a preponderance of evidence from census records, his Civil War military records, and family records indicate that he was born in "1838," not 1836 as the record suggests. He was in fact, born 17 June 1838, in Ross County, Ohio, and died 2 Dec 1900, in Stanwood, Cedar, Iowa. The tombstone is somewhat weathered but if you look at it very carefully as we did, it's possible to see that it's probably 1838. His wife is Mary Betzer, below. David & Elisa Betzer
Betzer, Elizabeth18021878Old 30Wife of John G. Betzer, she was born 30 Nov 1802 in Pennsylvania, and died 7 Jun 1878 in Jones County, Iowa. She and John were the parents of several children: Jacob Rowe Betzer, Lavina Belle Betzer Taylor, Peter Rowe Betzer, Catherine Rowe Betzer Stover, Lorenzo Rowe Betzer, Aaron Rowe Betzer and Mary R. Betzer. She lived with Aaron R. and Mary E. Taylor Betzer after her husband's death. David & Elisa Betzer
Betzer, Frank18691933Old 48This is Edward Frank Betzer, son of Aaron R. Betzer and Mary E. Taylor Betzer. He was born in 1869 (Oct?) and died 25 Nov 1933 in Linn, Iowa. His wife is Mabel Betzer, below. David & Elisa Betzer
Betzer, John17971863Old 30Full name is John George Betzer and he is the husband of Elizabeth Rowe Betzer, above. He was born 23 Jul 1797, in Ross County, Ohio, and died 25 Dec 1863 in Jones County, Iowa. His children with Elizabeth are listed above. David & Elisa Betzer
Betzer, Joseph 1877Old 14This is Joseph M. Betzer, child of Aaron R. and Mary E. Taylor Betzer. He was born Jan 1874 and died Feb 1877 in Jones County, Iowa. David & Elisa Betzer
Betzer, Mrs. Mabel18691935Old 48Her full name is Mabel Mae Cusher Betzer and she is the wife of Edward Frank Betzer, above. She was born Mar 1872 in New York and died 5 Jan 1935 in Marion, Linn County, Iowa. David & Elisa Betzer
Betzer, Infant 1875Old 14This is an infant son of Aaron R. and Mary E. Taylor Betzer. He was born 10 Jun 1875. No death date is given and no first name is mentioned. David & Elisa Betzer
Betzer, Lady Helen18631887Old 14This gravestone is shared by Mary E. Taylor Betzer and her first child, a daughter, Lady Helen Betzer. Lady Helen was born 14 Mar 1863 in Clarence, Iowa, and died Sep 1886 in Clarence, Iowa. Mary Emily Taylor Betzer was the wife of Aaron R. Betzer, above, and was born 6 Jul 1838 in Warren County, Indiana, and died 2 Dec 1887 in Fairview, Iowa. David & Elisa Betzer
Betzer, Mary Emily (Taylor)18381867Old 14
Betzer, William18721873Old 14William L. Betzer was the son of Aaron R. and Mary E. Taylor Betzer. He was born Jan 1872 and died Feb 1873. David & Elisa Betzer
Biggart, Archibald18201893Old 60 
Biggart, Caroline18251897Old 60 
Biggart, Deb  Old 60 
Biggart, Marie 1929Old 60 
Biggart, Martha A.18351857Old 5 
Biggart, Sam 1924Old 60 
Bittinger, Andrew18371907Old 48 
Bittinger, Emma 1879Old 48 
Bittinger, Sara18331890Old 48 
Bixler, Blanche18741928Old 11 
Bixler, Jacob18001887Alley K 
Bixler, Joshua G.18391905Old 11 
Bixler, Mary18271913Old 22 
Bixler, Mellie 1895Old 22 
Bixler, Moses18271906Old 22 
Bixler, Samuel B.18691943Old 11 
Bixler, Susan 1888Old 11 
Bixler, Susanna18451924Old 11 
Blackford, Infant 1934Alley 6Son of E. G.
Bowman (2)  Old 90 
Brandt, Ernest J.18701952Old 72 
Brandt, Pearl18951949Old 72 
Bray, James M.18981973New 7 
Brokaw, Dorothy Ruby19151996New 18 
Brokaw, Kenneth O.19361980New 18 
Brokaw, O. Donald19081993New 18 
Brown, ______  Old 18 
Brown, Infant  Old 22Child of Tim
Brown, J. E.  Old 67 
Brownell, Emily M.  Old 108 
Brownell, Sanford H.18581921Old 108 
Bruce, Gladys E.19241995New 26 
Bruce, Larry Dean19631964New 26 
Bruce, Lawrence19111977New 26 
Buckner, Kenneth 1905Old 89Infant
Buckner, Mattie18801950Old 89 
Buckner, Merle19021965Old 89 
Buckner, Ruth19111912Old 89 
Buckner, William M.18801950Old 89 
Bunce, Barbara C.18511924Old 2 
Bunce, Clarence L.18881953Old 2 
Bunce, James S.18601927Old 2 
Burrough, Ernest V.18791921Old 53 
Burroughs, ______  Old 83 
Burroughs, Alonzo N18701935Old 18 
Burroughs, Catherine18631941Old 18 
Burroughs, S. M.  Old 18 
Byerly, Firena Alspaugh18411861Old 69 Duane & Joni Byerly Mogstad writes, "When we were in Anamosa a few years ago, we found in the Forest Hill Cemetery woman we believe to have been married to Adam Byerly in the 1860 census. Her name was Firena Alspaugh b. 1841/d. 1861. The date on the stone was weathered but the Byerly name was bright and legible. She was a Byerly buried in the Alspaugh family plot. If I recall correctly the date and Firena was weathered and hard to read easily. It could be the same one as Finena Alspaugh b. 1931/d. 1861. I have a WPA list that I think had her life span as 20 years." Photo: tjmcc
(Note: Firena appears in the 1850 US Census as "Firena Alspach, age 9, born Ohio, daughter of Samuel and Solma Alspach. RH)
Byerly, Frank 1931Old 5 
Byerly, Mary A. 1924Old 5 
Byerly, Marshall L18781957New 6 
Byerly, Minnie Jane18791939New 6 
Byers, Allie 1870Old 74 
Byers, Etta  Old 74 
Byers, Wm.18331899Old 74 
Byers, Wm. B.18631875Old 74 
Carlson, Henry18981929Old 13 
Clapper, Amos18701941New 6 
Clary, Edith19061935New 2 
Clymer, Albert 1875Old 75 
Clymer, Christina 1875Old 75 
Clymer, Emilia18651866Old 75 
Clymer, F. O. 1880Old 75 
Clymer, Infant 1878Old 75 
Clymer, William 1877Old 75 
Cole, Nancy G.19571911Alley 15Wife of Benjamin
Cook, Mrs. Mary18501936Old 105 
Courtney, Ada18711951Alley 12 
Courtney, Owen18701944Alley 12 
Darrow, Elizabeth M18951975Alley 3 
Darrow, James C.18891946Alley 3 
Darrow, Joan 1937Old 39Infant daughterof Richard
Darrow, Lucille19101966Old 39 
Davis, Charlie19171989Old 94 
Davis, Inez18891982Old 94 
Davis, Louise19191980Old 94 
Day, Mrs. Eleanor18151899Old 91 
Day, Frank18991942New 5 
Day, Theola19011961New 5 
Day, Virgil19301982New 5 
Decious, Amos C18361921Old 35 
Decious, Amos  Old 71Infant
Decious, A. R. 1921Old 117 
Decious, Forest18991959Old 117 
Decious, F. S. 1959Old 19 
Decious, Harlo19071984Old 19 
Decious, 3 Infants  Old 35 
Decious, Infant 1861Old 19 
Decious, Jackie 1924Old 117 
Decious, J. B.18651917Old 19 
Decious, Julia 1864Old 35Infant
Decious, Lydia18731948Old 19 
Decious, Ora 1873Old 35 
Decious, Rosa18421928Old 35 
Dingman, Mrs. Golda Burroughs18801965Old 53 
Dudleson (5)  Old 33 
Duncan, Peter18461931Old 62 
Duncan, Sarah18511913Old 62 
Dunlap, Charles18801957Alley 26 
Dunlap, Lulu18851984Alley 26 
Easterly, Nancy18621864Old 50 
Edwards, Jhona18051871Old 70 
Emerson, Judith Ann 1942New 2 
Ernsbarger, Geo.18331856Old 23 
Ernst, Infant  Old 12 

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